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CRA FY 2014/2015 Proposed Budget and Work Plan Presentation City Commission Workshop September 9, 2014.

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1 CRA FY 2014/2015 Proposed Budget and Work Plan Presentation City Commission Workshop September 9, 2014


3 Muse House & Harvel House Renovations — NW 5 th Avenue

4 Atlantic Avenue Tree Grate Improvements Before After

5 NE 1 st Avenue Beautification – NE 1 st St to NE 2 nd St Before Under Construction After Under Construction

6 SW 2 nd Street Beautification – SW 15 th Ave to Swinton Ave Before After

7 Reverend J.W.H Thomas, Jr. Park/Parking Lot NW Corner of SW 9 th Ave & SW 1 st St Phase I – Parking Lot & Roundabout under construction. Phase II – Pocket Park: RFB issued, 2 bids received. Construction to begin October 2014.

8 Fairfield Inn Hotel SW Corner of W Atlantic Ave & SW 9 th Ave Hotel under construction – completion expected December 2014, opening January 2015. Job fair held for local contractors February 22 nd ; Job fair for hotel employees scheduled for September 12 th & 13 th

9 RFP for West Atlantic Properties Redevelopment Site (south side of W. Atlantic Ave, between SW 6 th – 9 th Aves) CRA selected Equity Enterprises USA – 49,000+ sq.ft. retail; 47,000+ sq. ft. office; & up to 123 apartments; Community Benefits Agreement executed between developer and community representatives – addresses local hiring initiatives and tenancy of commercial space.

10 FY 2014-2015 Proposed CRA Work Plan

11 Land Acquisition [G/L-5115] $1,600,000 Acquire parcels necessary to assemble sites for Redevelopment projects, including parking Fairfield Inn Hotel [G/L-5116] $1,000,000 Loan to facilitate construction of moderately priced hotel between SW 9 th and SW 10 th Avenues. Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans West Atlantic Avenue Redevelopment

12 Reverend J.W.H. Thomas, Jr. Park (Construction) Second phase of project consists of the construction of a pocket park at the northwest corner of SW 9 th Ave & SW 1 st St., adjacent to parking lot recently installed by CRA. Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans West Atlantic Avenue Redevelopment SW 9 th /10 th Ave. Improvements [G/L-5122] $200,000 Pedestrian linkages between hotel site and public parking lot/pocket park at south end of block. [G/L-5121] $160,000

13 NW 12th Ave Beautification (Construction) [G/L-5130] $543,000 Construction of landscaping & sidewalks for two block area between W. Atlantic Ave. and MLK Dr. Also includes construction of alleys and on-street parking, within one block area (between W. Atlantic Ave. and NW 1 st St.) Block 8 Alley [G/L-5123] $120,000 Construction of alley between SW 10 th and 11 th Avenues that is currently unimproved but being used for access, loading and trash service. West Atlantic Avenue Redevelopment Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans

14 Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Downtown Master Plan Fourth & Fifth (Old Library Site) [GL-5205] $25,000 The existing dumpsters on the site are used by businesses fronting East Atlantic Avenue, but will be eliminated with the redevelopment. The CRA will work with the businesses to arrange for new waste receptacles for those businesses, on their properties. SE 1 st Street Conversion [GL-5210] $300,000 Conversion to 2-way traffic between US 1 and South Swinton Avenue, in conjunction with US 1 Corridor project. Includes the installation of mast arm traffic signal at the intersection of S. Swinton Ave. & SE/SW 1 st Street. E. Atlantic Ave. Pedestrian Improvements [GL-5215] $30,000 East of ICWW Project feasibility analysis and conceptual design for improving pedestrian safety on E. Atlantic Avenue east of Gleason Street.

15 Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Downtown Master Plan Gateway Feature Signage [GL-5225] $50,000 Identification and descriptive signage associated with Gateway Feature at I-95 and West Atlantic Avenue. Downtown Roundabout (Trolleys) [GL-5230] $300,000 Continuation of service from Tri-Rail to the beach. Parking Management Plan [GL-5235] $200,000 Funding to assist with implementation of recommendations included in 2010 Parking Master Plan. Fire Headquarters Public Plaza [GL-5237] $275,000 Construction drawings and bid documents have been completed. Funding for this FY will be for construction.

