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3rd April 2006 Helsinki, Finland RENAISSANCE Project Site Visit 2007 - Lyon Latest Developments in CONCERTO and CONCERTO PLUS 30 th October 2007 Doris.

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1 3rd April 2006 Helsinki, Finland RENAISSANCE Project Site Visit 2007 - Lyon Latest Developments in CONCERTO and CONCERTO PLUS 30 th October 2007 Doris Oesterreicher, CONCERTO PLUS

2 Latest Developments in CONCERTO and CONCERTO PLUS -CONCERTO PLUS: What it does and latest developments -Recent Developments in the CONCERTO communities -The CONCERTO Vision!

3 CONCERTO PLUS: What it does and latest developments

4 CONCERTO communities are expected to work towards a completely integrated energy policy by using a combination of measures such as: The main focus of the CONCERTO communities: Renewable Energy Research Monitoring Training Polygeneration Energy efficiency INTEGRATIVE APPROACH


6 -To strengthen team working within the CONCERTO initiative -To encourage associated communities and new ones to participate, or to create new projects -To add value to the results of the CONCERTO projects -To spread the knowledge about the CONCERTO initiative and its benefits amongst Europe by creating an umbrella image for all projects -To coordinate analysis and monitoring -To provide Policy Recommendations based on the results of the CONCERTO projects -To enable networking to share the results with other European platforms such as the EPBD …TO MAXIMISE THE IMPACT OF THE CONCERTO INITIATIVE ! The main focus of CONCERTO PLUS:

7 Dissemination Technical and Non-Technical Analysis Networking Knowledge Sharing Policy Recommendations The main focus of CONCERTO PLUS: Across all CONCERTO projects On all levels: Community / Regional / National / European

8 CONCERTO PLUS: Latest Developments -Socio Economic Evaluation: Socio Economic Matrix -Technical Evaluation: The Technical Monitoring Database -Site Visits -Networking -Dissemination: The CONCERTO DVD

9 CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Socio Economic Evaluation -SOCIO ECONOMIC MATRIX: -Tool for clustering similar approaches as the basis for individual project assessment -Socio-economic matrix tool consists of  criteria; detailed definition  indicators related with criteria, definitions and examples  tools for data acquisition; definition The matrix is made available on-line for comparison and evaluation!

10 CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Technical Evaluation OUR TASKS To collect results (monitoring and calculated) of all projects of all communities of all countries To make this results comparable: across different countries / systems / building types To summarize the results in a meaningful manner To be able to assess what has worked were / what hasn’t worked / why has it not worked? what can we learn from this? To use this data for Policy Recommendations: What legal / fiscal / funding mechanisms should be altered / implemented to increase sustainability in European communities?

11 CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Technical Evaluation HOW DO WE DO THIS? - By creating ‘Baselines’ for all CONCERTO communities to allow for comparison and impact assessment to…Assess RES, EE and polygeneration systems and measures throughout all CONCERTO communities Assess actual energy performance of communities Assess which systems and measures are most economically viable - By visiting the communities and their technical experts to find the real barriers / challenges in their projects - By collecting all calculated and monitored data in a ‘Technical Monitoring Database’ for short and long term evaluation -Communities will be encouraged to contribute their data to the database after the end of the CONCERTO project - We will then have a ‘real’ database of monitoring data across many European countries

12 CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Technical Evaluation WHY? The CONCERTO initiative is a unique project which combines for the first time a series of communities across Europe This will provide invaluable ‘real’ monitoring data throughout the building sector in Europe! The results of each individual project can thus shape our future energy policy We will have a real ‘return’ on the results: e.g.: improved legislation, improved funding schemes, research that is focusing on the real needs of Europe’s communities TO MAKE A REAL IMPACT!

13 CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Technical Evaluation The CONCERTO Technical Monitoring Database Technical Monitoring Database (Screenshots)

14 Regional site visits: -Once a year for all CONCERTO communities in one country -To establish a strong CONCERTO network between the communities on a national level (Network coordination group) -Agree on national standards, guidelines and baselines for technical monitoring -Establish common guidelines for policy recommendations -Establish a CONCERTO dissemination structure on national level CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Site visits

15 Project Site visits: -Once a year for each CONCERTO project (organised ideally in conjunction with project meetings) -Development of project specific methodological standards of Socio- economic issues -Open questions of project management issues -Visit of demonstration projects CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Site visits

16 Visit other experts on their site visits -Make site visits available in the Concerto Monthly e-mail -Invite other experts Knowledge Management -Expert Talks on database are not really used; Expert-e-mail groups as alternative for cross-sharing of information CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Networking

17 The CONCERTO DVD CONCERTO PLUS latest developments: Dissemination

18 Recent Developments in the CONCERTO communities

19 CONCERTO Communities: Demonstration Projects -Overview of most recent developments in some other communities -Highlights from Demonstration Projects -Topics of common interest from other communities

20 CONCERTO Community: act2 / Hannover (DE)

21 CONCERTO Communities: act2 / Hanover LISTER BAD -3200 m² Water Area -Largest open-air swimming pool in Hanover -Thermal Solar Collectors on the flat roof of the changing rooms -1890 m² of polypropylene solar absorbers -Robust system adapted for low temperature heating required for a swimming pool -The swimming pool has already been opened in May 2007

22 CONCERTO Communities: act2 / Hanover 60s APARTMENT BUILDINGS -Replacement of single apartment gas heating systems through district heating -Thermal improvement of the buildings’ envelope (walls, ceilings) and replacement of the windows by low-e glazing -Cold bridges have been analysed and treated where necessary -None of the apartments do have ventilation systems; the buildings will therefore continually be checked to assess the actual indoor air quality

