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PREFACE I. History II. Purpose of NOD (6 purposes) History of NOD Rüpa Gosvämés position explicitly connected to Kåñëa one of the 6 Gosvämés of Våndävana.

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1 PREFACE I. History II. Purpose of NOD (6 purposes) History of NOD Rüpa Gosvämés position explicitly connected to Kåñëa one of the 6 Gosvämés of Våndävana we are Rüpänugas paramparä from Caitanya Mahäprabhu to Rüpa …. Çréla Prabhupäda To make each of us a Gosvämé To explain bhakti rasa v/s material rasa Practical hints to live in material world by devotional service Stimulate original love in 5 different rasas Science of perfectly loving all living entities Nurture devotional life of practising devotees 1 2 3 4 5 6

2 To explain bhakti rasa v/s material rasa Bhakti 2 RasaAmåtäSindhu devotional love connotes service implies activity intended to please beloved refers to Love (Juice / mellow) Bhakti mundane oscillating/ tasteless Bhoga- tyäga fades Capala sukha eternalfresh Eternal (fresh) Ocean of pleasure we may manage to procure a few drops of sense pleasure, but there is an entire ocean of NOD easily available to all, always. By understanding NOD, we can dive deeply into that ocean. primary stage (family) to society to humanity is a basic propensity, we cant live without it gets fulfillment when connected to Kåñëa one switch that brightens allwater the root

3 INTRODUCTION MaìgaläcaraëaContents Definition of Pure Devotional Service (PDS)

4 Maìgaläcaraëa Objective of the book (Invoking auspiciousness) Obeisances Benediction free from impersonalists misconception protection from volcanoes of argumentative logicians Vaiñëavas GuruLord Kåñëa SHARKS never caught by fisherman of birth and death reject rivers of liberation in ocean of perfection (not sense gratification) akhila-rasämåta-mürti attractor of Gopés reservoir of all pleasure Judge (Näräyaëa) v/s home (Våndävana Kåñëa) Subjugates (controls them ) Absorbs (intimate circle) Controlled by (submissive lover) Täraka, Pälikä Çyämä, Lalita Rädhäräëé

5 Contents Eastern (varieties of devotional service) Ocean has 4 sides Southern (overview of rasas) Western (primary rasas) Northern (secondary rasas) devotional service in 4 waves FIRST SECONDTHIRDFOURTH general description of devotional service (Sämänya bhakti) in practice (Sädhana bhakti) in ecstasy (Bhäva) pure love (Premä ) Ch 19 – Devotional service in pure love, Premä Ch 17 and 18 Ch 18 – characteristics of one in bhäva Ch 17 – definition and attainment of bhäva Chapters 2 to 16 Chapter 1 Introduction 6 characteristics of pure devotional service Definition of pure devotional service

6 Ch. 2 to 6 Sädhana Bhakti and Vaidhé- Sädhana Bhakti (VSB) Ch.- 2 Ch.- 3 Ch.- 4 Ch.- 5 Ch.- 6 Eligibility for VSB Those eligible reject bhukti and mukti Pure devotional service is self sufficient and independent 64 items/ practices of Sädhana Bhakti 20 items of primary importance 44 additional items of service Activities to avoid (11-20) nivåtti Activities to accept (1-10) Pravåtti (60-64) five most effective items (21-59) items of Sädhana

7 Ch. 7 to 12 Detailed explanation of 1 to 64 Ch.- 7 Ch.- 8 Ch.- 9 Ch.- 10 offenses to avoid techniques of hearing and remembering Five most potent forms that can evoke bhäva even in a neophyte Ch.- 11 Ch.- 12 (1 – 18) (19) (20 – 42) (43 – 46) (47 – 53) (54 – 64) Ch. 13 servitude, friendship and self-surrender Ch. 14 Other spiritual paths Rägänuga, spontaneous practice Ch. 16 Ch. 15 Rägätmikä, spontaneous bhakti Varëäçrama Jïäna and Vairägya Wealth and followers Saintly qualities

8 Definition of pure devotional service (PDS) anyäbhiläñitä-çünyaà jïäna-karmädy-anävåtam änukülyena kåñëänu- çélanaà bhaktir uttamä Primary characteristics (svarüpa) Secondary characteristics (taöashta) for Kåñëa (Kåñëänu) active engagement (anuçélanam) favorable intention (änukülyena) explicitly connected to Kåñëa directly Kåñëa follows paramparä dos and don'ts paraphern alia or dhäms devotees negative positive (with body, mind and words) only then will be in shelter of internal potency not covered by freedom from ulterior motive (anyäbhiläñitä- çünyaà) adi karmajïäna yogarenunciationetc.

