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04.07.08 EMA 2 Promotion and Awareness Raising Campaign EXPERTS & AREAS Scholarship schemes for academic exchange between EU and South and South East Asian.

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1 04.07.08 EMA 2 Promotion and Awareness Raising Campaign EXPERTS & AREAS Scholarship schemes for academic exchange between EU and South and South East Asian countries Erasmus Mundus Partnership programmes

2  EMA2- General overview  EXPERTS II – General Introduction  Mobility schemes  Application process  Selection Process  Notification of Candidates Contents

3 3 Type of programme and objective  Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programmes  co-operation and mobility schemes in the area of higher education co-operation  Funded by the European Union: several projects were approved last year for the South and South East Asian region:  EXPERTS  AREAS  overall objective - achieving better understanding and mutual enrichment between the European Union and Third Countries and co- operation in the field of higher education

4 4 Specific Aims  increasing academic competencies  improving language skills  increasing social and intercultural competencies  improving employability

5 5 WHO can apply for EXPERTS & AREAS scholarships? The EXPERTS & AREAS scholarship schemes are designed for: students and staff members from South and South East Asian countries wanting to study at an EU university Please note that exchange within ASIA is not possible!

6 6 In order to be eligible to apply and study at an EU partner university: 1.Applicants need to be nationals of one of the South and South East Asian countries 2.Applicants must not have resided nor carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the European countries (this guideline is not applicable for staff) 3.Applicants need to have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses taken at the host university 4.Applicants need to belong to one of the three eligible target groups 5.Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution WHO can apply for EXPERTS & AREAS scholarships?

7 7 Target Groups DescriptionTypes of mobility Target Group 1Students and staff registered at one of the partner universities (at the time of application) Undergraduate Master Doctorate Post-doctorate Staff Target Group 2 Asian nationals registered at a non-partner Asian university Asian nationals with a university degree or equivalent from an Asian higher education institution (includes people already working) Master Doctorate Post-doctorate Target Group 3Asian nationals in particularly vulnerable situations refugee status, asylum beneficiary unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) Undergraduate Master Doctorate Post-doctorate

8 8 Exchange/degree Exchange –enrolled at a home university –1 or 2 semesters abroad –Results transferred back home: degree @ home! Degree –Enrolled at the host university (no home univ.) –Full programme abroad –Degree from the host university

9 9 Types of Mobility Undergraduate exchange: 1 semester or 1 academic year Master exchange: 1 semester or 1 academic year Master degree: 1 or 2 academic years (according to duration of study programme) Doctorate exchange: 6 or 10 months Doctorate degree: max. 3 academic years (max. 34 months) Post-doctorate exchange: 6 or 10 months Staff exchange: 1 month

10 10 Money talk The scholarship includes: a monthly allowance: Undergraduate and Master: 1000 € Doctorate: 1500 € Post doctorate : 1800 € Staff:2500 € tuition fees of 3000 € per year Insurance (travel, health, accident) Travel costs depending on the distance

11 … at and about: range of study programmes at the host universities general information sheets Language skill requirements specific admission requirements individual websites of the host universities 11 Get yourself informed…

12 1. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria 2.Determine your Target Group 3.Determine your type of mobility and study field 4.Determine if you are exchange or degree applicant 5.Inform yourself about your host university/ies ! Study the project website and the information per university (language requirements, study offer,..) 6. Exchange only: make sure you have the support of your home university (faculty) 12 Before applying…

13 13 EXPERTS II- General Introduction EXPERTS II- Exchange by Promoting Quality Education, Research and Training in South and South-East Asia II Provides opportunity to South and South East Asian students/staff for research and study at the EU partner universities EXPERTS II Consortium: 20 Partners 13 South and South East Asian HEIs from 10 countries 7 EU HEIs 6 Associates from SSEA and EU

