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“Hands On Approach to Link Building” Peter van der Graaf Workshop.

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1 “Hands On Approach to Link Building” Peter van der Graaf Workshop

2 1.The importance of links 2.Three stages of link building 3.Link requirements -- Coffee break -- 4.Strategy planning 5.Execution 6.Monitoring and continuing relations Today’s programme

3 Are links really that important? 1. The importance of links

4 Technical guidelines –Is the site readable and understandable by machines? Content in text or other formats –What is this content piece about? Opinions of others –Is this source important? SEO ingredients

5 The ideal situation

6 A hands on approach to link building 2. Three stages of link acquisition

7 1.Preparation and research 2.Link bait creation 3.Distribution Logical steps

8 Preparation and research 3. Link requirements

9 Good links have RAT –Relevance –Authority –Transfer Characteristics of a good link

10 Relevance

11 Domain authority

12 Linkpower transfer 1/3 1/12 1/2 1/8 nofollow

13 Link profile: The full collection of incoming links What is a natural link profile buildup? –Both masses and authorities –Both relevant and irrelevant –Both perfect and seemingly worthless –Don’t depend too heavily on one type What is a link profile?

14 Acquisition timing link acquisition ranking effect quick link acquisition time normal link acquisition time social media links time

15 Value is reduced for single link or all similar links Link source could risk penalties (not the target) Common unnatural characteristic –Block duplication Bigger block, more pages, more sources = more certain Certainty determines dampening strength –Round Robin Link network without external links Single ownership/hosting/etc. Unnatural links

16 Analyzing your link profile

17 Where should you spend your link building effort? Desired search terms –Search volume and chance of conversion –Conversion value and ROI timeframe certainty Theme clustering –Linkbuilding effect is broad! Link building goals

18 Link building effect on search phrases any dedicated page will rank dedicated page high in navigation or some link building required link building needed heavy link building needed authority links broad thematic links very specific links required effort from current situation

19 Screening a top-10 –Chance on a top-10 position? –Top-10 requirements? Additional amount Theme of additional links Authority or masses Competitive analysis

20 many toolbars limited sources

21 Potential link partners 1.Finding potential link partners 2.Categorizing them by possible approaches

22 Current –Links –Partners –Name occurences Scoring for search term(s) (narrow or broad) Linking to your competitor Generic authorities –Sites like big companies, press and news, government, charitable organisations and social platforms Set alerts for future articles Finding potential link partners

23 What person is behind this website? What do they already link to? –Bing “” –Can I provide a simular type of information/trade? How competitive are they with me? Would the same approach work on the entire group? Categorizing link partners

24 Back in... minutes? -- Coffee break --

25 Existing links Search terms Competition Best link partner groups What is your situation?

26 What makes us linkable? 4. Strategy planning

27 Get the mindset of a link builder –Example strategies for any industry Choosing the right strategy for the right job –Managing budget, link partner type, reputation risk and chance of success Strategy choice

28 Strategy: Cold mailing Dear webmaster, I love your website and would like to know if you’d want to place a link to mine. If needed I can place a link back to you. This will help your ranking in Google. Kind regards, John Doe $ Hello Mike, It seems we’re both Yankees fans and I agree Girardi should be replaced. Keep up the good work on your baseball blog. I just created a plugin that would be perfect for your loans website ( It instantly shows interest rates for all mayor banks and is very easy to implement. I placed helpful instructions on Let me know if you need any help or would like additional features in the next version. Kind regards, John Doe

29 Strategy: Cold mailing (personalization) % successful requests 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Travel clientFinance clientCasino client Dear webmaster, Hello John, I'm a … fan too

30 Strategy: Optimizing existing links

31 Strategy: Link trade Can you arrange an uneven trade? Promotion vs link value –Give promotion (testimonial), link not always needed –Make sure you recieve link value –Yes, reciprocal links are dampened!

32 Strategy: Link trade

33 Provide additional value for their visitors Strategy: Visitors

34 Strategy: Visitors - information

35 Strategy: Visitors – discount

36 Strategy: Visitors - tool

37 Provide additional value for webmasters or site owners Strategy: Webmasters

38 “I want the link exactly like this:...” Make sure there aren’t any paid link signs –Other links are notorious buyers? –Block type duplication? –Best: site-wide link to an exit-page Strategy: Webmaster - money

39 Alternative form of paid link –No recurring fee! Own product sample (ex. for online review) Desirable gadgets (ex. i-pad) Sponsored conference tickets Strategy: Webmaster - goods

40 “If you place this link you’ll recieve...” For the masses (ex. Blogs) Strategy: Webmaster - discount

41 Big news portals are generic authorities Every industry has specific news sites Competitors might show industry news Editorial news vs gathered news –Give scoops and additional assistance –Spread through newswires –Spread through news feeds Strategy: Press - news sites

42 Strategy: Press - research

43 Reduced or no branding (goes for all linkable content) Links from slightly competing sites? Links from journalistic sites? Who links to one brand recieves more requests Strategy: Satellite - impartial

44 Offer an arena for two sides to combat in Make sure both sides keep interested Connect a search term to each battle After reaching critical mass the platform will run by itself Strategy: Satellite - social platform

45 Strategy: Satellite - protest

46 Value is in the eye of the beholder Opportunities can be found in many places –Bankruptcies –Old campaigns or events –“” Current positions can be taken over Some activities may trigger resets Strategy: Domain buying

47 When is a strategy the right one? Strategy choice

48 Risk (range determined by client) Would they risk a good reputation? Budget (maximum determined by client) What revenue could a top position bring them? Chances of success (desires determined by client) How certain must a successful outcome be? Link type (need determined by link profile and competition) Does ranking require masses or authority? Potential link partner softspots What influences your strategy choice?

49 Reputation risk good background information viral press release

50 Reputation risk by strategy

51 Budget and effort optimizing existing links paid links research

52 Budget and effort by strategy

53 Certainty of a successfull outcome domain buying cold mailing impartial satellite site

54 Chances of success by strategy

55 Link partner group (small scan on search term) Risk, budget and certainty Possibilities Concrete strategy What is your situation?

56 From strategy to links 5. Execution

57 Link bait creation Distribution –Creating contact lists (most strategies) –Reaching possible link partners –Administration for successrates Stages of execution


59 Required skills Empathy, copywriting skills, research skills and media knowledge The ideal link building team –Mass mailing team (personalization vs cheap labour) –Strategist (overall and for callscripts) –Client/company representatives Administration for discounts and such Webmasters for mutual promotion Content managers for linkable copy Outsourcing? A link building team

60 Monitoring and continuing relations 6. Relations

61 Good relations build great links Re-usable assets? –Meet industry trendsetters Continuing placement and importance? –Maintain relations with important link partners Changing focus? –Would someone edit your existing link? The testimonial effect? –Existing links grow links!

62 Can you apply this to your website? Questions?

63 Need further assistance? Peter van der Graaf, Search Specialist Thank you!

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