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:Kids at Work!.

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1 :Kids at Work!

2 What is a MicroSociety? A mini society created by students
Student run ventures and agencies that are tied to state standards and all curriculum areas A school where children have voice and choice

3 MicroSociety Building Blocks
Students in a MicroSociety® experience a wide variety of learning environments. They benefit from the MicroSociety® Building Blocks of “Student Voice and Choice”, “Learning by Doing”, “Entrepreneurial Spirit”, “Real World Experiences”, “Teachers as Facilitators”, “Shared Responsibility and Authority”, and “Partners as Contributors”. Through these ideals, students become more motivated learners, guiding their own education while experiencing a small part of what it is like in the “real world”.

4 Mission Statement Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School provides an innovative learning environment that helps students from diverse backgrounds develop values, self-discipline, work habits, and academic and life skills needed to achieve success in a global society.

5 Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School Guiding Principles:
an innovative, nurturing and safe learning environment that connects school academics with real world experiences through the creation of a functioning miniature society within the school. a thriving family of active lifelong learners who create and encourage exciting and meaningful teaching and learning whereby students achieve their highest potential and develop a love of inquiry and learning. a place where curriculum is implemented as an interdisciplinary approach that develops creative problem solving, critical thinking, work habits and academic skills while enhancing values and self discipline, to achieve success in a global society.

6 a place where parents, teachers, students and community collaboratively share accountability for student achievement while encouraging leadership opportunities and an appreciation of diversity. an empowered society of contributing citizens that strengthen the community, based on an understanding of the skills, needs and diverse roles of students, parents, teachers and community to build and expand strong partnerships.

7 “Shared Responsibility and Authority” How did our MicroSociety begin
“Shared Responsibility and Authority” How did our MicroSociety begin? In 2003, students wrote and signed the Constitution of Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School. They learned about what it means to be a MicroSociety.

8 “Student Voice and Choice” Students in grades 5-8 write business plans and interview prospective employees for jobs at the Job Fair. They bring their resumes and use their best job interview skills.

9 “Real World Experiences”
Students in the lower grades work at “Deliver Wee Service” delivering the school mail. Students are encouraged to write letters to their friends and teachers.

10 “Entrepreneurial Spirit” Kindergarteners work at “Four Corners of the World” teaching others about Australia, Mexico, Japan and Africa.

11 “Learning By Doing” At the Kindergarten “Dinosaur Museum”, students become museum docents, teaching you all about the various dinosaurs that they have learned about.

12 “Partners as Contributors” When Deloitte and Touche and Landmark Partners come for Junior Achievement Day, they enjoy visiting our many ventures that are open for business on Discovery Day.

13 “Teachers as Facilitators” The teachers help facilitate the ventures and agencies but they are run by the students.

14 Here are some more pictures of our students at work!

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