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Welcome to Okaloosa-Walton Counties Campaign Team Training! Where we are Serving Our Country Supporting Our Community.

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1 Welcome to Okaloosa-Walton Counties Campaign Team Training! Where we are Serving Our Country Supporting Our Community

2 Did you Sign-in? Please turn silence your phones. Training by Dee Dee Rodriguez & Alejandra Sierra & Alejandra Sierra (campaign video)

3 CFC Mission Campaign Theme Event Dates Key Worker Role Video Doing the Ask Coordinator & UPO Roles Sweet Treats Campaign Tools Collection Process

4 4 CFC Mission Our vision is that EVERY federal employee will monetarily support a passion, cause or belief found within themselves! CFC Purpose Give every federal employee the opportunity to donate to worthy charities of their choice through this 1 X fundraising campaign.

5 5

6 6 EVENT DATES Campaign Dates: 29 September to 7 November Kick Off and Agency Fair: 25 September Joint base celebration Held at Hurlburt’s Soundside Club Geared for you, with over 40 local charities to share with us their roles within the community. 0930-1130 Mid Rally Campaign: Hurlburt 21 October, Eglin 22 October Progress reports to commanders Recognizing: Outstanding Unit Project Officer, Coordinator & Key Worker of the Week. Victory Celebration: 4 December Joint base celebration Held at the Air Armament Museum 0930-1100 Recognizes: Base Project Officers, Loan Executives, Unit Project Officers, Board Members and Sponsors Present will be Base Commanders, Group Commanders, & leadership

7 7 Key Worker Role Flight Level What is a Key Worker? The person within an activity who is responsible for the actual solicitation on a one-on-one basis. The Key worker reports to a Coordinator. What do you do? Ask personnel to donate Collect pledge cards from personnel in your flight and ensure they are filled out correctly Turn in key worker envelope each week to squadron coordinator Fill out appreciation gift sheet Return appreciation gifts to donor

8 8 Key Worker Role What you should know: Know what the CFC is. Know how it works. Know where to go for answers. Dealing with Myths and knowing the facts: Fact: Either way there will be overhead; the CFC program saves you… Your time (to include research), gas, postage, bank fees, and/or processing fees. (CFC has validated the integrity and trust of all approved non-profits to increase your confidence in selection.) Myth: I could avoid administrative costs by donating on my own. Fact: A budget is established before the campaign begins. The percentage spent on admin costs goes down as more money is raised. Myth: No matter how much is raised, the same percentage will get taken in admin costs.

9 9 Myth: $10/pay period won’t help anyone, anywhere. Fact: The cost of one Big Mac per month is equal to the cost of a treatment for drug abuse. Or can provide this amount of food from a local food bank! How do I ask people to donate? Be yourself! Remember why you are asking for help – it’s all about helping others! Share your story. Perhaps you’ve needed a helping agency/charity. (WATCH VIDEO)

10 Choose a day each week of the campaign to walk around and collect pledge cards Key Worker: What else can do I do? 10 Leave cash and check between copy 1 and copy 2 of each pledge card Divide your pledge cards into these categories: Mil Payroll Mil CashMil Check Civ Payroll Civ CashCiv Check Fill out Appreciation Giver Sheet Fill out Key Worker Envelope Turn everything into your Coordinator

11 11 Coordinator Role Squadron Level What is a Coordinator? The person responsible for his/her separate squadron/command. Responsibilities include accounting for all the pledge cards which key workers collect. The coordinator reports to the Unit Project Officer. What do you do? Will collect key worker envelopes in squadron Review pledge cards to ensure numbers match on envelope Transfer key worker envelope information to coordinator envelope Collect all appreciation sheets & forward to unit project officers FORWARD CFC EMAILS, INVITES AND ALL RELATED CORRESONDENCE TO YOUR KEY WORKERS

12 12 Coordinator Role Squadron Level Assign Key People to help if need. Ensure they are trained! Design a plan specific to your command which caters to all personnel to include rolling students, STAFF and CIVILIANS. Put up posters and awareness items for your command. Please keep the CFC Office informed of your plans.

13 13 Unit Project Officer Role Group Level Will collect all coordinator envelopes from each squadron Review pledge cards to ensure match numbers on envelopes Transfer coordinator envelope information to project officer envelope Bring all appreciation gift sheets each week

14 14 Unit Project Officer Role Group Level Visit your Group CC/CV informing of campaign & proposed goals ATTEND Weekly Turn-Ins: HURLBURT – THURSDAYS EGLIN – FRIDAYS Keep Base Project Officers informed! Not all inclusive – please help where needed PASS DOWN INFORMATION FROM BASE PROJECT OFFICERS – CFC events, awards, turn in times, etc.

