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1 IntelliDrive SM Dynamic Mobility Applications Template Talking Operations Webinar June 24, 2010 Kate Hartman, RITA, ITS Joint Program Office Bob Rupert,

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1 1 IntelliDrive SM Dynamic Mobility Applications Template Talking Operations Webinar June 24, 2010 Kate Hartman, RITA, ITS Joint Program Office Bob Rupert, FHWA, Office of Operations IntelliDrive is a service mark of the U.S. Department of Transportation

2 Agenda IntelliDrive SM Mobility Program – Background Dynamic Mobility Applications Template – Purpose / Intent – Content – Next Steps 2

3 DMA 5-year Program 3

4 Networked Environment 4

5 IntelliDrive SM Mobility 5 Data Environment Real-time Data Capture and Management Mobility and Environmental Applications Reduce Speed 35 MPH Weather Application Transit Data Transit Signal Priority

6 Creating a Data Environment Data environment: well-organized collection of data of specific type and quality captured and stored at regular intervals from one or more sources systematically shared in support of one or more applications Data Environment Application Data Capture Information Raw Data 6

7 Key Issues in Defining A Data Environment What Data Do We Keep? How Do We Structure The Data? What Data Do We Capture? How Do We Use The Data? 7


9 Projected Outcomes Establish one or more data environments Broad collaboration supporting data environment utilization Implementation of data management processes representing best practices Initial Data Capture & Management Portal established – [temporary development site] – More information about Data Environments – Flagged & documented data from POC and NCAR tests posted – Proposed terms of use and rules of engagement developed 9

10 IntelliDrive SM Mobility 10 Data Environment Real-time Data Capture and Management Mobility and Environmental Applications Reduce Speed 35 MPH Weather Application Transit Data Transit Signal Priority

11 Dynamic Mobility Applications Vision Expedite development, testing, commercialization, and deployment of innovative mobility applications: – maximize system productivity – enhance mobility of individuals within the system Objectives Create applications using frequently collected and rapidly disseminated multi- source data from connected travelers, vehicles (automobiles, transit, freight) and infrastructure Develop and assess applications showing potential to improve nature, accuracy, precision and/or speed of dynamic decision making by system managers and system users Demonstrate promising applications predicted to significantly improve capability of transportation system to provide safe, reliable, and secure movement of goods and people 11

12 Leverage Multi-Source Data Leverage high-quality data integrated from mobile and fixed sources to develop multiple applications (mode- specific and multi-modal) Requires coordination with Real-Time Data Capture and Management program DATA ENVIRONMENT MODE-SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS (e.g., for freight vehicles) a b c VEHICLES TRAVELERS INFRASTRUCTURE TRANSIT FREIGHT LIGHT VEHICLE MULTI-MODAL APPLICATIONS (e.g., for travelers) CROSS-MODAL APPLICATIONS (e.g., for system managers) 12

13 Multi-Modal Applications Development and Test Coordinated development of mode-specific and multi-modal applications: – avoid duplication – cost-effective a b c DATA ENVIRONMENT VEHICLES INFRASTRUCTURE TRAVELERS MANAGERS FLEET OPERATORS APPLICATIONS 13

14 Guiding Principles Leverage multi-source data Develop and test mode-specific and multi-modal applications Feature open source application research and development Encourage competitive application commercialization Prioritize program resources based on expected impact Enhance analytical capabilities related to mobility applications Practice long-term technology stewardship 14

15 Practice long-term technology stewardship 15

16 Projected Outcomes Multiple applications developed leveraging multi-source data Research spurs commercialization Applications enable transformational change 16

17 Stakeholder Participation Provide feedback on program direction, goals, data environment, mobility applications Respond to upcoming funded requests for research and development of mobility applications Seek to leverage IntelliDrive data and applications resources in other non- federal or non-IntelliDrive federally funded research projects Offer new data sets and applications Actively commercialize mobility applications developed within the IntelliDrive program 17

18 Mobility Applications Template USDOT DMA Near-term Program Objective: Assess applications that realize the full potential of connected vehicles, travelers and infrastructure to enhance current operational practices and transform future surface transportation systems management Develop applications that transform mobility by providing transportation managers and systems operators with real- time monitoring and management tools to manage mobility between and across modes more effectively, and travelers the ability for dynamic decision making Inviting stakeholders to submit ideas for transformative applications that show the potential to improve system performance and the nature, accuracy, precision and/or speed of dynamic decision making by both system managers and system users 18

19 Mobility Applications Template Purpose Provide a consistent method for gathering & assembling potential ideas, uses & applications of IntelliDrive SM primarily for mobility purposes – Other programs are actively pursuing applications primarily focused on the safety applications of IntelliDrive SM. – Seeking innovative or transformative ideas that use IntelliDrive SM to help transportation systems perform better or allow operators or travelers make better decisions. 19

20 Mobility Applications Template Not necessarily starting with a clean slate, but with a fresh look VII Use Cases & Applications – Earlier Vehicle Infrastructure Integration efforts for the Proof-of-Concept testing included development of use cases – Day-One (i.e., near-term, low penetration of devices) applications identified 20

