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Summary of Changes for DATA 4.69 David Stevenson April 24, 2008.

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1 Summary of Changes for DATA 4.69 David Stevenson April 24, 2008

2 2 Summary of Changes for DATA 4.69 DATA v4.69 supports Darlington and 2010 Automotive requests. Release was made one month after DATA v4.68 was released.

3 3 Background on Darlington/CIL DATA Usage DEP is interested in DATA for the following reasons: global format consistency, revision control, data accuracy, approval process Darlington is supporting China CIL is also planning to use DATA and has been involved in meetings between the UK and the Advisor team. We have about 3-5 users at DEP – they funnel their changes through one person, currently. We have about 10 users at CIL – mix of AEs and CPEs.

4 4 Requests from Darlington Original request from Darlington included: –Add max oil pressure value. –Add max exhaust pressure at turbo outlet value. –Add max altitude for operation without derate value. –Change clutch engagement torque wording. –Add max coolant flow to accessories value. –Add reference to cooling AEB. –Add heat rejection to aftercooler in the performance section. –Use ps power units instead of hp. –Remove references to Aftertreatment. –Change test condition wording to reference 80/1269/EEC. –Remove all SAE units from the datasheet.

5 5 Requests from Darlington We broke Darlingtons requests into 2 phases. In phase 1 we made all the requested changes except the removal of SAE units. In phase 2 we will remove the SAE units from the datasheet.

6 6 Changes to the Datasheet Printer We added a region field to support local customization The Region field drives units and test condition wording changes. We have region fields on the data input side (DATA) and on the data publication side (Datasheet Printer).

7 7 Requests for 2010 Automotive Original request from Automotive included: –Add intake manifold to ambient temp delta. –Add CAC to ambient temp delta. –Add DEGR to ambient temp delta. –Add max press drop across DEGR cooler. –Add EGR flow pressure and temp values. –Add max bending moment from front crankshaft values. –Add max heat rejection from fuel value. –Add full-on fan intake manifold temp value.

8 8 Bug fixes We also fixed the following bugs: –Email notification that nothing changed. –Do you want to add comments? when user already added comments. Behind the curtain changes: –We can push data to Advisor in real time. –We setup a full development system to test changes. –Error checking implemented on automotive torque curves.

9 9 Future Changes to DATA Changes for Darlington team: –Removing SAE units (phase 2) –Other follow-up requests for DEP Work with CIL on any changes they might need G-drive requests: new emissions datasheets, O&G datasheet, natural gas datasheet Industrial Gas requests LDD requests Increase the speed of DATA Pushing data to Advisor twice per day Bug Fixes: –Confidence levels –Array error

10 10 Questions?

11 11 Comments Reminder Reminds users to enter comments but does not force them to.

12 12 Email Notification of Changes Asks users if they would like to send an email notifying the Chief Engineer and Application Engineer of changes. The email describes which fields were changed by whom.

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