9 Chapter -1 CHARACTERISTICS OF PURE DEVOTIONAL SERVICE (PDS) PRIMARY FURTHER CHARATERISTICS OF PDS Service Lord Kapila SB 3.29.12-13 Not even 5 kinds of Liberation Relief from material distress (Kleçägni) All auspicious (çubhadä) Derides happiness of liberation (Mokña- laghutäkåt) Difficult to achieve ( Sudurlabhä) Incalculably condensed bliss ( Sändränanda-viçeñätmä) Attracts Sri Kåñëa (Kåñëäkarñaëé) i ii iii iv v vi

10 (i) Relief from material distress (Kleçägni ) Causes of suffering Solution for Avidyä (Ignorance) Béjam (Sinful Desires) Päpaà (Sinful Activities) Aprärabdha (Unmanifest reaction) Küöaà ( Sinful disposition) Prärabdha (Manifest) SUFFERING

11 Solution for Prärabdha Aprärabdha BéjamAvidyä SB 3.33.6 Low birth can be counteracted Padma Puräëa BG 18.66 All 4 effects are vanquished Just surrender, I shall protect Blazing fire of devotional service turns to ashes--- (SB 11.14.19) Tolerate with determination (BG 7.28) Elephant bathing Sun of Bhakti Ajämila section SB 4.22.39 Knot of false ego will be freed Padma Puräëa fire kills snakes of ignorance

12 (ii) All auspicious (Çubhadä ) When does it take place ? What is it? As suffering decreases Niñöhä When following criteria are met it is auspicious (Only devotional service meets these criteria) Benefits and attracts everyone Development of saintly qualities Superior Happiness Padma Puräëa even trees & animals benefit (page 8) Political & Social organizations fail eg. Lord Chaitanya Mahäprabhu at Jhärikhanda Flaws of SB 5.8.12 Page 9 quality of demigods in a devotee Modern education illiterate K.con. devotee v/s educated materialist Haöha Yogi (has sex after yoga)

13 Superior Happiness Devotional Service is superior to How is Devotional Service superior to other paths Sense gratification Mystic Yoga Liberation Eternal Includes other types of happiness (a) how it includes?(C) Examples (b) Evidences Automatically liberated from material world Senses are engaged in Kåñëas service Tantraçästra - Jiva beyond impersonalists happiness (Page 10) HBS- Prahläda Mahäräja- DS includes all 4 (Page 13) Närada Païcarätra- Doesnt care a fig -- ( Page 13) Çrédhara Kolavecha (Page 13) Attendants follow queen bee (Page 14)

14 (iii) Derides happiness of liberation (Mokña-laghutä-kåt) Manifests at stage of Bhäva 4 Religious principles are straw in street (Bhävärtha- dépikä) Water in impression of cows hooves (Prahläda Mahäräja HBS) Manifests at stage of Bhäva (iv) Difficult to achieve (Sudurlabhä ) Why is it difficult How to attain? We cannot attain by own efforts (Çiva confirms in Tantra sästra) Kåñëa is reluctant to give it By mercy of Spiritual Master (Cc.m.19. 151 & Prahläda Mahäräja in SB) Lord becomes purchased (Närada Muni to Yudhiñöhira SB 5.6.18)

15 (v) Incalculably condensed bliss (Sändränanda-viçeñätmä) Molecular density of metal is so concentrated that nothing else can penetrate Similarly this happiness is so densely concentrated that no other perception or thought momentarily registers (vi) Attracts Sri Kåñëa (Çré-kåñëäkarñiëé) Yoga,Vedänta not as attractive as DS (SB 11.14.20) Lord is self satisfied and can be attracted only by His own pleasure potency. Päëòavas & Prahläda Mahäräja attractive to Kåñëa (SB 7.10.48,49) I am sorry I disrespected you (Arjuna in BG) Means Kåñëa was his friend

16 Greatest devotee who attracts Kåñëa is Sri Rädhäräëé Known as Madana Mohan Mohiné She controls Devotional Service Devotees in Våndävana put themselves under her care to achieve perfection If under the control of Rädhäräëé DS will attract Kåñëa Himself Devotional Service means follow Rädhäräëés footsteps BG says great souls are under daivé prakåti i.e. Kåñëas internal energy i.e. Sri Rädhäräëé Rädhäräëé

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