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3 Parking with pain: the wheelchair illusion (Cafarella.H,2010) Disclosing a disability can be helpful for oneself – also create deeper understanding for inclusive society for all. I have dyslexia – this does not just effect my reading and writing. How I perceive my external environment viewing the whole picture. Therefore I find it hard to filter out information. Although there can be positives that can out way the challenges.


5 University of Bath was chosen for its accessibility as a sport training facilities. Which also benefits the wider community as a whole. Not all disabled people and non disabled people want to be athletes. ‘The fight for a change in attitude towards disabled people is worth the effort because of the long-term benefits it could bring for people in and outside sport.’ (Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, Nov 9,2012)

6 We all share DNA. Our uniqueness are in Biological Psychological Sociological ‘ no one asked to be disabled, but having inclusivity in society give us diversity.’

7 Without sounding dyslexic using a longer word to describe approach. Why not make it longer and add some value. Book recommendation : Nudge – Thaler & Sunstein, Penguin.

8 Public involvement: recently I was able to make recommendations in hope that it will change how to create an inclusive work place. Here's one of them. ‘help employers and workplaces agencies understand how best to support employees so that those with chronic pain can contribute as confidently and productively as possible’ ( Putting Pain on the agenda, The Report of the First English Pain Summit 2012)

9 Also like to thank David Skidmore for asking me to talk – and Dr Linda Newnes motivation. Queen Elisabeth II and Price Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Or is it David Cameron and Margret Thatcher

10 /PSYC100/lecture1/royal_vase/ Book recommendation : Nudge – Thaler & Sunstein, Penguin The Brain that Changed Itself – Norman Doidge,Penguin Evidence-based health guidance from TSO : a guild for clinic and workplace ; identifying obstacles using the psychosocial flags framework. Victoria Wells 2012.

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