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Bhairabi Toilet Project Dharapani Community Library Formal Inauguration 20 May, 2010.

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1 Bhairabi Toilet Project Dharapani Community Library Formal Inauguration 20 May, 2010

2 The Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Honorable Susan Grace, along with the Direct Aid Program coordinator Sanjana Pradhan and Sambhav Nepal's Chairman Mr. Prem K Khatry visited the Bhairabi Toilet Project and the Dharapani Community Library on May 20th, 2010. Both the projects were formally inaugurated on this day. The toilet project was supported by the Australian Embassy in Kathmandu. The library project was funded by the Nepal School Project (Sydney, Australia), Allan Waldon, Richard Jackson, and Georgie and Cameron Mccullagh. The project was approved by the Rotary Club of Mt. Everest and the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) for tax deductibility. The projects were monitored by the Nepal government's Social Welfare Council (SWC)

3 The Ambassador’s motorcade approaching the Arupokhari village through the jeep track. The village is remotely located and the roads are bumpy.

4 The route to Arupokhari is not a very comfortable one, but is certainly adventurous. The 4WD SUVs though make the journey a piece of cake.

5 The locals at Satdobate welcoming the Ambassador to their little village.

6 One of many welcome banners en route Arupokhari.


8 The list of the names of locals who contributed to the construction of the road from Arughat to Bhairabi – yet another commendable feat.

9 A warm welcome and greeting to Honorable Susan Grace upon her arrival at Bhairabi School. Overwhelmed with garlands.



12 Sambhav Nepal’s Chairman Mr. Prem K. Khatry and NTV’s reporter Mr. Atmaram Shrestha at the inauguration ceremony.

13 Security presence at the premises.

14 Students of Bhairabi at the welcome and inauguration ceremony.

15 Hon. Grace giving a speech, praising the successful completion of the Bhairabi Toilet Project. DAP coordinator Mrs. Pradhan on the left.


17 The new toilet facility awaiting inauguration of the new toilet. The five-stalled facility has significantly improved the sanitation of the school.

18 Hon. Grace inaugurating the toilet project which benefits almost 150 students and the staff members of the school.




22 The inscription of the contribution of the Australian Embassy for the toilet construction imprinted on a brass plate.

23 The Ambassador interacting with the staff members of Bhairabi Primary School.

24 The Ambassador observing the classrooms of Bhairabi.

25 Hon. Grace and Mr. Khatry heading to Dharapani Community Library to inaugurate the new building.

26 The drive from Bhairabi to Dharapani on the new jeep track.

27 Dharapani students and staff at the welcome program.

28 Students welcoming the distinguished guests with more garlands. The community was very honored by the Ambassador’s visit.



31 During the inauguration ceremony.

32 Hon. Susan Grace inaugurating the library which contains more than 4,000 books (as of May 2011). It is the only community library in a school in Gorkha.




36 The inscription of the contribution of Georgie & Cameron McCullagh, Richard Jackson and RAWCS for the library construction imprinted on a brass plate.

37 Inspecting the library which is now in operation with more than 200 and increasing members.

38 Mr. Prem K Khatry discussing the need for more books in the library. The library has the capacity to hold more than 15,000 books.

39 We are very thankful to Hon. Susan Grace for her generous support and precious time to improve the sanitation and educational resources of Arupokhari.

40 For more information, please visit

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