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Brand identity session.06. September 12.08 Prepared by: Jacky Cahyadi, S.Sn. Consistent Flexibility.

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1 Brand identity session.06. September 12.08 Prepared by: Jacky Cahyadi, S.Sn. Consistent Flexibility

2 Consistent Flexibility Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

3 Logos are an essential part, part of virtually every interaction between the customer and the brand. And remember, a single message communicated seven times is always more memorable than seven messages communicated once. Beyond aesthetic and creative components, the bottom line is that logo consistency is critical. The logo for The Society of American Fight Directors has to represent several categories. The logo flexes for specific sectors of fighting.

4 Visual Communication Design 02.session.07 Biasanya disamping perusahaan mengganti logonya ada juga yang gemar merancang banyak variasi logo, misalnya variasi warna, bentuk, typeface ataupun icon. Hal ini dilakukan untuk menyiasati pasar yang sangat dinamis. Walaupun perusahaan memiliki banyak variasi logo, namun tetap mengikuti master logonya.

5 example : Nickelodeon’s Logo and MTV are reflected in a highly flexible logo design Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

6 example : Nick Junior’s Logo is a changeable set of icon. The letterforms and colors are always consistent. The “caregiver” shape changes on each application. The attitude of play and levity is built into the logo, and the visual system reinforces these ideas. Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

7 example : Visual Communication Design 02.session.07 Balance color and shape. The use of color as a flexible variable is common and effective for both retail brands and others needing to evoke pre-planned changes. Lucina uses color to identify seasonal updates. Use shape to communicate flexibilty. This opens up plenty of creative opportunities in which the logo design can tailor the brand’s tone to fit certain contexts.

8 example : Seed Media Group’s logo is simple yet has An immense depth, beauty and flexibility. Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

9 example : Headshots of Seed Media’s staff create an intriguing mosaic on their business card and provide another interpretation of the Seed Media Group logo. Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

10 Static Vs Changeable Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

11 The logo must serve as a central tool providing a cohesive voice for a wide range of applications. This does not necessitate (memaksa) that the logo be an intransigent (tidak mengenal kompromi), immutable (tidak dapat diubah) object. Twenty years ago, the idea of designing a logo that could mutate was heresy (bertentangan). As the delivery systems of information have expended into television and new media though, the desire for logos to move, change, or just plain “do something” has increased. We now expect a logo on the bottom right corner of the television screen to animate. An accompanying audio cue is also expected. Whether it was meant to move, or not is irrelevant; somewhere along the line, someone will make it spin. Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

12 Rather than allow someone else to make decisions about the changeable qualities of the logo, the designer should presuppose this scenario. Providing guidelines for motion, audio, and print is as important as choosing color. Once again, however, the message is at the heart of the decision- making process. Visual Communication Design 02.session.07

13 example : Kushti Logo (Female PR/communications consultancy)

14 Thank You for your attention and see you next week

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