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We are on a mission to bring our forests back, we create them..

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1 We are on a mission to bring our forests back, we create them..

2 Introduction An end to end service provider to create natural forests. Developed on world’s best afforestation methodology from Japan, we create natural, maintenance-free forests in just 2 years. Our forests grow 10 times faster than trees planted conventionally, giving you a 100 years old natural forest in just 10 years.

3 In picture, 3 mtrs wide forest strip. Forest age: 2 years No of Species: 52, all native Plantation Density: 3 Saplings/Sq Mtr

4 3 years

5 9 Months


7 10 Months




11 Maintenance Free Gives you fresh fruits. Occupies empty space. 30 times more CO2 absorption and water retention. Forests, not lawns. Regular maintenance required. No output. Occupies ground Thin single layer greenery. Does more harm than good to the environment.

12 1 Tree per 10 Sqmt Limited Varieties Single layered greenery Extensive maintenance Susceptible to pests and diseases 30 Trees per 10 Sqmt. (100 Sqft.) Minimum 50 different species. Multi layered green forest. Maintenance free. 100% organic, ‘Zero’ pesticides used. Natural biodiversity. Forests, not plantations.

13 saplings of 50 to 100 native species planted at a density of 3~5/Sq. Mtr the forest becomes self-sustaining after 2 years of watering and de-weeding. growing undisturbed, it becomes equivalent of a 100 year old natural forest. How we do it!

14 Soil Survey Native Species and biomass Survey Sapling Preparation / Procureme nt Prepare Soil and Mound Plantation with community Maintenan ce and growth monitoring The Afforestt way…

15 Growth monitoring using KPI (Key Performance Index) In past 2 years, average growth of forest is 1.5 Mtrs. /Year. Average height of forest is 3.4 Meters in 2 years. With tallest tree measuring 8.8 meters. Actual growth Target Growth

16 We create….Urban Forests In picture, one year old 1,000 Sq ft. forest of 300 trees, Whitefield, Bangalore

17 We create…. Forests at farms In picture, native seasonal fruits at a 2 years old fruit forest at farm.

18 Afforestt ECS Pvt. Ltd. Thank you /afforestt

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