21 21 VIIs wide array of Day 1 applications Traveler Information –Travel times, incident alerts, road closures, work zones In Vehicle Signage –Local signage (school zones, stop signs) –Highway next-exit services Navigation –Off-board navigation –Reroute information Traffic Management –Ramp metering –Signal timing optimization –Corridor management planning assistance –Corridor management load balancing Weather Information –Surface conditions, surface treatment status, visibility, etc. –Improved weather observing Safety –Traffic signal violation warning –Stop-sign violation warning –Emergency electronic brake light –Curve speed warning Electronic Payment –Parking –Toll roads Note: Transit, Trucking, and Planning were to be added Mobility Applications Template

22 What its not – The Template is not: Not a request for proposals Not a solicitation for projects Not a Challenge opportunity – No funding or other support offered 22

23 Mobility Applications Template What it is An opportunity to help shape the IntelliDrive SM Dynamic Mobility Applications Program A way to share your thoughts & ideas of innovative uses of IntelliDrive SM to improve mobility – Systems performance, better decision-making, etc. A request from U.S. DOT for stakeholder help from all sources – public, private, academic … for all modes – highway, transit, freight, non-motorized… – Not doing what we do today better, but doing things differently because of the availability of IntelliDrive SM 23

24 Mobility Applications Template Contributor Enter your name or the name of the representative organization, an email address, and a phone number so that we may contact you. Name of candidate application Specify the name of the suggested application of interest. Purpose of the application Concisely state the problem addressed by the application. 24

25 Mobility Applications Template [Check all that apply] 1.Individual (traveler) benefits increased accessibility reduced cost of travel reduced delay / travel time reduced environmental impacts increased safety increased security increased travel reliability Other____________ 25 2.System efficiency reduced agency costs reduced environmental impacts increased goods throughput increased person throughput increased ridership/vehicle occupancy increased safety increased security increased system reliability Other____________

26 Mobility Applications Template 3.Mode roadway transit freight parking non-motorized (pedestrians, bicycles) 26 Seeking ideas for applications from all modes, multiple modes & cross-modal

27 Mobility Applications Template Application description Provide a brief description of the suggested application of interest. Please discuss how the application is transformative, and how IntelliDrive SM will enable this transformation. Who will use the application and who will be impacted by the application? This does not have to be exhaustive but should provide a concise description of what the application is intended to do. What makes the application innovative or transformative? How would it use IntelliDrive SM ? Who is the audience for the application? 27

28 Mobility Applications Template Potential benefits and impacts Please summarize the near-term (e.g., due to limited market penetration of IntelliDrive-enabled vehicles) and long-term impacts of the suggested application. Assessment can be conceptual or verified in a simulation environment or a test environment. When can we realistically deploy the application and see an impact? This is not intended to be an empirical exercise but to allow the submitter to provide thoughts about the potential benefits of the applications, and how the benefits may change over time as a larger installed base of IntelliDrive SM devices emerges. 28

29 Mobility Applications Template High-level application needs - Data needs Please specify the type, frequency, latency, quantity, and market-penetration of data needed from connected travelers, vehicles and infrastructure- based sensors. What data does the application require in order to operate effectively? Do the data need to have specific characteristics such as how frequently is it collected, how much coverage is needed, etc.? The intent is to describe at a high-level the data required by the application. 29

30 Mobility Applications Template High-level application needs - Communication needs Please specify the critical communication needs if known. Are low latency wireless communications required to see the full impacts of the application? Can benefits from the application be realized with lower speed and higher latency communications? Communications here may be among any combination of connected travelers, vehicles, and infrastructure. Does the application require a minimum level of telecommunications capability, including bandwidth, continuous connectivity, security, etc.? As noted in the instructions, this section is completed if known. 30

31 Mobility Applications Template High-level application needs - Infrastructure needs Please specify the critical infrastructure components for the application. High-level application needs - Other needs Does the application have other requirements such as roadside hardware / cabinets / structures / etc.? Or any other needs (particular computing platform, user requirements or equipment, …)? 31

32 Mobility Applications Template Is the suggested application of interest a modification or enhancement of existing/ongoing research that you have conducted? Please specify here if the application will leverage existing or ongoing research and development efforts that you are currently involved in. YesIf yes, specify: Project title ___________________________________ Sponsoring organization _________________________ No The intent of this question is to help provide historical context for the suggested application, if there is any. 32

33 Mobility Applications Template Next Steps Targeted outreach: Mode-specific, private sector,… Gather ideas / applications – Requested by July 31; e-mail to Examine applications for commonalities – Use same or similar data environments Provide / publish entire list to community Engage stakeholders to prioritize Identify where to invest Federal resources / funds 33

34 Mobility Applications – Prioritization Criteria Guiding Principles The proposed application is transformative. The proposed application will make use of IntelliDrive SM - related data. The proposed application has significant stakeholder interest. The potential near-term as well as long term (greater than five years) benefits are high. The proposed application will be made open source. The proposed application is cross-modal (i.e., it will integrate information from two or more modes for system operations and management). 34

35 Dynamic Mobility Applications For more information: Kate Hartman, RITA, 202-366-2742 – Bob Rupert, FHWA, 202-366-2194 – Steve Mortensen, FTA, 202-493-0459 – Randy Butler, FHWA, 202-366-9215 – 35

36 For More Information… /

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