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ELA/Reading 7 CRCT Vocabulary review

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1 ELA/Reading 7 CRCT Vocabulary review

2 Directions Use the word bank provided to match the following definitions with their appropriate reading/ELA terms.

3 1. Two or more independent clauses joined by a semicolon or coordinating conjunction Ex. Louis will eat pizza, but Jan will have donuts.

4 2. A propaganda technique that persuades the audience to do something because everyone else is doing it. Ex. All teens have I-phones, so you should get one too! Clue:

5 3. how an author develops characters through descriptions of their appearance, behavior, and beliefs

6 4. The repetition of beginning consonant sounds in a group of words
Ex. Sally sells seashells by the seashore.

7 5. a word that describes a noun or pronoun Ex. Bill has a yellow car.

8 6. a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or adverb
Ex. Shawn is very athletic.

9 7. a list of resources used in a written text that cites the original author, the title of the work, where it was published, who published it, and the year it was published

10 8. words under a graphic that tell what the graphic is about

11 9. a group of words…. contains a subject and predicate (but does not express a complete thought) …functions as an adjective in a sentence Ex. Shawn’s brother, who runs and swims, is very athletic.

12 10. an unfair preference for something, or an unfair dislike of something

13 11. the reason a writer writes

14 12. the author’s attitude toward a subject

15 13. an organizational structure used for writing …recalls events in time order

16 14. an organizational structure used for writing…presents the similarities and differences on a subject

17 15. an organizational structure used for writing…shows why things happened and the results of what happened

18 16. a sentence structure that contains a dependent clause and an independent clause Ex. While Ana was at home, her sister went to the doctor.

19 17. a sentence structure that contains a dependent clause and at least two independent clauses Ex. Although I like to eat healthy foods, I sometimes will have a burger, and I also like to eat pizza.

20 18. an expression that means something different than the actual words it uses Ex. raining cats and dog

21 19. a clause that contains a subject and a verb and can stand alone
Ex. Barbara lives on Juniper Street.

22 20. an alphabetical list of names or topics and the page numbers where these subjects can be found in a written text

23 21. a propaganda technique that appeals to the audience by using vague language that has emotional qualities Ex. a commercial that attempts to convince you to buy a product by loosely using words such as family, love, patriotism, courage, freedom, honor, or justice - -- “If you care about justice, you will contribute to our campaign.”

24 22. an exaggeration for effect
There were a million students in the cafeteria line for lunch.

25 23. a story with a moral….sometimes feature animals that talk
Ex. “The Tortoise and the Hare”… “The Fox and the Grapes”

26 24. the main problem in a story the characters must solve

27 25. a note at the bottom of a page that shows where resource material was taken from

28 26. a group of words that contains a subject and a predicate but that cannot stand alone Ex. Shawn’s brother, who runs and swims, is very athletic.

29 27. a way of presenting information that it makes sense to the readers

30 28. the sentence in a paragraph that sums up the paragraph’s main idea

31 29. a comparison that does not use either like or as
Ex. The students were a rainbow of bright, shining faces

32 30. an organizational pattern used mainly in persuasive writing where the least important detail is presented first and builds up to the most important detail

33 31. techniques used to support one’s argument on a topic

34 32. certain feelings created in a reader caused by author’s word choice, setting, and character’s actions, thoughts, and dialogue

35 33. how a problem in a story is solved

36 34. two or more sentences written together without proper punctuation
Gia is a dancer she is also a singer.

37 35. the use of words to stand for sounds Ex. boom, pow, buzz

38 36. a story that tells about a culture’s heroes, ancestors, creation, and gods

39 37. a sequence of events in a story

40 38. an incomplete sentence that lacks either a subject, or a verb, or both

41 39. the time and place of action in a story

42 40. repeating words or phrases to make a point, or in a poem, a when a word/words occur over and over

43 41. giving human traits to nonhuman things

44 42. a lesson in a story as in a fable

45 43. a comparison that uses either like or as Ex. crazy like a fox

46 44. the repetition of sounds at the end of lines in poetry

47 45. type of sentence that consists of only one independent clause.
Ex. Juno is a boy.

48 46. propaganda technique that connects famous people with a cause so others are convinced to join Ex.---Jessica Simpson a Proactiv commercial

49 47. word that shows action or state of being

50 48. in writing, an organizational pattern that places details according to their location in a space Ex. left to right, top to bottom, East to West

51 49. a word that helps ideas flow from one sentence to the next or from one paragraph to the next

52 50. a broad or general idea or message an author wants to tell readers

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