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Benefits & Services Overview VA 1. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 2  Vet Center is a part of the VHA.

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1 Benefits & Services Overview VA 1

2 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 2  Vet Center is a part of the VHA

3 Veterans of Operations Enduring & Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn VA provides enhanced enrollment opportunity and five years of cost-free health care to veterans who served in a theater of combat operations, for any injury or illness associated with this service. 3

4 Non-Service Related Issues Veterans Who Experience Non- Service related Illness/Injuries Post Deployment may be charged a co- pay at VA for treatment of these conditions i.e.: flu, colds, auto accident 4

5 ` Cost free one time treatment of dental conditions for recently separated veterans who served for 90 days or more, apply within 180 days of separation, and DD214 does not indicate necessary dental care was provided within 90 days of release or discharge Dental Care 5

6 Medical Benefits Plan  Screening exams for: Depression, Substance Abuse, PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, TBI  Preventive Care Services  Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment  Prescription Services  Women’s Health Program  Returning Veteran Web page: 6

7 Application Process  Identify VA medical center for visit to primary care  Complete VA Form 10-10EZ  Submit 10-10EZ to VA Staff today  Additional Questions:  Call VETS (8387) or  Visit 7

8 Vet Center * Individual Counseling * Group Counseling * Military Sexual Trauma Counseling * Marital/Family Counseling * Bereavement Counseling * Drug and Alcohol Referral * Liaison with VA & Community Resources * Benefits Assistance Referral * Community Education and Career Referral 8

9  Compensation  Education  Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment  Life Insurance  Home Loan Guaranty  For Benefits information:   VA Benefit Programs 9

10 10

11 Help Your Buddy VA’s National Crisis Hotline Resource TALK (8255) 11

12 National Call Center for Homeless Veterans (24/7) (Beginning March 1, 2010) Purpose: a.Provide homeless/at-risk Veterans with timely and coordinated access to VA services, and b.Provide information to concerned individuals in the community about programs available to serve homeless Veterans AID VET or

13 VISN 10 Contacts 13 Chillicothe VA OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager: Deborah Crabtree x6075 Cincinnati VA OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager: Karen Cutright x5187 Cleveland VA OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager: Patricia Hall x1109 Columbus VA OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager: Theresa McCarty Dayton VA OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager: William Wall x2893

14 14 VISN 10 Contacts Canton Vet Center, Team leader: Patrick Smith Cincinnati Vet Center, Team Leader: Chadwick Watiker Cleveland East Side, Team Leader : Vivian Vassar Cleveland West Side, Team Leader : William Rawlings Columbus Vet Center, Team Leader : Mark Madry Dayton Vet Center, Team, Leader : David Roby

15 15 VISN 10 Contacts Veterans Benefits Service Center Regional Loan Center Vocational Rehabilitation & Counseling GI Bill or GIBILL-1

16 Questions? 16

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