14 14 EXPERTS II- Partner Universities in Europe Coordinating Institution Georg-August-Universität Göttingen- Germany European Partners: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven- Belgium Masaryk University- Czech Republic Politecnico di Torino- Italy Universidad Santiago de Compostela- Spain University of Turku- Finland Uppsala University- Sweden

15 15 EXPERTS II- Partner Universities in SSEA South and Southeast Asian Partners: Khulna University- Bangladesh Royal University of Bhutan- Bhutan Nanjing University- China University of Science and Technology of China Delhi University- India Pune University- India Bogor Agricultural University (IPB Bogor)- Indonesia Kathmandu University- Nepal Tribhuvan University- Nepal University of the Punjab- Pakistan University of Peradeniya- Sri Lanka Kasetsart University- Thailand Visayas State University- The Philippines

16 16 EXPERTS II- Associate Partners Associate Partners: The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)- The Philippines AGRINATURA- Czech Republic COIMBRA Group- Belgium Tata Institute of Social Sciences- India Professional Assistance in Development Action (Pradan)- India Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)- Pakistan

17 17 EXPERTS II- Fields of Studies Agricultural Sciences (01) Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning (02) Business Studies and Management Sciences (04) Education, Teacher Training (05) Engineering, Technology (06) Geography, Geology (07) Law (10) Medical Sciences (12) Natural Sciences (13) Social Science (14) Other Areas of Study (16)

18 18 EXPERTS II- Mobility by Duration Category1M5/6M10M24M36M Undergraduatesxx Mastersxxx Doctoratesxxx Post-doctoratesxx Staffx Target Group 1

19 19 EXPERTS II - Mobility by Duration Category1M5/6M10M24M36M Undergraduates Mastersxx Doctoratesxx Post-doctoratesx Staff Target Group 2

20 20 EXPERTS II- Mobility by Duration Category1M5/6M10M24M36M Undergraduates Mastersx Doctoratesx Post-doctorates Staff Target Group 3

21 21 EXPERTS II- Application In order to apply, Candidate must complete and submit within the deadline the EXPERTS II Online Application Form. List of Documents required: Copy of passport or other official identification proof Proof of the language of instruction proficiency Copy of the most recent academic records-transcripts (current students) Copies of the Higher Education certificates or Diplomas obtained prior to the current study (current and former students and Staff) Sample of a publication (where relevant) At least 2 recommendation letters Motivation Letter for each Host University indicated Research Proposal (Doctorate and Post Doctorate Candidates only) CV (EUROPASS Format) For TG3 – proof of vulnerable situation

22 22 How to apply Current call for applications: open until February 10, 2012 at 16:00 CET. open to all scholars who would like to start mobility in autumn 2012.

23 23 Online application

24 24 Online application This is what you see when you click on „Here“. If you submit this information, you will receive an e-mail with your access data.

25 25 Application form

26 26 Application form

27 27 Application form

28 28 Application form

29 29 Application form

30 30 Application form

31 31 Application form

32 32 Application form

33 33 Application form

34 34 EXPERTS II- Selection process Evaluation of applications: eligibility check and quality assessment The quality assessment is based on: -study results in the relevant study areas -academic potential -level of language skills -motivation -recommendations -where relevant: work experience, professional qualifications and result of interviews Selections The Selections are based on: - The eligibility check and the quality assessment results - The guidelines of the European Commission – please refer to the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 website - The Candidate’s preference of the 1 st or 2 nd choice Host University - Distribution of Grantees between Host and Home Universities within the EXPERTS II Consortium and SSEA countries Additionally, In case of equally evaluated applications, preference will be given with the consideration of: - Gender balance -Level of vulnerability (for Target Group 3) -Prioritized fields of study

35 35 EXPERTS II- Notification of Candidates All Candidates, who applied for the EXPERTS II scholarship by submitting the online application within the deadline, will be notified on the outcome of the Selections following the Selection Meeting and the finalization of the Selection Lists.

36 36Georg-August-Universität Göttingen04.07.08 Viele Dank Thanks for your attention !

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