16 Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Downtown Master Plan E. Atlantic Ave Trombone Mast Arms [GL-5246] $250,000 Replacement of the East Atlantic Avenue trombone style mast arms at Venetian Drive and Gleason Street intersections. NE 3 rd St/Avenue/Alley Improvements [GL-5251] $600,000 Streetscape improvements to improve appearance and pedestrian connections between parking lots and businesses. Includes relocation of existing parking, as necessary. Funding will include construction drawings and installation of improvements.

17 Swinton & Atlantic Intersection (Design) [GL-5253] $150,000 Design and construction drawings to make the intersection more pedestrian and vehicle friendly and improve connectivity between West and East Atlantic Avenues. Block 117 Parking Structure [GL-5255] $750,000 Design (including construction drawings) of public parking garage to replace surface parking lot (Gladiola Lot) on east side of SE 6 th Avenue, south of East Atlantic Avenue. Pineapple Grove Way-North Entry Feature [GL-5258] $145,000 Completion of artistic element to serve as an entry feature to the Pineapple Grove Arts District from the north end of Pineapple Grove Way. Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Downtown Master Plan

18 Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Downtown Master Plan Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive (Phase II) [GL-5276] $100,000 I-95 sound wall to NW 12th Avenue Beautification of the corridor between NE 1st Avenue and NW 12th Avenue completed in 2011 (Phase I), included landscape nodes, irrigation, paver brick crosswalks at major intersections, lighting, two pocket parks. The project also involves features commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Phase II includes landscape nodes, sidewalks, and an art feature at the I-95 sound barrier wall. SE 4 th Avenue Beautification (Design) [GL-5278] $100,000 The proposed improvements to SE 4 th Avenue will complement the streetscape improvements proposed with the proposed iPic theater and Uptown Delray projects. Funding this FY is for design and construction drawings with construction to occur in FY 15/16.

19 Village Square Elderly [GL-5306] $2,700,000 Loan associated with redevelopment of Carver Estates site – 84 units of senior housing. Block 32 Alley [GL-5330] $100,000 Improve alleyway between SW 3 rd & SW 4 th Streets, between SW 4 th & SW 5 th Avenues to provide paved access to homes. SW 12 th Avenue [GL-5340] $200,000 Property acquisitions and additional improvements to private and CRA –owned properties is on-going. Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Southwest Neighborhood Plan

20 SW 14 th Avenue Beautification [GL-5345] $376,000 Funds allocated primarily for acquisition of blighted properties and to continue with Improvements to this area. Merritt Park [GL-5355] $150,000 Improvements include sod replacement and upgraded irrigation, improvements to restrooms and additional parking. Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Southwest Neighborhood Plan North Federal Highway Redevelopment Dixie Hwy Improvements [GL-5413] $100,000 Funding this FY is to evaluate and begin design of potential improvements to Dixie Highway corridor, including measures for safer pedestrian and bicycle usage.

21 Osceola Park Alleys [GL-5510] $175,000 Construction of 3 alleys within residential portion of Osceola Park Neighborhood, per adopted Neighborhood Plan. Osceola Business Area Revitalization [GL-5520] $800,000 C ombination of streetscape improvements with on-street parking along SE 2nd Avenue, parking lot construction, and Alley improvements. Proposed Areawide and Neighborhood Plans Osceola Park Neighborhood Plan

22 Proposed Redevelopment Projects NW/SW 5 th Avenue Area NW 5 th Avenue Entrance Feature [GL-6203] $75,000 Lake Ida Road & NW 5 th Avenue At the intersection of Lake Ida Road and NW 5 th Avenue is leftover right-of-way that is not maintained. Funding this FY is for design and construction of an entrance feature. NW 5 th Avenue Beautification [GL-6206] $300,000 Between MLK Lr. Dr. & Lake Ida Road Funds allocated primarily for acquisition of properties and to continue with improvements to this area. Block 20 Alley [GL-6213 ] $40,000 Construction of alley west of NW 5 th Ave, south of NW 1 st St Seacrest/Del-Ida Neighborhood Plan NE 2 nd Ave/Seacrest Blvd. Beautification [GL-5710] $425,000 In 2011, CRA and City staff worked to obtain MPO grant ($616,262) for construction of improvements. Design work completed. Construction to occur in FY 14/15.

