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By By-Usha Dubey and Vimla Bisht

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1 By By-Usha Dubey and Vimla Bisht

2 What do we understand by Environment …

3 What is Environment :- Thin layer of life and life supports called the Biosphere, including the earth, air, soil, water and living organisms.

4 Constituents of Environment Atmosphere contains gaseous mixture of N 2, H 2,co 2,water and other elements, compounds and dust particles. The ¾ part of the Earth is covered with water & ¼ part with Land. ` 97% Ocean Water er 2% Ice 1% River Water

5 Environmental Problems in Uttaranchal…

6 Increasing of CO 2 and Hydrocarbon emissions Increasing of CO 2 and Hydrocarbon emissions Due to :- a. Forest Fire. b. Increasing Number of Vehicle. c. Deforestation. Forest Fires are very common in Uttaranchal. Urbanization has led to Deforestation.

7 Emission of smoke As we see daily, due to increasing number of vehicles on the road there is a lot of smoke in the environment

8 Acid Deposition Marshy Spruce Forests, lakes, ponds, and other terrestrial and aquatic environments in Uttaranchal are being severely damaged by the effects of acid rain.

9 Due to Acid Rain the day is not far...…

10 SOIL EROSION Gully Formation Due to Soil Erosion is a natural geological process, greatly accelerated by human activities such as deforestation, overgrazing of cattle, and poor agricultural practices. Varunawat [Uttaranchal] Landslide is a recent example of soil erosion..

11 Ozone Layer Destruction. During 1980s, scientists found that human activity was having a detrimental effect on the Ozone Layer which led to Global Warming. Cont…

12 Global Warming Global Warming has led to the melting of the Gangotri Glacier at Gomukh in Uttaranchal.

13 6. Green House Effect Greenhouse Effect, Plays role in warming the Earth's surface.

14 Lose of Wild Land The deforestation technique of slash and burn, utilized extensively to clear large areas of forest for agricultural and other purposes, causes an enormous amount of environmental damage in Uttaranchal.

15 a little thought can make a difference. a little thought can make a difference. Solutions

16 Forest protection & Plantation We should identify long term environmental reforms and to initiate processes for their implementatio n & supervision in Uttaranchal by forest protection & Plantation.

17 Preventions of Air Pollution We should use Chimneys which has Electro static Precipitator &vehicle should be checked time to time.

18 Remedies to check Water Pollution We should stop mixing pollutants in the natural water resources to increase flora & fauna.

19 Stop Acid Deposition To maintain ecological balance acid Deposition should be checked which creates loss to aquatic life & affects forest growth.

20 Our class can make a Difference!!!!

21 Activities done by our club Friends of Earth in 2004-2005

22 Cleaning Activities We cleaned (every fortnight ) the following areas –Our class –School campus –The canteen area –The area outside our school

23 Planted trees We planted trees and flowers(every fortnight ) in the following areas –Area in the School campus where we got the permission to plant –The schools garden –In our homes / locality

24 Made charts We made charts(every fortnight ) and pasted them in –Our class –School Notice Board

25 We also did –Reduced the use of polythene bags. –Didnt throw garbage in the open space. –Stopped driving vehicles to come to schools.

26 On our planet there is enough for everyones need but not for the everyones greed.

27 Sources Microsoft encyclopedia

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