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Professor Jeanne Keay University of the West of Scotland.

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1 Professor Jeanne Keay University of the West of Scotland

2  What are you trying to achieve within the partnership?  How do you work together?  Partnership responsibilities?

3  What type of partnership arrangement?  Who quality assures and how?  Who teaches?  Professional development strategy?  Ready for ownership?  A community of practice?

4 Domain Joint enterprise Members work towards a common goal Community Mutual engagement Shared meaning of a problem achieved Practice Shared repertoire Resources are shared, jargon is used to negotiate meaning and facilitate learning

5  Audit of partnerships and CPD provision  Discussion with partners  One framework – different pathways  Same expectations – comparative recognition  International benchmarks

6  Private university (UK / China)  A long term partnership  UK university providing CPD programmes  Different contextual needs  Private university ready to take responsibility  Discussion and agreement on process  Same recognition and provision in place  Same recognition opportunities

7 1. Professional learning culture 2. Students’ learning needs 3. Identifying the evidence of learning 4. Planning professional development 5. Undertaking professional development 6. Using new learning 7. Evaluating the impact of professional development Professional Development Process Model © 2011 J.Keay & C.Lloyd

8 Policy Process Practice Teaching excellence

9 Policy Human Resources CPD Learning and Teaching Quality Assurance ProcessPractice Teaching excellence

10 Policy Process Appraisal Promotions Performance management Observation Practice Teaching excellence

11 Policy Process Practice Courses Workshops Mentoring Reward and recognition Development opportunities Teaching excellence

12 Community - Mutual engagement  Develop a shared plan for the partnership  Share the partnership workload and the responsibility Domain - Joint enterprise  Agree shared objectives  Understand each other’s motivations  Review regularly Practice - Shared repertoire  Stepping stones to success  Shared (international benchmarks for teaching excellence  Sustainable approach (assume different personnel)  Quality  One size doesn’t fit all!  Quality costs!

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