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Using Off Campus Library Services Part C © Off Campus Library Services.

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1 Using Off Campus Library Services Part C © Off Campus Library Services

2  How to use Boolean searching to find specific articles.  How to find industry specific information.  How to find information about starting a business in another country.

3 Assignment 6: “You would like to write a paper on the issues surrounding identity theft and use of credit cards…”

4  This kind of a topic requires the use of Boolean operators to locate articles that talk about both of your needed topics.  Serendipity usually does not help you find a quantity of needed articles when you are looking for more than one topic. Serendipity  Boolean operator AND allows you to find articles that contain both topics.  Look at the Venn Diagram on the next slide.

5 Identity Theft Credit Cards AND The result gives articles that discuss both credit cards and identity theft in the overlapped part of the 2 circles. Try this search in Business Source Complete link

6 Your results will likely be different since these databases are updated daily. By linking on Academic Journals (scroll down on the left hand side), you can limit results to only academic journals, excluding the “popular” magazines, etc.

7 Identity Theft Identity Fraud OR For some searches you may find you need more results. You can combine similar ideas and expand your results. The results of this Boolean search is everything in both circles. Try it

8 To get only full text articles, check mark Full Text and Update. Let’s try combining this result with credit cards…

9 You can view the results of this search by clicking

10 Assignment 8: “In your international business course you are going to write your paper on starting a business in Spain…”

11  OCLS provides a country research guide that gives steps necessary for accessing several resources available from OCLS.

12  OCLS can also scan and email to you sections from a variety of Reference books on your specific country.  To get you started, however, there is one database that is specific to country studies…  Go to the list of Business databases and click on: Global Road Warrior.


14  All the databases available at IWU are available at: ases_handout.pdf ases_handout.pdf  How to find articles and books on your topics.  How to do more complicated searches by using Boolean searching.  How to find resources for point/counterpoint topics by using Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database.

15  How to start company research using OCLS databases, especially LexisNexis.  How to locate journals through OCLS that are available full text by using the Journal Search Tool.  And, maybe most important, how to ask for help from qualified library professionals committed to serving you! 800-521-1848

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