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Legal and Organizational Aspects of an Integrated University Prof. dr. sc. Josip Kregar, Project Coordinator 15 November, 2007.

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1 Legal and Organizational Aspects of an Integrated University Prof. dr. sc. Josip Kregar, Project Coordinator 15 November, 2007

2 Prof. dr. sc. Josip Kregar, voditelj projekta Prof. dr. sc. Aleksa Bjeliš, Rector Prof. dr. sc.Dragan Bolanča Prof. dr. sc. Željko Jerneić Prof. dr. sc. Ivo Josipović Prof. dr. sc. Miomir Matulović Prof. dr. sc. Marko Petrak Prof. dr. sc. Siniša Petrović Prof. dr. sc.Vesna Vašiček Ksenija Grubišić Davor Rajčić

3 Community vs Organization A university is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees at all levels (bachelor, master, and doctorate) in a variety of subjects. The word university is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, roughly meaninghigher educationresearch academic degreesbachelormaster doctorateLatin community of masters and scholars".

4 The Meaning of Integration The tradition of university is not integration via acts and bureaucratic mechanisms of hierarchy, written rules, impersonality or power relation. Contrary the universities are integrated mainly by mission, values and goals, devotion to scientific progress, teaching excellence. The tacit ignorance and disrespect for law was a part of perceived autonomy and habitus. Science is vocation, mission, an method, more an approach to world then isolation in building block.

5 Legal aspects It is logically or historically fit to begin with law as a model with university viewed as, or through, a legal system. Thus viewed, university appears primarily as a complex of legal norms or framework of rights and obligation…The law proper are the concrete image in such person’s mind when he epproaches university D,Waldo, Perspectives on Administration 29 Administration= University

6 What Legal analysis of the statutory legislation on Croatian Universities. Statutes and bystatutory acts Financial rules Strategic Decision Making

7 Goals and Content Relation between constitutional units and integrated university- i.e. What and how to integrate? AUTONOMY: UNIVERSITY VS. STATE UNITS VS. UNIVERSITY INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS Planning and Decision Making Financing and Budgeting Research and Teaching

8 Governance The study of administration should start from the base of management rather than the foundation of law… L.White, The Administrative Machine 29 Administration= University

9 Organization POSTCORB (P+O+ST+CO+R+B) The size and complexity of University as an organization Span of control & contact Institutional Inertia Centralization vs decentralization _ the dialectics of organizational principles

10 Organization: Size and Units Number of units StudentsTeaching Staff Zürich723.0004.400 Münster7(+4+5)40.00013.000 Madrid829.0002.200 Graz822.0002.100 Oslo811.0001.200 Amsterdam723.0002.107 Beograd32 (?) 78.0002.500 Ljubljana2255.0005.600 Sarajevo2347.0001.640

11 Although I have tried to deal candidly with some shortcomings in contemporary higher education, I hope I communicate no discouragement with the enterprise. On the contrary, I think that the modern American university is a real triumph; it is, with all its shortcomings, like Churchill’s democracy (democracy is the worst form of government except all others). Donald Kennedy, Academic Duty

12 Financial aspects The situation is different when it comes to financial markets and macroeconomic issues. Expectations play an important role and the role they play is reflexive G. Soros, The Crisis of Global Capitalism, 40

13 Inflation of promises Educational debates figure prominently at election times. Perhaps we expect our schools to do so much – equalise opportunity, instil discipline, stimulate individual imagination, provide a labour force – they have remained at the centre of controversy J. Macionis, K.Plumer, Sociology : a Global Introduction, 545

14 Deflation of promises Fundamental shift in the relationship between the state and higher education “It was once the role of Governments to provide for the purposes of universities; it is now the role of universities to provide for the purposes of Governments” Sir Howard Newby, (Chief Executive of HEFCE) Jan 2004

15 Financing of Research and Innovation in Europe’s UnivFinancing of Research and Innovation in Europe’s Univ. This study confirmed the enormous diversity in national funding structures. It also points out, on one hand, a relative stagnation of the national R&I budget, and on the other, a significant increase in university expenditure on R&I since 1995. It also identified that interdisciplinary cooperation,interdisciplinary research, centres of excellence and doctoral education are considered to be the main future priorities for universities to develop at the European level.

16 Findings from investigation UK A lot of money has been invested – but not all wisely (for sustainability) Activity and infrastructure have grown The worst backlogs which were preventing appropriate quality T or R have been addressed 5 years of ageing buildings and cost inflation Improvements in utilisation and efficiency

17 Findings from investigation UK The answer is partly money, but also culture change. Universities have a huge asset base. This needs 10-year plans, clear corporate decisions, and secure Finance. Increasingly, the finance will not come from government. HEIs with big problems may have to rationalise or take hard decisions. Jim Port EUA Spring Conference 2006 Financial sustainability of universities: the OECD/IMHE study and current UK experience

18 Contingencies and Constraints Equifinality is the principle that in open systems a given end state can be reached by many potential means. “Any particular structure may have many functions, and any function may be fulfilled by alternative structures or processes” (Gresov/Drazin)

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