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French The Present Tense

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1 French The Present Tense
This PowerPoint was created by Matthew Vernon, here.

2 What is the Present Tense?
The Present Tense describes what is happening now or what happens on a regular basis. An example is ‘I am playing’ refers to something you are doing now, whereas ‘I play’ refers to something that you do regularly. Normally, the present tense is shown by endings, however some irregulars have to be learned.

3 The Irregulars The Irregular Verbs are verbs that do not follow the rules. If you like, they are the rebels of the French world as they have their own forms. Let’s first of all look at how verbs are supposed to be conjugated. >>

4 Present Tense Endings  Person ER IR RE je -e -is -s tu -es il/elle
-it nous -ons -issons vous -ez -issez ils/elles -ent -issent

5 être avoir The Useful Irregulars Je suis I am J’ai I have
Tu es You are Il/elle est He/she is Nous sommes We are Vous êtes You are Ils/elles sont They are avoir J’ai I have Tu as You have Il/elle a He/she has Nous avons We have Vous avez You have Ils/elles ont They have

6 pouvoir vouvoir The Useful Irregulars Je peux I can Tu peux You can
Il/elle peut He/she can Nous pouvons We can Vous pouvez You can Ils/elles peuvent They can vouvoir Je veux I want Tu veux You want Il/elle veut He/she wants Nous voulons We want Vous voulez You want Ils/elles veulent They want

7 And finally… This is the most important tense that you ever learn. It’s also the easiest. Please make sure that you know this inside out, back-to-front, sideways and every and any other way because you’ll need it for your exams to at least scrape through (if not do really well).

8 Matthew Vernon
I hope that helped! Matthew Vernon

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