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Southwest Area Priority Trainee Program.  provides an avenue to mobilize priority trainees to incidents in support of interagency succession objectives.

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1 Southwest Area Priority Trainee Program

2  provides an avenue to mobilize priority trainees to incidents in support of interagency succession objectives  prepare for the future by training replacements and creating a sustainable workforce

3  Position Job Requirement (i.e. IFPM)  Incident Management (IMT Succession Planning)  Career Development (IDP Goals)


5 Priority Trainees will be mobilized in accordance with the following protocols: 1. Agency employees (includes Federal, State, permanent FD/local Agency, tribal employees) 2.Federal and State ADs/State Fire Department Supplemental employees

6  Qualification is needed for current position description (i.e. IFPM)  Trainee is an active participant on IMTs and is advancing into C&G positions  Has attended S-420 or S-520  Trainee position is required for career development and identified in the IDP.  Trainee needs to re-certify or have a task book reissued for a position  Trainee task book completion % and time left until expiration

7  Primary IMT members, including primary trainees, can be nominated for the Priority Trainee Program if applying for the positions in the table above. Before an individual accepts a Priority Trainee assignment, they must first obtain IC approval and secure an alternate.

8 Yes… Six positions on an IMT roster are reserved for Priority Trainees (see roster example on next slide). The IC will identify those positions and will work with the GATR and SWCC to get them filled. All Priority Trainee requests, whether part of an IMT or not, will be filled with the highest priority available trainee.

9 Southwest Incident Management Team #5 09/11/14 PositionNameHome Unit *Incident CommanderNieto, RichNM-R031 *Deputy Incident CommanderPierson, JohnNM-GNF2 *Safety Officer Type 2Setzer, AllanNM-SNF3 Liaison OfficerAaron BaldridgeNM-GNF 1 *Information Officer Type 1Takai, KarenNM-CIF4 Public Information Officer Type 2Estes, IrisAZ-ASF 2 Liaison OfficerCooke, ScottAZ-SAD 3 *Operations Section ChiefElmore, LanceNM-CIF5 *Operations Section ChiefDelmerico, PaulNM-CAF6 OP's Section Chief - Planning 4 Division SupervisorBrown, MattAZ-COF7 Division SupervisorIsackson, DavidNM-SNF8 Division SupervisorGallegos, TerrenceNM-SNF9 Division SupervisorRoybal, MarvinNM-CAF10 Division Supervisor 5 *Air Ops Branch DirectorYoung, GalenNM-GNF11 Air Support Group SupervisorWedin, KentNM-GNF12 Air Tactical Group SupervisorSerabia, JerryOR-MED13 *Planning Section Chief 2Robbie, WayneNM-R0314 Planning Section Chief Type 2 6 Situation Unit LeaderHickerson, JeffNM-SWP15 Resource Unit LeaderSanchez, JerryNM-R0316 Status Check In 17 Fire Behavior AnalystRoesler, Galen 18 Computer Technical SpecialistDawson, ChrisAZ-NOW 7 GIS Technical SpecialistEaton, Jimmy NM-SNF 8 Demob Unit LeaderSilva, JimNM-NSO 9 *Logistics Section ChiefWilliams, DougNM-R0319 Medical Unit LeaderLund, MichaelNM-CAF 10 Communications Unit LeaderVernon, DeanNM-CCP20 Human Resource SpecialistMaes, James NM-CIF 11 Supply Unit LeaderWilliams, ValerieNM-TAD21 Facilities Unit LeaderFox, RussellNM-ROD22 Ground Support Unit LeaderArmijo, AntonioTX-GUP23 Food Unit LeaderThompson, DaleA-SAP 12 Supply Unit LeaderLaCasse, RichardNM-LCD 13 Receiving & Dist. Mgr.Souders, Charles NM-GNF 14 Security ManagerEdwards, SteveNM-GNF 15 Ordering ManagerSantos, JaedaNM-TAD 16 *Finance Section ChiefSchultz, DiannaNM-SNF24 Procurement Unit Leader 25 Comp/Claims Unit Leader 26 Cost Unit LeaderChavez, CarolNM-CIF 17 Time Unit LeaderGallegos, WandaNM-SNF27 Trainees Incident Commander Type 2 X Division Supervisor 1 Facilities Unit Leader 2 Operations Section Chief Type 1 3 Situation Unit Leader 4 Operations Branch Director 5 Air Support Group Supervisor 6 Air Ops Branch Director 1 Air Tactical Supervisor 2 Logistics Section Chief 3 Supply Unit Leader 4 Cost Unit Leader 5 Division Supervisor 6 *National Short Team (10) National Long Team (27) Negotiated (17) "Team" Trainees (6) "Priority" Trainees (6)

10  Trainees can still be mobilized via ROSS like they always have, but… the PT list is used first by dispatch centers to fill requests.

11  Nomination period is all of October. The Nomination Form can be found on the Training Page of the SWCC Website at:   Nomination Forms must be sent to the Unit Training Officer for validation, then Zone-wide and GACC-wide lists are created for within area and national mobilizations  QUESTIONS?

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