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New World Symphony America’s Orchestral Academy New Audience Initiative.

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1 New World Symphony America’s Orchestral Academy New Audience Initiative






7 Alternate Concert Formats Encounters Pulse $2.50 Mini Journey (Extended Traditional)

8 $2.50 Mini- Concerts 30-minute concerts performed at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 PM All tickets $2.50 Short, live commentary by one or two musicians, accompanied by projection of complementary images and videos


10 Mini-Concert Findings Mini-Concert Findings



13 Encounters Findings


15 Pulse Findings


17 Comparing Format Effectiveness of Attracting New Patrons

18 Satisfaction Ratings While longer programs can offer more variety, the value and impact derived from shorter concerts can be very strong.

19 Alternate Performance Formats Outperform Traditional Formats in Attracting New Audiences (Paid Events in 2012-13 Season) 48 10 1435 1104

20 Alternate Performance Formats Outperform FREE Events in Attracting New Patrons (2012-13 Season) 27 10 686 1104

21 % Of First-Time, Alternate-Format Patrons That Have Made Subsequent Ticket Purchases Season entered the database Fall 2010Spring 2011Fall 2011Spring 2012Fall 2012Spring 2013 Encounters47.10%40.30%39.10%24.40%33.30%16.00% PULSE 37.20% 25.10% 10.10% Mini43.20%27.70%25.30%30.30%6.80%17.70%


23 Alternate Format Research Partners 1 Hour Events with Narration Charlotte Symphony – KnightSounds Kansas City Symphony – Classics Uncorked San Diego Symphony – Symphony Exposé Late-Night/Mixed Genre Detroit Symphony Orchestra – Mix @ The Max Memphis Symphony Orchestra – Opus One Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra – Mercury Soul

24 Returning Audiences within a Neural Network of Delivery Options

25 Summary of Primary Assumptions America's classical music audience can grow. Prospective audiences are at the center of the acquisition strategy. Alternate performance experiences are built around uncompromised performances of essential repertoire. Audience experience and marketing are designed around the pace and lifestyle choices of prospective audiences. The acquisition strategy benefits from audience research and resulting evidence-based decision making.

26 Summary of Primary Findings Alternate performance formats are winning new audiences. First time attendees are returning. Migration patterns suggest the formation of new audiences around specific formats. New audience initiatives extend and enhance an orchestra’s value in its community. A performance/research development cycle can accelerate the acquisition process. Return on investment can be measured in ticket sales revenue, fundraising success, and greater institutional relevancy in a community.

27 For more information, contact: Howard Herring, NWS President & CEO Craig Hall, NWS Vice President for Communications Or Visit:

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