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6 Days until finals! Be working on your finals studyguide

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1 6 Days until finals! Be working on your finals studyguide
Studyguide – answer each question; define each word with a definition that helps you remember the meaning Today – Jeopardy game on Cellular Respiration, and Fermentation Double check your answers as we play

2 Cellular Respiration & Fermentation
Choose your team’s spokesperson, who will be the official “answer-giver”

3 10 20 30 40 Cellular Respiration Glycolysis Krebs Cycle
Electron Transport Chain Fermentation 10 20 30 40

4 What is the goal of cellular respiration?
10 pts Cellular Respiration To produce energy from food you eat by breaking chemical bonds (#1)

5 True or False: Cellular respiration only takes place in plants
20 pts Cellular Respiration False – cellular respiration takes place in plants, animals, fungi, protists and most bacteria (#12)

6 How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration related?
30 pts Cellular Respiration Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are opposing processes. Reactants of one are products of the other, and vice versa. (not on worksheet – on studyguide for final)

7 What is the balanced equation for cellular respiration?
40 pts Cellular Respiration 6O2 + C6H12O6  6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy (not on worksheet – add it!)

8 Glycolysis is anaerobic. What does anaerobic mean?
10 pts Glycolysis Without the presence of oxygen (#10)

9 In what part of the cell does glycolysis occur?
20 pts Glycolysis Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell (#8)

10 What is the product of glycolysis?
30 pts Glycolysis PYRUVIC ACID (#1 from 9.2)

11 What are 2 advantages of glycolysis?
40 pts Glycolysis Glycolysis can produce ATP very fast if the cell’s energy needs suddenly increase It can still supply energy when oxygen is not available (#5 from 9.2)

12 In what organelle does the Krebs cycle take place
In what organelle does the Krebs cycle take place? And in what specific place in this organelle? 10 pts Krebs Cycle The mitochondria – specifically the matrix, the innermost compartment (#7)

13 What is another name for the Krebs cycle?
20 pts Krebs Cycle The citric acid cycle (#7)

14 True or False: The Krebs cycle is aerobic (it requires oxygen)
30 pts Krebs Cycle True (only glycolysis can occur in the absence of oxygen) (#9)

15 What is the reactant (what is needed) for the Krebs cycle, and what is the product ?
40 pts Krebs Cycle Pyruvic acid is the reactant (needed) Through a series of reactions, citric acid is produced (#2, #8)

16 What is the molecule needed for the electron transport chain to transform energy?
10 pts Electron Transport Chain High-energy electrons convert ADP  ATP (#9)

17 What is the special electron carrier that takes high-energy electrons from glycolysis to the electron transport chain? 20 pts Electron Transport Chain NAD+ (which is converted to NADH) (#3)

18 True or False: Most energy for cellular respiration is generated in this stage
30 pts Electron Transport Chain True (#5.3 from 9.1)

19 By the end of the electron transport chain (and thus, the end of 1 round of cellular respiration), how many molecules of ATP have been generated? 40 pts Electron Transport Chain 36 molecules of ATP are produced in 1 round of cellular respiration (#10)

20 Fermentation is a process similar to cellular respiration, except that it occurs without the presence of oxygen. What word means “without the presence of oxygen”? 10 pts Fermentation Anaerobic

21 Fermentation occurs in the same place in the cell as glycolysis, which is…
20 pts Fermentation The cytoplasm

22 Some microorganisms like THIS unicellular eukaryote undergo alcoholic fermentation, which is used to produce alcoholic beverages and also makes bread dough rise 30 pts Fermentation Yeast

23 This other kind of fermentation is a result of strenuous, extended exercise, and named for the type of acid that is produced by the body (not sure? Take a guess!) 40 pts Fermentation Lactic acid fermentation – if you’ve ever run so hard your muscles burn, it’s because the lactic acid in your muscles has built up due to lack of oxygen in your body

24 9.3 Fermentation Similar to cellular respiration
Anaerobic (without oxygen) Takes place in the cytoplasm of the cell 2 types Alcoholic fermentation – Ex: yeast – makes bread dough rise, alcoholic beverages Lactic acid fermentation – occurs in humans during exercise when your body is short on oxygen; makes muscles “burn”

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