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Overview of DVD Copy Protection Methods, With Emphasis on Digital Watermarking James Painter EGR 230.

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1 Overview of DVD Copy Protection Methods, With Emphasis on Digital Watermarking James Painter EGR 230

2 Movie Piracy About $3 billion lost annually Difficult in days of VHS Relatively easy now, since DVD encryption has been cracked (1999)

3 Series of decryption keys Relatively simple 40-bit encryption compared to todays standard 128-bit Short lived, but lessons learned Method 1: Content Scrambling System

4 Method 1: CSS

5 Method 2: Copy Generation Management System Two bits embedded in DVD video indicating one of four copy states DVD recorder reads copy state, terminates burn if necessary

6 Method 2: CGMS Two bits = 2 2 = 4 possible copy states: CGMS BitsMeaning 0, 0Copying is permitted without restriction 0, 1 Condition not to be used (No more copies in EIA-805) 1, 0One generation of copies may be made 1, 1No copying is permitted

7 Method 2: CGMS CGMS bits transmitted through television broadcasts –PVR, DVD recorder Problems –Non-compliance leads to CGMS bit deletion –Loose regulation

8 Information (literally text) embedded in every video frame –Owner identification –License information –Misc. video details –Indicators of previous copy attempts –CGMS copy states Method 3: Digital Watermarking

9 Method 3: Watermarking DVD recorder searches for watermarks, blocks burn if copyrighted material Also used for tracking ripped DVDs –Search engines

10 Method 3: Watermarking Implementation in camcorders prevent piracy within the theater Digital watermarks can be embedded in television broadcast signals (similar to station logos)

11 Method 3: Watermarking Watermarks of varying focus levels Flat mask vs. Gradual mask Allows brightness increases of up to 16% while preserving invisibility

12 Method 3: Watermarking Original image with no watermark (left), watermarked image (center), difference between the original and watermarked images (right)

13 Method 3: Watermarking Images without watermark (top), images with watermark (bottom)

14 Method 3: Watermarking Effects of false positives False positive probability minimized to less 4.7x10 -23

15 Method 3: Watermarking Attempts to remove watermarks will cause severely garbled pictures Possible future implementation in other consumer electronics

16 Though CGMS (Method 1) is ineffective by itself, copy states embedded within a watermark can accomplish CGMSs goal –Difficulty of removal –Survives digital-to-analog conversion Combination of Methods

17 Concluding Remarks Cooperation among industries with differing interests Nothing will stop the determined hacker Keeping honest people honest

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