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Mike Conlon, PhD Director of Data Infrastructure

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1 Mike Conlon, PhD Director of Data Infrastructure

2 Campus Agreement  Benefits OS upgrades including Vista for faculty and staff Office upgrades including Office 2007 for faculty and staff CAL’s for faculty, staff, students Work At Home Virtual PC eLearning  Access Requires an MS Passport Authorized by your IT Director

3 Application Testing for Vista  Lots of things work, some things don’t  Some things require workarounds to install properly  See  Send updates regarding software you have tested to  Test your user’s applications on Vista before deploying Vista!

4 Vista and Security  Properly deployed, Vista is more secure than XP  Use ‘User Access Control’ (UAC)  “Confirm or Deny”  See the Reliability and Performance Monitor for audit trail of software installs and failures

5 Vista at UF – Day 2

6 UF Image  The Vista TAP Group is producing a UF Image for Vista  The image will be available for download soon. See  You can add drivers and software to the image  The image will be shipped on computers sold to UF  Use of the UF Image is not required

7 TPM and BitLocker  Most systems do not yet have TPM modules with drivers that can support BitLocker  Deployment of BitLocker would be better with university-wide coordination through the Help Desk and UFAD  Planning is underway to support BitLocker  Local proof of concepts are encouraged. Local deployment is discouraged

8 Vista Deployment Strategy  Think incremental Run Vista where apps have been tested Run Vista where hardware supports it Run Vista to support change agents  Think attrition As old machines are replaced, new machines are deployed with Vista (where appropriate)  Don’t upgrade, don’t run on old hardware, don’t run without testing apps  Do learn about Vista, do deploy Vista, do learn from and participate with the TAP group

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