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3 L AWRENCE U NIVERSITY O VERVIEW Mission Lawrence University of Wisconsin, through its undergraduate residential college and Conservatory of Music, educates students in the liberal arts and sciences. The university is devoted to excellence and integrity in all of its activities and committed to the development of intellect and talent, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, the cultivation of sound judgment, and respect for the perspectives of others. Lawrence prepares students for lives of achievement, responsible and meaningful citizenship, lifelong learning, and personal fulfillment. As a learning community of scholars and artists we engage each other in a transformative process that emphasizes individualized learning, supported by an environment of rich educational opportunities in a residential campus setting. About Lawrence University is an undergraduate college of the liberal arts and sciences with a conservatory of music. Chartered in 1847, it was one of the first colleges in the United States to be founded co-educational. Lawrence is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, a city at the center of the Fox River Valley. The residential campus of 84 acres and 52 instructional, residential, recreational, and administrative facilities supports the academic and extracurricular pursuits of some 1,450 students from nearly all of the 50 states and more than 40 countries. More than 98 percent of the students live on campus, creating a close-knit community.

4 L AWRENCE U NIVERSITY O VERVIEW ( CONT.) Location – Appleton, Wisconsin Population: 72,623 Located in central eastern Wisconsin, Appleton is one of the fastest growing cities in the state Located three hours from Chicago, two hours from Milwaukee, and five hours from Minneapolis Major industries – paper manufacturers, insurance companies, breweries, and dairy farms Outagamie County Airport offers connections on four airlines to five major cities Student Body 1,500 students 98 percent of the student body lives in college housing International students make up about 12 percent of the student body Nearly half of each year’s entering freshmen are ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school classes Freshman class regularly boasts the strongest academic profile of any entering class at a university/college in WI College Calendar The school year is structured around three ten-week terms, spanning mid-September through early June. Undergraduate Academic Program Bachelor of arts degree Bachelor of music degree Bachelor of arts/Bachelor of music (five-year program) Pre-professional preparation in business, law, and medicine/health Special Facilities Built in 1918 and renovated in 1993, the Memorial Chapel is used for public events Computer systems provide communication campus-wide and worldwide via Internet Wriston Art Center, opened in 1989, brought studio art and art history together Ruth Harwood Shattuck Hall, opened in 1991, connects the Chapel and Music Drama Center Main Hall, built in the center of campus in 1853, remains a visible symbol of tradition The Conservatory of Music offers a rich program of music performances for campus and general audiences throughout the year

5 2013 N EW S TUDENT P ROFILE Quick Facts 2,708Applicants 407Students 30States 22Countries 376 High schools represented 45%Men 55%Women 97%Receiving need–and/or merit-based financial assistance Academic Profile 560-700SAT Reading (Middle 50%) 590-710SAT Math (Middle 50%) 570-690SAT Writing (Middle 50%) 3.64Average GPA 22%Top 5% in class 43%Top 5% in class 76%Top 25% in class Lawrence University does not require standardize test scores for admission review. Scores shown are for the three-quarters of the freshmen who submitted their scores with their applications. Won “Best Solution” in the 2012 North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad Took home a first-place prize from a DECA competition as the only freshman to compete from their high school at the state level Earned a black belt in taekwondo Scored perfectly seven times in a row on their piano federation performances Spent senior year in Nagasaki, Japan, with the Rotary Youth Exchange Program Helped transform the lives of children in Chiapas, Mexico through their work with Operation Smile Mexico Became a licensed scuba-diver Has created several commissioned art pieces Sang a solo at the Cathedral of St. Paul’s 150 th anniversary celebration Served on the board of the Chicago Children’s Hospital Was able to watch a play they had written be performed onstage Won a concert performance of their piece at the Alexandria Choral Society Carol Competition Shared a stage with Eddie Murphy Created Nerd Club at their high school, a place where everyone could feel free to be themselves Performed at Carnegie Hall Competed with épée at a national fencing tournament in their first year Lawrence students are a multi-talented and multi- interested group. When we review applications for each class, we are always fascinated and impressed by the breadth of experiences students bring with them. Among the newest class of Lawrentians, we have a student who:


7 C AMPUS L IFE M ISSION AND V ALUES Mission The Lawrence University Campus Life Department provides a safe, comfortable, living and learning environment which fosters the development of our students. We accomplish this by promoting respect, empowering students to affect the community, advocating and adapting to the changing needs of students, and providing programs and experiences beyond the classroom. As a result, we enrich the community and encourage students to reach their personal potential. Values Students are our most valuable resource. Attention to each student’s needs is a high priority. We treat our students, each other, and members of the University community with respect and care. Diversity is sought and celebrated among our staff. Staff training and development is a high priority in maintaining a positive service approach and a re- energizer for our motivation to perform well within our jobs. In-services, training, workshops, and staff meetings are important for this reason. Effective and open communication will be encouraged up and down organizational channels. Feedback, especially constructive feedback, is valued! Students and staff will be included in decisions and input wherever possible. We demonstrate a positive commitment to providing excellent service in our interactions with others. Balancing our personal lives with our work roles is vital. Recognition is important in building positive student and staff communities. Having fun and enjoying our jobs and each other are crucial to our success.


9 Food: Bon AppétitBon Appétit at Lawrence University features fresh food that is prepared from scratch using authentic ingredients with a commitment to social responsibility by supporting sustainable food suppliers and local producers. Entertainment: With a full movie theater, multiple stages and a sprung dance floor, the Warch Campus Center is a hub of student activity. Morning, noon and night, there is always something happening. Green Practices: Extra attention to energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources was a major part of both the construction process and selection of equipment for the Warch Campus Center, resulting in LEED Gold certification. T HE W ARCH C AMPUS C ENTER H OME OF LU C AMPUS L IFE !

