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Orange Grove Elementary Charter School

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1 Orange Grove Elementary Charter School
“Learning Takes You Places” Welcome to Open House! September , 2013 Ms. Jenifer Long

2 “Learning Takes You Places”
Introduction Policies & Procedures Classroom Management Testing Schedule/Activity Schedule Birthday Books in the Media Center Fundraisers

3 Classroom Procedures Morning work Walk to Read Switching for Science
HW folder and notebook Journals Timed Fact Tests Newsletters Signed papers AR tests/points

4 Classroom Management “Passport to Success” Colored Passports
All 3= Perfect Day Green = Warning Blue = Silent Lunch Red = Detention (Recess Academy) Level System Super Sentence

5 3rd Grade Testing DIBELS – Reading and Math
MAP Tests- Math, Reading, Language Usage Fall, Winter, Spring PASS Test- Math, Reading, Science or Social Studies

6 3E Schedule 7:40-7:55 AM Work/WTMN 8:00-8:40 Special Area
8:45-9:25 Spelling/Grammar 9:30-10:25 Walk to Read 10:30-11:05 Science (w/Mrs. Henninger) 11:10-11:40 LUNCH 11:45-11:55 SSR/AR tests 11:55-12:15 Recess 12:20-12:30 Pack-up 12:20-1:05 Math 1:10-1:50 Social Studies 1:50-2:30 RIT BAND

7 Special Area Schedule 6-Day Rotation Schedule Day One-Computer Lab
Day Two-Media Center Day Three-Art Day Four-Music Day Five-PE Day Six-PE Spanish – Days 3 and 6 (12:20-1:00)

8 Special Classes Spanish- Señor Ed Carson
Academic Assistance- Terri Neal RIT Band Instruction Guidance- Lisa Weil/Susan Chase (every other Day 2 from 1:05-1:45) Character Cub program

9 Links to Know

10 BIRTHDAY BOOKS Surprise your child AND support the OGECS Media Center.
Visit the media center and purchase a book your child will enjoy. Complete the information sheet and sign the birthday card. Your child will be the first person to check out the book. The child’s birthday and birthday book will be announced on the WTMN show. A bookplate documenting your child’s birthday will be placed on the inside front cover of the book. Weekend birthdays will be announced on Fridays. Students with summer birthdays will be honored on their “half” birthday. June birthdays in December. July birthdays in January. August birthdays in February. Check the media center teacher page to see a partial list of birthday books. This page will be updated as more books arrive. BIRTHDAY BOOKS Surprise your child AND support the OGECS Media Center.

11 Orange Grove Fundraisers
Enjoy the City coupon books- $20 through September 11th Pancake Breakfast (8:00-10:00) October/February $5-Adults/$3-Students Family BINGO Night – January/February Spring Fling – April 26 at the Elk’s Lodge from 11:00-3:00 Silent Auction – “The Golden Twenties” - March 29 at the Elk’s Lodge

12 Orange Grove School Spirit Nights
CiCi’s Pizza Night- 1st Thursday of the month Kickin’ Chicken- 2nd Wednesday of the month Chick-Fil-A Night- 3rd Thursday of the month These restaurants donate a % of the profit made from OGECS customers on these nights to OGECS. Be sure to tell the cashier you are from OGECS!

13 Orange Grove “FREE” Fundraisers
Box Tops for Education- 10¢ per label Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education Tyson Project A+- 24 ¢ per label Drink pouches & Oreo Wrapper brigade- 2 ¢ per pouch/wrapper

14 Thank you for your support!
Pack your bags for a FANTASTIC year! Please volunteer your time if you can! Thank you for your support!

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