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Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Committee Articulation Sub-Committee.

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1 Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Committee Articulation Sub-Committee

2 Articulation Cooperative Agreement – Alliance Career Pathway Advanced Standing Transfer Credit Experiential Learning

3 Dental Assisting – 3 programs 3 Tech Centers, 10 month programs Dietician – 2 programs College level, 2 year programs Respiratory Care – 3 programs, AAS 2 Alliance AAS, 1 community college Medical Assisting – 2 programs 1 Tech Center, 1 community college Physical Therapy Assistant – 6 programs 1 Alliance, 5 community college

4 Medical Lab Tech – 4 programs 2 Hospital based, 2 college level Radiologic Technology – 6 programs 4 Tech Centers, 2 college level Surgical Technology – 3 programs 3 Tech Center Occupation Ther. Assist – 2 programs 1 Tech Center, 1 college level Health Science Technology – 7 programs 6 Tech Centers, 1 comprehensive high school

5 Nursing Assistant – 3 programs 3 Tech Centers Health Information Technology – 2 programs 1 college, 1 university Echocardiograph, Vascular Sonograph – 1 each University level Athletic Trainer, Phlebotomy, EMT – 1 each 1 Tech Center, 1 college, 1 university Total of 16 disciplines and 45 programs 7 Tech Centers

6 Total of 16 disciplines and 45 unique programs. Sponsoring institutions: 25 in Tech Centers 16 in Community Colleges 4 in Universities

7 DisciplineTotal Programs Programs with Articulation Programs with Career Ladder Advanced Standing Available Dental Assist.311Only Gen Ed Dietician202Only Gen Ed Resp. Care3321 Med. Assist.22-limited courses 0Med Term Phys. Ther. Assist. 600Only Gen Ed Med Lab433Varies with university Rad Tech64 – alliance1Only transfer

8 Discipline# of ProgramsArticulatio n Career Ladder Advanced Standing Surg Tech.321Med Term, A&P Occ. Ther. Assist. 200none Health Info.200limited Echo card.11N/ANone Vasc. Son.11N/Anone Nurse Asst.3Internal Med Term, CPR HSC7Internal Med Term Other3111 course Totals451811 Limited or N/A

9 Terminology concerning articulation and advanced standing varies greatly. Surveys are hard to write! Describe your articulation agreement Describe the levels of education in your profession Describe the levels of credentialing in your profession Describe your career Ladder Few true articulation plans Where do we go from here?

10 Identify Participants Identify Recorder Brainstorm Identify Key Barriers Have Grand Solutions! THANKS!

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