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An educational journey through the desert By: Wasim Salman -Palestine.

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1 An educational journey through the desert By: Wasim Salman -Palestine

2 What Is Connecting Cultures Program It is a unique educational initiative that seeks promoting face to face dialogue with young people from the Western and Arab world via short wilderness journeys in the desert of Oman.

3 Wahiba Sands Also called Sharqiya Sands, is a region of desert in Oman. The region is named for the Wahiba tribe.


5 More about the journey Each journey last for five days and four nights. 18 young motivated and active people participate in each journey. Each day the team travel through the desert; either by walking or using camels. Camp fire, tents, sand, the stars and your team are the only friends you will have through this unique and inspirational journey.

6 Fun and education As we grew up hearing how the campfire has been a place for exchanging news and stories. This is how simple is the “face to face” concept of connection cultures. Communication is an important requirement. As the debates might last for several hours. At the end of each debate, lessons get summarized and important points listed down.





11 Wondering how is the desert an educational place?..... I will tell you You get to free yourself from all the distractions of the modern world. Get to know the real you. Confidence

12 Will you be alone? Of course not. This unique program join you with some of the smartest, inspiring and high potential people from around the world, who are definitely capable of making a change to their societies by making it a better place for themselves and the coming generations.

13 What will you be doing there? Discover and learn Share your culture Learn about different cultures Find out the values and similarities you share with people from all around the world And you will most certainly have fun and have memories that will last forever

14 Why was I inspired to apply We are living in the comfort of our houses, rarely think of how people in the past lived. How much we can know about ourselves if we just got the chance to clear our minds. The idea of meeting people from around the world and getting a glance of their cultures and values; forgetting how far we live from each other and how different our languages are and the difference of the way of living were my incentives to apply.

15 Getting the chance to live in the wilderness and experience this unique adventure that I might not get outside this program.

16 Questions What is Culture? What is your vision for your own country in 2020? How do you think other people see your own culture?

17 What are the causes of cultural misunderstanding? What are the solutions? What can we as young people do to make society a better place?

18 Do You Find Yourself Inspired? I Hope You Are cause definitely I am ;)

19 Follow the Journey! 1.Visit to see the latest ‘Trail Tweets’ sent from the 2.Take a look at the latest image and daily ‘Trail Blog’ 3.Visit our ‘Digital Campfire’ - Post a question to the desert explorers – they will respond to your questions as soon as they leave the desert.


21 Thank You

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