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1 Close Learning Support for video linked teaching at Gatton Campus Promoting Collaborative Learning Paul Dargusch and Iean Russell Natural and Rural Systems.

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1 1 Close Learning Support for video linked teaching at Gatton Campus Promoting Collaborative Learning Paul Dargusch and Iean Russell Natural and Rural Systems Management

2 2 Our purpose: developing a culture of collaboration to support distant delivery Skills and strategies to support video teaching through face to face interaction on a remote campus Focus on developing facilitation skills Identifying new teaching roles to suit this mode of teaching Developing a system to maintain and share these skills within the faculties

3 3 The situation Bringing Business back to Gatton – BBus (Sustainable Enterprise Management) Lectures in some core courses to be delivered remotely by BELS staff using video teaching Commitment to support the lecturers with tutorial assistance in the classroom at Gatton to achieve quality learning outcomes Promote collaborative learning and developing and maintaining the skills to support this. New facility and little recognition of collaborative learning

4 4 The CTLC at Gatton

5 5 The choices...strategies for interactive video teaching 1.NRSM lecturer using materials for curriculum supplied by BELS if the class is big enough – not an option 2.Simultaneous relay of class via videoconferencing - costly 3.Delayed playback of recorded classes 4.Use of digital collaboration software for interaction – cumbersome, no time saving

6 6 The challenge in the class room Small numbers in new courses

7 7 Not a two way street... They can’t see us!

8 8 Problems with video teaching at Gatton Facilities pose a challenge Expense associated with technical support for video operation Students in the St Lucia classroom can’t see those at Gatton (or vice versa) Balance of student numbers will pose problems for very small classes at Gatton Time goes slowly at Gatton – we lose a week due to the non- contact week for the Gatton Campus.

9 9 The voice of experience: keep it simple! When new to the game, keep it simple Sophisticated technology increases the scope for operator errors Small classes help to keep it personal, talk to students by name Urge the students to attend Field trips provide valuable learning experiences to augment the video lectures Supplement the lectures with external notes Disruption has never been an issue Thanks to Max Shelton, LCAFS

10 10 The state of the art Videoconferencing rooms limited in size By 2008 rooms of 200+ capacity capable of recording lectures on all three campuses Choice of recording: –Lecturer Video and Audio –Screen Capture and Audio –Lecturer Video plus Screen Capture and Audio Resolution limited for replay to larger audience on big screen Breeze conferencing software subject to time lags and poor reception Much to learn about!

11 11 CSU: Good practice in Interactive video-teaching (IVT) Classroom etiquette: provide staff and student guidelines Interactive presentation sessions Planning IVT sessions Developing effective presentation styles ing/good_prac.htm

12 12 What’s new? Classroom management and organisation was also problematic. Students would pan the lens around the room in an effort to be humorous. The lessons had to be particularly fast moving with little time for students to become restless. We recognised the fact that discipline problems could occur if the students did not find the lessons stimulating. Zundans, L & Wright, N 2002, Can Big Brother watch? The challenges of Interactive Video teaching, Australian Association for Research in Education annual conference, Auckland, December 2002

13 13 The Learning Environment Connecting lectures to program specific, local applications Making best use of available resources and technology Capitalising on business courses and locking into UQ qualification standards Ensuring teaching and learning quality Making use of well qualified and experienced staff

14 14 Collaborative learning Centres: comments from first year students at Gatton... CTLC was good, but not much was done cause we could check emails, play games etc. CTLC is impressive but not much opportunity to utilise during the pracs CTLC was awesome – great technology and environment We didn’t utilise the technology due to lack of knowledge

15 15 Group work in the classroom

16 16 In the field

17 17 Role playing in the Collaborative Learning Centre

18 18 System mapping (CTLC Gatton)

19 19 On farm...

20 20 Sustainable Enterprise Management

21 21 Activities Meetings with staff NRAVS and BELS – foster collaboration amongst staff Staff interviews and student surveys to distil classroom rules and teaching tips Produce guidelines for interactive video teaching and learning Publish for a web site (TEDI?) Train staff in facilitation skills for collaborative learning (tutor appointed) Present and publish paper on interactive video teaching at UQ Present material for tutor training session at Gatton Practice and evaluate the techniques

22 22 Semester 1 2008 Which courses? –ECON1010 Microeconomics –MGTS 1201 Computer Based Information Systems Which staff? What facilities? –Video conference facility at Gatton, but what will be at the other end? Who will provide the classroom support? –Tutor appointed –Training commenced

23 23 The essence of collaborative learning... Design elements People: communities, lecturers, tutor/facilitator, tech support, students in groups, with shared objectives or value added experience Spaces: rooms, facilities, off-campus, cyberspaces Activities: purpose, process and timing; training, preparation and rules to maintain momentum for interaction. Promote the learning challenge. Tools: access to and training in use of a collaborative learning toolkit

24 24 SpacesPeopleActivitiesTools Maintaining momentum and promoting the challenge of learning

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