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Research Issues at NMSU Spring 2010 College of Business Convocation.

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1 Research Issues at NMSU Spring 2010 College of Business Convocation

2 Resources for COB Researchers Office of the Vice President for Research, Graduate Studies and International Programs GRID Kathy Crawford Kevin Boberg Office of Compliance Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) University Research Council

3 Human Subject Research Approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). ml ml Mandated by DHHS Regulations (45 CRF 46) Guiding ethical principles (Belmont Report) ce/belmont.htm ce/belmont.htm PI’s must complete training IRB covers surveys

4 Human Subject Research University policy requires that all research involving human subjects be reviewed and approved by NMSU's IRB prior to initiation of the research. This requirement applies to all human subjects research conducted by faculty, staff, and students, on- and off- campus, regardless of the funding support, if any, for the project.

5 Human Subject Research ms.html ms.html The Office of Compliance website has the forms and instructions required to begin the IRB process. This process can be lengthy and it is recommended to begin it as soon as possible.

6 Human Subject Research All PI’s, Co-PI’s and researchers (includes graduate students) must complete an online training course. NMSU uses an NIH online course. It can be found at: ining.html ining.html Office of Compliance holds workshops every semester, with dates posted on their website.

7 Responsible Conduct of Research Office of Compliance y.html y.html Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research (online book provided by Office of Compliance)

8 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Responsible Conduct of Research involves nine topic areas: 1. Research Misconduct 2. The Protection of Human Subjects 3. The Welfare of Animals 4. Conflicts of Interest 5. Data Management Practices 6. Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities 7. Collaborative Research 8. Authorship and Publication 9. Peer Review

9 RCR and Ethical Research Practices New requirements by NSF, NIH, and other Federal agencies are coming on-line in 2010. NMSU is proactively developing training and reporting requirements for all researchers at NMSU. These requirements will eventually apply to all “researchers” at NMSU  which may mean that all faculty, staff, and STUDENTS will require training in research ethics.

10 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) RCR Training information will be housed at For all NMSU researchers this will (with a high degree of probability) become a mandatory set of training and reporting requirements. The University is currently in the process of creating the policies and systems to meet the new Federal requirements.

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