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Become A Radio Affiliate. The next blockbuster syndicated radio show that is guaranteed to impact your bottom line. Welcome.

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1 Become A Radio Affiliate. The next blockbuster syndicated radio show that is guaranteed to impact your bottom line. Welcome

2 Mike DeZinno “Everybody’s business” is an exciting new nationally syndicated radio program built upon a core timely theme guaranteed to deliver wide demographic appeal: the explosive growth of the home- based business sector and the resurgence of the American Entrepreneurial Spirit.

3 The Self-Employed Business Owner “Everybody’s Business” is an inspirational radio show whose time has come People of all ages and every socio-economic group are catching the fever of what is now a global trend Become the master of one’s own destiny by being a self-employed business owner

4 Home Based Businesses This entrepreneurial spirit throughout America has fostered the emergence of thousands of home-based business opportunities Never before have so many people been so interested in the inner workings of business and how to create personal wealth than now What Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” did for television, “Everybody’s Business” is doing for radio

5 Positioning The show addresses common challenges faced by all business owners, like: Choosing the right business opportunity Raising capital for startup Wading through technical issues Building infrastructure Understanding staffing issues Marketing a new business And many more decisions faced by entrepreneurs. “Everybody’s Business” is destined to be the preeminent source of information and inspiration for anyone who desires to be an entrepreneur and capture his or her piece of the American dream.

6 A Proven Leader Has achieved documented success in industries where most people fail Has a very direct, personable, no-nonsense style that listeners respect and admire Mike DeZinno, the host of “Everybody’s Business,” is a modern-day Renaissance man who has personally faced and conquered the challenges he addresses on each and every show Is a nationally known speaker, widely recognized as an expert in both traditional business models and the emerging home-based business trend

7 Today’s Challenges Mike overcame the tremendous obstacle of being blind since childhood. Never viewed himself as “handicapped”. Has achieved more in his life than most sighted people. Willpower, determination, resiliency, confidence, and positive attitude helped him succeed against overwhelming odds. His incredible life story motivates and inspires his listeners to focus on their abilities—rather than their limitations—and gain the self-confidence they need to be successful.

8 A Source For Answers During each show, Mike and his many expert guests give listeners the facts and information they need to make informed, intelligent business decisions The mission is straightforward and simple – to help listeners increase the bottom line and enjoy greater personal and financial success

9 Program Content The program content is designed to speak to the aspiring entrepreneur, and to the established business community alike Guests include experts from governmental agencies and the private sector, whose expertise in insurance, taxes, technology, real estate, finance, and many other areas, all complement Mike DeZinno’s vast knowledge

10 Program Format “Everybody’s Business” is currently produced as a 60-minute radio program. Is flexible enough to accommodate a longer time requirement. The business-centric format is guaranteed to open new advertising markets for each of our affiliates. According to financial experts, by the year 2015, small businesses will provide 80% of all employment in the U.S. and 26,000,000 families will earn the largest part of their income by operating a home-based business.

11 Audience Participation “Everybody’s Business” encourages audience participation via e-mail or live call-ins. Mike is an expert at listening to complex problems and giving practical, easy-to-understand advice. His advice reflects his vast experience and gives the listener a definite plan of action. The very same advice and strategies that Mike DeZinno has shared with thousands of small business owners for over three decades that has earned them (as well as Mike) millions of dollars, is now available to your station for your listeners to hear first hand.

12 Mike DeZinno will support your local marketing efforts Scheduled speaking engagements, personal appearances, and interviews. The Internet Site - a resource library for listeners and to allow for interaction. Site is designed to promote interest in the show and ensure a dedicated following. “Bruna’s Boy”, Mike’s soon to be completed biography, chronicles Mike’s struggles as the first blind child mainstreamed into the public school system in the U.S. Reveals how he endured (and ultimately overcame) the crushing poverty he encountered being raised in an inner-city housing project by an immigrant, single mom. Marketing Support

13 Associated Talent Over 15 years of broadcasting experience Managed private and NPR radio stations Talent and Producer for state-wide radio network and world-wide TV network Interviewed numerous celebrities and produced successful radio and television programs Recipient of the prestigious “Addy Award” Recognized for broadcast excellence in the military, educational, and private sectors Brian Schneider – Executive Producer

14 Become An Affiliate Affiliate participation is available to one radio station per market, on a first come basis. Are you ready to be an affiliate of what promises to be the hottest radio show in America? If so… we look forward to adding your station to our ever- increasing list of radio affiliates

15 Affiliate Information Radio Stations interested in becoming an affiliate should contact: Randy Perini VP of Radio Syndication at 888-DeZinno (339-4666) Ext 2 or

16 Thank You.

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