23 Housing Study [GL-6555] $50,000 Most recent affordable housing needs assessment for the City was conducted in 2008. The CRA will collaborate with the City to fund and complete a Housing Study. The findings would be used to help determine demand, areas of focus, and development options, as well as the roles of the various public, private, and nonprofit organizations that create housing throughout the city. Carver Square Neighborhood [GL-6620] $40,000 Additional tests were conducted in FY 13/14. Depending upon the results of additional tests, the lots may be ready for development in the coming year. Funding in 14/15 is for housing design/RFP. SW 2 nd Terrace (Carver Square) [GL-6630] $65,000 Reconstruct street that was removed during remediation process. Proposed Affordable/Workforce Housing

24 Proposed Economic Development Projects Arts Warehouse [GL-7440] $750,000 Funding in FY 14/15 is provided for the preparation of construction drawings and the beginning elements of the construction project.

25 Proposed Other Federal Hwy Beautification(Construction) [GL-8606] $420,149 Construction of 36-block project is underway. Funding for this fiscal year represents the required annual payment pursuant to the ILA for this project. Total CRA contribution to project: $3,614,188.07. Sidewalks [GL-5650] $300,000 Funding to assist with completion of sidewalk network and pedestrian connections within the CRA district for greater pedestrian safety. May include pedestrian improvements at the FEC Railroad crossings. NW/SW Neighborhood Alleys [GL-5660] $100,000 Construction of an unimproved alley to be determined within the Northwest or Southwest Neighborhood. Funding this FY will cover design and construction costs.

26 Proposed Operating Budget Presentation for FY 2014-2015 October 1, 2014-September 30, 2015

27 County County City City Variance FY Taxable Value Millage TIF Millage TIF Year Total Prior Yr. 2013/14 $1,266,709,539 4.7815 $4,629,392 7.1900 $6,946,429 $11,575,821 7% 2012/13 $1,268,479,798 4.7815 $4,273,735 7.1900 $6,455,940 $10,729,675 1% 2011/12 $1,179,149,327 4.7815 $4,228,018 7.1900 $6,376,396 $10,604,415 0% 2010/11 $1,187,514,519 4.7500 $4,227,392 7.1900 $6,418,010 $10,645,402 (10%) 2009/10 $1,329,775,621 4.3400 $4,474,048 7.3800 $7,405,249 $11,879,297 (9%) 5 YEAR TOTALS: $21,832,585 $33,602,024 $55,434,609 Projected: 2014/15 $1,377,279,000 4.7815 $5,140,426 7.1611 $7,728,109 $12,868,535 10%


29 -

30 Budget expenses arranged according to 5 Main Areas of Concentration:

31 CRA GL# Project NameCRA Funding 5122SW 10 th /9 th Ave Improvements$200,000 5123Block 8 Alley$120,000 5130NW 12 th Ave – Atlantic to MLK$543,000 5208Tree Grate Replacement$15,222 5210SE 1 st Street Conversion to 2-way Traffic$300,000 5215E Atlantic Ave Pedestrian Improvements$30,000 5235Parking Management Projects$200,000 5237Fire Headquarters Public Plaza$275,000 5246E Atlantic Avenue Trombone Mast Arm Traffic Signals$250,000 5251NE 3 rd St/Ave Alley Improvements$600,000 5253Swinton & Atlantic Intersection$150,000 5255Blk 117 Garage Design/SE 6 th Ave$750,000 5258Pineapple Grove Way North Entrance Feature$145,000 5276MLK Jr Drive Phase II$100,000 5278SE 4 th Ave Beautification$100,000 5330Block 32 Alley$100,000 5355Merritt Park$150,000 5360Block 63 Alley$100,000 5413Dixie Highway Improvements$100,000 Proposed FY 2014-2015 Budget CRA Funds Allocated For Infrastructure Projects (included in City’s CIP)

