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Speaking with the God of the Unexpected

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1 Speaking with the God of the Unexpected
July 4, 2010 Lewis Winkler Habakkuk 1

2 Introduction: Habakkuk: The Man and the Times behind the Message

3 Types of Prophets Major: Minor: Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Nahum Jonah

4 Time and Message of Habakkuk:
Between 606 and 597 BC An Interactive and Prophetic “Theodicy” or Explanation of God’s Purposes and Ways in the World

5 Talk about it: Share about a time in your life when you questioned what God was doing in your life or in the life of others close to you.

6 Habakkuk 1: 2-4: A Question and a Call for Justice
Places of Injustice in the Modern World: Myanmar China Sudan North Korea Etc.

7 The ISOT, California Saga: A Call for Justice Closer to Home

8 Habakkuk 1:5-11: God’s Unexpected Response:
I will use the Chaldeans (Babylonians) to punish the ungodly nation of Israel.

9 What Habakkuk Might Have Expected God to Say to His Pleading:
I will use you Habakkuk to punish the ungodly in the land and be a righteous leader for the people. The ground will open up, just as it did at Mt. Sinai, and swallow whole all of the ungodly in the land.

10 Habakkuk 1:5-11: God’s Unexpected Response:
I will use North Korea to punish Singapore for being too oppressive and controlling of its people!?!

11 The ISOT, California Saga:
The End of an Era: ISOT, California:

12 Habakkuk 1:12-17: Habakkuk’s Consternation and Confusion
The Babylonians were more unrighteous than the Israelites! They worshiped their own might and wisdom rather than the one true God! How can God ordain this kind of seemingly unrighteous judgment?

13 The ISOT, California Saga:
Letting Go of the Loss and Trusting God through the Apparent Injustice of It All Forgiving Those Who Allowed and Carried Out the Injustice

14 Habakkuk 2:1: Habakkuk’s Wait for an Explanation
I will stand, watch and wait expectantly for your response. I am willing to receive a divine rebuke and repent of my attitude of incredulity.

15 Conclusion and Application:
Read to the end of the story. Ask God for insight and then vigilantly listen and wait for His answer. Trust in God even when you do not fully understand His answer to your question.

16 “Questions” by Steven Curtis Chapman
Who are You God For You are turning out to be So much different than I imagined And where are You God Cuz I am finding life to be So much harder than I had planned

17 “Questions” by Steven Curtis Chapman
Know that I am afraid To ask these questions But You know they are there And if You know my heart The way that I believe You do You know that I believe in You Still I have these questions

18 “Questions” by Steven Curtis Chapman
Like How could You God How could You be so good and strong And make a world that can be so painful And where were You God I know You had to be right there I know You never turn Your head

19 “Questions” by Steven Curtis Chapman
You know that I’m confused By all this mystery You know I get afraid But if You know my heart As completely as I trust You do Oh You know that I trust in You

20 “Questions” by Steven Curtis Chapman
Is it true that for every tear I cry You cry a thousand more Cuz You weep for those that weep And are You, just holding Yourself back From crushing all the pain and evil in this world For reasons we just cant understand for now

21 “Questions” by Steven Curtis Chapman
But isn’t there a day of redemption coming Ohhh Redemption is coming Ohhh Quickly Lord, come quickly Lord, come quickly Ohhh Ohhh

22 “Questions” by Steven Curtis Chapman
So who am I God That You would raise me from the dust To breathe Your life and Your love in me You know that I believe

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