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SERVICE DELIVERY MAV Planning Improvement Conference Melbourne Water 17/10/14.

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1 SERVICE DELIVERY MAV Planning Improvement Conference Melbourne Water 17/10/14

2 Our Vision Enhancing Life and Liveability

3 Port Phillip and Westernport Region

4 What are we hearing? we are.. we need to be

5 Our new Business Model Improved Business Efficiency Improved Customer Experience Improving customer interactions Delivering operational excellence for all services Optimising the value created through services Liveability Environmental Stewardship Asset Value Maximisation Integrated Water Management

6 Aligning our operating model People High performing and aligned Process Efficient and effective Structure Customer focussed Systems Enabling There are many activities underway to align our operating model with our business model Alignment Key strategies Performance metrics High Performing Activity reviews Capability review Efficient Business Efficiency Projects Expenditure process review Effective Business Enablement Program (process model and systems alignment) Commercial model & Benefits realisation Enabling Develop business driven systems architecture System capability review Customer Focussed Initial restructure completed

7 What we used to do… What we want to do… Meeting obligations Obligation Risk Customer Shareholder Commitments Risk Customer Expectations Emerging approach - Changing the focus Shareholder Asset Value Maximisation Environmental Stewardship Liveability Integrated Water Management Valued New Services Optimised Core Services Customer valued services Our service promise

8 A new Floodplain Strategy for Port Phillip and Westernport

9 Consultation in September

10 Customer Mapping

11 Changing our Customer Service Level As is Processes Customer Service Model ‘To-be’ Processes

12 Development System Project Overview In response to feedback from Councils and other customers, we are undertaking the following; A review of our systems to improve our ability to manage and respond to statutory referrals, development enquiries and works applications. To enhance/replace our internal databases so as to improve our ability to administer the planning, construction and funding of drainage assets and water quality works. To improve the online service offering for customers, offering more timely responses, simplified interactions and transparency of services.

13 Challenges with our transformation Being clear on why Understand our true cost of servicing Balance between maintaining service while transforming Must be across, people, process and systems Helping people to maintain ownership of change Maintain our focus and momentum

14 key insight No matter how Melbourne Water approaches its operational changes, the principle measure of suitability should be “how aligned is it to deliver customer value”

15 What will be different… We hope that the changes that you will see over time are: Services that are tailored to meet your business drivers Dedicated Melbourne Water resources responsible for ensuring that we deliver New services

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