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Politics Develops Politically

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1 Politics Develops Politically 1824-1840

2 Election of 1824 There were 4 “Republican” candidates
Andrew Jackson --John Quincy Adams William Crawford --Henry Clay No one won a majority so the House of Representatives chose the winner. Henry Clay was Speaker of the House, arranged for JQ Adams to be Prez., Clay became VP. Jackson had received the most votes, his supporters claimed a Corrupt Bargain had taken Prez away from him.

3 John Quincy Adams 1st President who was son of a president.
Went to Harvard, Diplomat, Secretary of State. As President tried to bring sections of country together with a network of highways and canals. After serving as president, he served in the House of Representatives.

4 Jackson in 1828 Election Andrew Jackson beats John Quincy Adams Supporters of Adams called Jackson a Jackass. He was a Democrat. So Democrats are Donkeys. Republicans as Elephants came after the Civil War.

5 Jackson takes over Jacksons was the 1st “Frontier President”
Because he was such a hero of the common man, 15,000 people came to his inauguration. The party got out of control at the White House, Jackson had to run away to a hotel to sleep. Spoils System=When Jackson took over he replaced many Govt. workers with his supporters. Problem was many were incompetent.

6 The Tariff of 1828 Very high, Southerners were unhappy because tariffs protected industry at the expense of exports. VP John C. Calhoun wrote a denunciation of the tariff. He called for Nullification. States declaring the tariff null and void within their borders.

7 The Trail of Tears 1830 Indian Removal Act: Forced Native Americans East of the Mississippi to move to Oklahoma. Why Oklahoma? Because it sucks. Bureau of Indian Affairs was set up to deal with Native Americans for the govt. Countless Native Americans died on forced marches to the West.

8 The Bank War Andrew Jackson hated the Bank of the United States because he felt it had too much power. Henry Clay wanted to recharter the Bank in 1832 to make it an issue in the Presidential Election of 1832. Jackson vetoed the recharter bill. Common people loved him.

9 Nicholas Biddle Child Genius, Graduated from Princeton at 15.
Was a diplomat in France during Napoleonic Wars. Was a state senator before becoming Director of Bank of the United States.

10 Presidential Election of 1832
Andrew Jackson kicked Clays butt. AJ dropped John C. Calhoun for supporting nullification. Replaced him with Martin Van Buren

11 Presidential Election of 1836
Martin Van Buren (Jackson’s Successor) v. William Henry Harrison (Tippecanoe) MVB won. He had been Secretary of State then Jacksons VP He was first Prez born a U.S. citizen.

12 Panic of 1837 Prompted by get rich quick schemes involving land speculation. Also Jacksons veto of the National Bank. Two British Banks failed, causing investors to call in American loans. Chain reaction collapsed many American banks.

13 Texas and Rebellion Mexico gave land to Stephen Austin to bring Catholic families into Texas. They were supposed to become Mexican. They didn’t. Texas declared Independence in Didn’t become a state until ten years later because adding it to Union would mean adding a slave state.

14 Presidential Election of 1840
Martin Van Buren v. William Henry Harrison again. This time “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” won. They were Whigs. MVB was very unpopular because of the Panic of 1837.

15 William Henry Harrison
Won Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, than General in War of 1812, Governor of Indiana territory, Representative and Senator from Ohio. 68 When elected Prez. Oldest until Reagan. Harrison died 31 days after being inaugurated. What to do?

16 Politics for the People
Politicians who were too uppity, too intellectual didn’t win elections. People voted for men like themselves.

17 Two Party System Democrats and Whigs
Democrats= Jackson, supported individual liberty Whigs= WHH, favored National Bank, Protective Tariffs, Prohibition of Liquor and Abolition of Slavery Basically Libertarians v. Big Government

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