15 15 Session Break! Sweet Treats…

16 Will help achieve your goal and allow everyone to participate. FUNDRAISERS! 16 Penny Drives Change Collections (Cans Provided) Bake Sales Burger Burns Car Wash PT Buy Out (skip day/pass) Other ideas will soon be posted online at: Don’t forget to participate in your base’s Golf Tournament, 3 Oct. or Hurlburt’s Fun Run, 17 Oct!

17 Take full advantage of your campaign marketing tools! I’m ready to collect pledge cards, now what do I do? 17

18 Status Reports 18 Status Results (You can monitor how well you are doing compared to others in our area.) Direct access to:  Online Pledging  Agency Search/Research  Forms  Campaign Reports  Special Event Notification  Literature  Donor information brochures  Any many other items as made available!  Previous year’s Audit We are driving visitors to our website for access to online pledging and research tools. We have Facebook account, like us and share your testimony, a link will soon be accessible via our website.

19 Status Reports 19

20 Online Services 20 CFC Campaign Video

21 Ways to Donate 21 Why is this IMPORTANT? Streamlines the donation process Convenient Interactive Search tool Math is made simple Accessible at ANY time (CFC NEXUS OFFERS) Replication It’s GREEN! Efficiency Reporting Average pledge is nearly 4x’s than paper. Online E-pledge, Mobile Pledge or Paper Pledge with Payroll Deduction, Credit Card, Cash or Check

22 MyPay 22. Used across three payroll systems: DCPS (Civilians) DJMS (Army, Navy and Air Force) MCTFS (Marines) Our Campaign Code Identifier is 0191 The ‘Campaign Search’ screen is only shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel. This information is automatically provided for active duty Marines and Federal civilians. Maximum donation amount for military personnel is $833/month. Donors can designate to a maximum of 30 charities (29 if there are ‘undesignated’ funds remaining). Donors must be trained to enter their Command/Unit or Federal Agency/Office name code for pledges to be properly credited. There is no paperwork associated with this pledge type. The donor can print a receipt for his/her records, this is HIGHLY recommended because once the campaign period is over the information no longer visible in MyPay though the deduction will continue.

23 23

24 24 Pledge Card Review

25 25 Pledge Card

26 26 Appreciation Gifts Gold Gifts of $250-$1999will be recognized with a CFC Challenge Coin Platinum Gifts of $2000 or more will be recognized with a CFC Diamond Cut Glass Mug

27 27 Appreciation Gift Sheet

28 28 Key Worker Turn In Envelope

29 29 Coordinator Envelope

30 30 Unit Project Officer’s Envelope

31 31 CFC Weekly Process #1 Key-Worker to #2 Coordinator to #3 Unit Project Officer to #4 CFC Headquarters

32 32 Let’s PRACTICE!

33 33 Let’s PRACTICE!

34 34 Let’s PRACTICE!

35 35 Let’s PRACTICE!

36 36 Let’s PRACTICE!

37 37 Let’s PRACTICE!

38 38 DUCK, DAISY 1 ST WALT DISNEY COMMAND 123-456-7890 X X X 1 2 3 4 5 21 9 9 9 9 9 X

39 39 DUCK, DAISY 1 ST WALT DISNEY COMMAND 123-456-7890 X X X 1 2 3 4 5 21 9 9 9 9 9 X

40 Things to Remember 40 You Are Responsible To Proof The Pledge Card Before Handing Over To Your Unit Project Officer. Be Sure You Account For Cash And Checks. See Your UPO or Coordinators For Turn-in Guidance. Know Your Information (Rules, Facts, Common Objections W/Responses) Achieve 100% Quality Personal Contact (Face-to-face) No Coercion & No Supervisory Solicitation Encourage Payroll Allotments & Designations, If they E-Pledge DO NOT take a paper pledge! Aim At A “Yes” Response, Don’t Underestimate People’s Capacity To Give No Developments of a Non-Contributor List, No Lists Allowed Unless For Contact Purposes Start Early – Consider Student Commands Review Brochure. Keep track of the timeline. Be active with special events and agency fairs. Lead by example, be the first to donate. Thank everyone even if they don’t donate!


42 Thank you for Serving Our Country Supporting Our Community

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