32 CRA GL# Project NameCRA Funding 5510Osceola Park Neighborhood Plan Alleys$175,000 5520Osceola Park Business Area Revitalization$800,000 5650Sidewalks$300,000 5660NW/SW Neighborhood Alley$100,000 5710NE 2 nd Ave/Seacrest Blvd Beautification$425,000 6203NW 5 th Ave Entrance Feature$75,000 6213Block 19 & 20 Alley Improvements$40,000 6630SW 2 nd Terrace Reconstruction$65,000 TOTAL (both slides) $6,208,222 CIP – Capital Improvement Program

33 2012-13 2013-142014-15Increase Budget$1,294,795 $1,426,384 (10% increase) $1,701,754* $275,370 (19% increase) Original City Request $2,097,227 $670,847 (47% increase) * Includes additional Police Officer & Community Service Officer

34 Clean & Safe Program (Police, landscape maintenance, code enforcement) 1,701,754 Community Improvement (Housing Rehab, Neighborhood Planner) 76,810 Downtown Trolley 300,000 Environmental Services (Project Engineer) 91,750 Tennis Tournament Sponsorship 550,000 Streetscape Maintenance (ongoing landscaping, irrigation for new beautification projects) 36,000 Planning, Parking Management, IT Services 110,000 Total City Services/Programs $2,866,314 Proposed FY 2014-2015 Budget CRA Funds Allocated For City Services/Programs in CRA District

35 City Services/Programs$2,866,314 Capital Improvements$6,208,222 TOTAL$9,074,536

36 Proposed FY 2014-2015 Budget 11% of CRA’s Projected TIF Revenue allocated to: Delray Beach Non-Profit Organizations DBCLT$175,000 DB Public Library$308,000 EPOCH (Spady Museum)$59,640 Delray Beach Center for the Arts$285,000 DBMC$362,980 Creative City Collaborative$275,000 TOTAL$1,465,620

37 Revenue from City: City TIF Revenue paid to the CRA$7,728,109 Expenditures Allocated to City Projects, Services & Non Profit Programs: Paid to the City of Delray Beach$9,074,536 Paid to City/CRA Non Profit Partners$1,465,620 TOTAL$10,540,156 Difference in Excess of City TIF: $2,812,047

38 Projected 2013-142014-15 Personnel954,7952.1,050,520 Supplies & Materials9,0008,398 Equip, Property, & Maintenance18,80016,700 Office Space43,00048,000 Administrative Operations179,8043.409,800 Total Expenses:1.1,205,3991,533,418 1. Proposed, amount to be amended at year-end. 2. Includes new part-time Administrative position & part-time Project Management position and 2.5% salary increase as proposed in City’s budget. 3. Includes CRA Office Expansion of $200,000

39 2013-142014-15 Tax Exempt Bonds1,565,0001,230,000 Taxable Bonds185,000190,000 City – Payment for Former Chamber/Parking Site 226,215 Draft Amendment #2 1,800,000 City – Payment for US1 Corridor Improvements 9,000420,149 City National Line of Credit 47,060 Draft Amendment #2 60,000 Total Debt Service for FY14/15: 2,032,2753,700,149

40 FY 2015-2026 Outstanding Debt DebtTotal City of Delray Beach –Former Chamber/Parking Site 2015- 2023 (if property not sold, paid off @ 3% interest) 2,004,655 City – US1 Corridor Improvements 2015-20263,991,419 City National LOC 2015-2017 (2.1% Interest )2,619,225 Revenue Bonds 2015-20196,090,000 Total14,705,229

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