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Making Room at the Table Facilitators: Tina Olson & Patti Larsen.

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1 Making Room at the Table Facilitators: Tina Olson & Patti Larsen

2 Making Room at the Table  Tina Olson  Executive Director at Mending the Sacred Hoop   1-888-305-1650  Patti Larsen  Program Coordinator at AICHO   218-722-7225

3 Making Room at the Table  Meet where others are at, because they may not have transportation to come to the Table  Bringing youth, and client  Listen  Identify  Build Relationships  Collaborating with others

4 Making Room at the Table  Be Flexible, Be open  Your table should be able to move to the Community  Think “Picnic Table”  Learn new opportunities  Provide Resources/ Transportation/ Daycare

5 Broaden the Conversation at the Table  Know points of access  Gender Non-conforming  Who are we “talking” about  Raise Voices  Know our Allies  Creating good policies that help  Hold Grassroot meetings

6 Broadening the Conversation  Create Space where People want to attend  Safe environment  Redefine the word “Table” if you need too  Use respectful Diaglogue  Build Relationships  Relate to Each Other  Stay at the Table  Invite people who don’t agree with your propostion

7 Broaden the Conversation  Engaging people in broader issues  Know which issues are trending right now Domestic Violence is trending, more funds are available  There needs to be a conversation at the table as to when the next meeting is  Reframe difference  Make spaces more accessible

8 Broaden the Conversation  How can you be more available  Be more diverse  Teach one/ reach one  Start blogging  Circulate contact list Notes (What this is)

9 Making Room at the Table Session #2  Share Concerns and how we can support each other  Considerations for things such as daycare so participants with kids can attend  Identify people as young as possible  Have people in the schools be educated about political positions  Make sure to connect with businesses with people of color

10 M.R.T. S#2  Include panelists as people  Going out and putting up flyers in diverse neighborhoods  Include rural areas and reservations  Educate yourself and be willing to take what some people from the table have to say and be willing to hear  Learn a language to communicate speaking

11 M.R.T. S#2  Tell a story, they are more powerful  Set some money and funds aside for women who can’t come to the table  Take responsibility for the movements  It’s okay to be angry in order for the movement to go forward but we need to have dominant culture to be with us.  Personal Experience is powerful  Need to be less inclusive

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