23 CONCERTO Communities : ECO-City / Helsingborg - Helsingør (SE + DK)

24 CONCERTO Communities: ECO-City / Helsingborg - Helsingør KVARTERET FRONTEN 3 -50 new ECO-dwellings over 14 storeys -Additional insulation (above current Building Regulations) -Low-e windows -Heat recovery ventilation -District heating -Energy monitoring devices -Pre-fabrication of the façade -Expected to be finished in January 2008

25 CONCERTO Communities: ECO-City / Helsingborg - Helsingør TÜRKIET (PORTALEN) -107 new ECO-dwellings in a 6 to 7 storey building -Pre-fabrication -Additional insulation -Energy monitoring -Low-e windows -Heat recovery ventilation -District heating -80m2 of evacuated tube collectors -Expected to be finished in March 2008

26 CONCERTO Communities: ECO-City / Helsingborg - Helsingør Other ongoing demonstration projects: -New Prototype for Comfort Metering (see image) -Rehabilitation of boiler station to use biomass (5MW) -2MW Wind Power Turbine (Planning stage)

27 CONCERTO Community : sesac / Växjö (SE)

28 CONCERTO Communities: sesac / Växjö VÄLLE BROAR -8-stories wood building -Large extent of Pre-fabrication -Eco-Buildings (additional insulation, high quality glazing) -District Heating -The challenge is the air- tightness and achieving Passive-House Standard for a Test-Building!

29 CONCERTO Communities: sesac / Växjö BISKOPSHAGEN (Garden City) -A series of 2-storey buildings each -consisting of 4-6 apartments -Bearing structure is concrete and the façade wooden panels (which are pre-fabricated in a tent on site) -All aspects of Eco-Buildings (additional insulation, heat recovery ventilation etc.) -Quality insurance on the construction site: trainings and close cooperation with site workers are supported!

30 CONCERTO Community : sesac / Delft (NL)

31 CONCERTO Communities: sesac / Delft POPTAHOF Development -Refurbishment of a series of high rise apartments buildings -New external insulation -replacement of windows -Connection to district heating systems -Socio-economic aspects also included: new playgrounds, vegetable gardens, tenants democratically ‘vote’ for any changes

32 CONCERTO Communities: sesac / Delft POPTAHOF Development -First apartment blocks have already been evacuated -Construction is currently under way -Tenants can return to their old flats once the refurbishment is completed

33 CONCERTO Community: Ecostiler / Amsterdam (NL)

34 COMPLEX 40 -Refurbishment of social housing buildings -New windows and window panels -Insulation to the attic and the ground floors -Photovoltaic panels -Heat recovery through sewage water -Completion by the end of 2007 -Refurbishment was undertaken while occupied (logistical and socio-economical challenge!)

35 CONCERTO Community: Ecostiler / Amsterdam (NL) DE LEEUW VAN VLAANDEREN -Complete Refurbishment: only structure remained -High efficient façade -Energy and acoustic buffer zone to the noisy highway

36 CONCERTO Community: Polycity / Ostfildern (DE)

37 SCHARNHAUSER PARK -All new buildings comply with the ‘Polycity’ Standard -High performance windows and façade systems -Mechanical ventilation (however without heat recovery) -All buildings are connected to the local district heating network -Biomass ORC (organic ranking cycle) plant is providing heat and electricity to all buildings

38 CONCERTO Community: Polycity / Ostfildern (DE) YOUTH CENTRE -Buried in the earth and covered by a ‘green roof’ -‘Almost’ a passive house save for the double galzed windows (triple glazed windows were not chosen due to potential vandalism)

39 CONCERTO Community: Polycity / Cerdanyola (ES)

40 LA CLOTA RESIDENTIAL BUILDING -Under construction; finished 2008 -Natural ventilation (cross ventilation of all flats) -High performance windows and increased insulation in the façade -Shading concept (open / closed balconies with external shading) -Monitoring through a communal energy management system

41 CONCERTO Community: Polycity / Cerdanyola (ES) NEW URBAN DEVELOPMENT -50,000 inhabitants and industrial + educational area -33% renewable energy supply -30% demand reduction in buildings -Synchrotron building (office area is part of CONCERTO) -1 -2 MWe Biomass gasification -2000m 2 thermal solar collectors -2MW thermal cooling

42 CONCERTO Communities: Knowledge Management -Please inform us about the current status of your demonstration projects! -Especially about barriers / lessons learnt / solutions -This will help other communities (current ones as well as CONCERTO II communities) with similar tasks -Encourage the cross-sharing of knowledge and experience! -This ‘cross-sharing’ of information can happen through: The monthly e-mails E-mail groups on specific topics (i.e. Bio-Gas Plants) Invitations to other CONCERTO experts to visit your sites ‘Regional’ site visits i.e. meeting with other experts

43 The CONCERTO Vision!

44 What we really want: The CONCERTO Vision -CONCERTO enables all relevant stakeholders to change their attitude and social habits -CONCERTO encourages the industry to reap the benefits of sustainable solutions -CONCERTO sets higher performance standards in energy efficiency and integration of renewables -CONCERTO acts as a motivator and driving force in the field of renewable energy -CONCERTO highlights the demand in particular fields of research -CONCERTO fosters integrated solutions -CONCERTO gives new impulses to the regional development

45 To influence… -The energy policy of the future on local as well as European level -The relevant stakeholders on the construction and energy industry -The direction and funding of research activities in this field

46 Thank you for your attention!

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