10 L AWRENCE O N F ILM Lawrence University produces a series of YouTube videos titled “This is Lawrence”. These short videos provide insight into unique facets of our campus and community, often highlighting student successes both in and out of the classroom. Please take some time to peruse the videos and learn what Lawrence University is all about!


12 O UR R ESIDENCE H ALLS We offer a number of housing options at Lawrence. Each residence hall is staffed with a Residence Hall Director whose responsibility is to oversee the operation of the hall and all programs connected with a specific hall. The Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) are assisted by Residence Life Advisors (RLAs), outstanding student leaders who have been selected to act as peer advisors and to facilitate the creation of a community through recreational, social and educational programming.

13 C OLMAN H ALL (1956) Colman Hall, overlooks the tennis courts and Fox River and offers ample space for student gatherings. Rooms have tile floors, sinks, and built-in closets. Colman houses around 150 students and is coed by floor. Renovations in 2013 created a new wing of residence rooms and space called Colman North Wing.

14 H IETT H ALL (2003) Hiett Hall, our newest residence hall, has a beautiful view of the Fox River and is reserved for 183 upper-class students. Rooms are arranged in suite style (two or four students per suite), with bathrooms and common living space included in the suite.

15 K OHLER H ALL (1967) Kohler Hall, a substance- free building with space for 120 students, has seven stories (and an elevator) and is coed by floor. Rooms are irregularly shaped and have sinks, and tile floors.

16 O RMSBY H ALL (1889) Ormsby Hall, located adjacent to Main Hall Green and next to Science Hall, is LU’s oldest residence hall and home to 119 students. Ormsby is coed by floor, with hardwood floors, high ceilings, and closets. In 2011, Ormsby received renovations to its front desk.

17 P LANTZ H ALL (1961) Plantz Hall, located next to the Memorial Chapel and the Music-Drama Center and directly across College Avenue from the library, is home to 171 students. Plantz is coed by floor with tile floors. In 2011, Plantz received renovations that included new bathrooms, new doors, new carpet, new kitchenettes, and new front desk. In 2012, new furniture was added to the basement.

18 S AGE H ALL (1917) Sage Hall is home to 145 students, with two gendered floors and two co-ed floors by room. Sage is located on the southeast side of campus adjacent to the Warch Campus Center. Each room in Sage has tile floor. In 2011, Sage Hall received renovations to its front desk and new furniture in the lounges.

19 T REVER H ALL (1963) Trever Hall is home to 174 students. All rooms have tile floors. This hall is coed by floor. Trever is located in a residential neighborhood on the east side of campus, and many rooms have a view of the Fox River. In 2011 and 2012, Trever received renovations that included new bathrooms, new doors, new carpet, new kitchenettes, a new front desk, and new furniture in the basement.

20 A LTERNATIVE H OUSING O PTIONS In addition to the seven residence halls which house RHDs, the Lawrence University Campus Life Office also provides students with the option of living in small group, formal organization-based or theme-based housing. These group houses provide diverse and exciting housing opportunities.


22 R ESIDENCE H ALL D IRECTOR P OSITION D ESCRIPTION Primary Objective: Support and assistance with residence hall programs, activities and government, and responsibility for leadership, staff supervision, personal advisement, and various administrative tasks. In addition to the live-in residence hall position, Lawrence University depends upon these professionals to fulfill one of the following part time collateral assignments: Diversity Center Program Coordinator Volunteer Programs Assistant Program Assistant for the Center for Teaching and Learning Intramurals Coordinator Campus Life Programs Coordinator Leadership Development Coordinator Student Affairs Projects Coordinator/Greek Advisor Knowledge and Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree with strong interest in student personnel area. Related graduate education and experience desirable. Understanding and appreciation for a live-in experience and a residential campus population. Superior interpersonal and communication skills. Demonstrated administrative skills.

23 R ESIDENCE H ALL D IRECTOR P OSITION D ESCRIPTION ( CONT.) Major Areas of Responsibility Residence Hall Directors are selected and trained to: Coordinate all aspects of co-educational residential facility; Fulfill the responsibilities of the collateral assignment; Promote an atmosphere which contributes to the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of each student; Initiate programming which supports and augments the academic experience; Provide personal and academic support on an individual or group basis; Select, train, and supervise the Residence Life Advisor (RLA) staff; Serve as advisor to Hall Council; Engage and educate students regarding university policies and procedures within the university community; Coordinate efforts with Facility Services and custodial staff to maintain proper health, safety, and environmental standards in residence halls; Serve as referral agents for students; Participate in weekly staff meetings, professional training and development, and serve on university committees; Supervise residence hall desk staff; Participate in weekly RHD staff meetings and bi-weekly one on one meetings with supervisor, conduct weekly RLA staff meetings and bi-weekly one on one meetings with RLA staff, and serve on university committees; Responsible for fall and on-going staff training presentations; Undertake other responsibilities as assigned.

24 R ESIDENCE H ALL D IRECTOR S ALARY & B ENEFITS, 2014-2015 August 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 SALARY: $21,840 (additional compensation for Master's Degree) plus furnished apartment and board plan while university is in session. Summer apartment availability is negotiable. Cable TV and a computer/internet are included in the apartment DURATION: August 1 - June30. Residence Hall Directors are scheduled for campus duty coverage on a rotational basis. RHDs must depart campus during Winter break. BENEFITS: Please refer to the hand out. For additional details, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 920-832-6564 or e-mail is available ( PARKING: Residence Hall Directors will receive a reserved parking space through the duration of their appointment.

25 Q UESTIONS ? Please feel free to contact the Lawrence University Campus Life Office with any questions. Phone: (920) 832-6600 Email: Please do not send us paper “thank you” notes. E-mail it and save the trees! Thank you! LU Campus Life Staff

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