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First Day of Class Anatomy 10A

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1 First Day of Class Anatomy 10A
DR. MAGRANN Featured on Dr. Phil Brainpower Game Plan: Sharpen Your Memory, Improve Your Concentration, and Age-Proof Your Mind in Just 4 Weeks $12

2 Petitioners Due to State Budget cutbacks, we can take only 36 students. I am required to take those on the waitlist first, in order. Then I can take petitioners according to their registration date. You must show proof of your date. However, no waitlist students or petitioners will be added until the end of the second week of school. You will be dropped from consideration if you do not abide by the following rules:

3 Petitioners Petitioners and waitlist students will be dropped from consideration if they do not abide by all of the following rules: 1) Attendance at all lecture and lab for week 1 and 2 2) Must pass (with a C) the first lab quiz (given on week 2) 3) Must pass (with a C) the first lecture quiz 4) Must complete all assignments in lab for week 1 & 2

4 Instructor: Tracey Magrann, DPM, PhD E-Mail:
“Office” hours (by way of ): Mon-Fri 9 am – 11 pm; I also check eves and weekends Web Site: Lecture: Tues and Thurs 11:30 -12:55 pm Rm:

5 Lab: There is no lab manual for this class.
Textbooks and Other Supplies (Recommended; other books or older versions okay) Lecture: Human Anatomy, by Martini, Timmons and Tallitsch. Benjamin-Cummings Publishers Lab: There is no lab manual for this class. Lab coat, Dissection kit, Gloves, Closed toed shoes (Shoes that completely cover your foot) Scantrons: (4) #882-E and (8) quiz strips #815-E (15 questions) MAKE SURE YOU DON’T FOLD OR WRINKLE THEM

6 Grading Policy Lecture Grades are based on lecture exams and quizzes

7 Lecture Exams and Quizzes
There are a total of 9 quizzes during the semester. The material on the quizzes is on the lecture material from the previous week (all quizzes are multiple choice except the first one is short answer). Each quiz is 10 questions, worth 1 point each. Use a quiz strip for the quizzes. All four lecture exams are 70 questions worth 2 points each. They are multiple choice (use a scantron) and they are not cumulative. The points in lecture total 650. There is no extra credit in lecture. Total points in lab is 300 (4 lab exams, 100 points each; your low score is dropped. Total points for the course are 950.

8 Lecture Make-up Exams It is essential that you be present for scheduled exams. Makeup exams will be administered for severe and compelling reasons only, and only when notice is given directly to the Instructor well in advance of the exam or when accompanied by a physician’s note.


10 Cell Phones Please turn your cell phone to vibrate during class time.
Please turn your cell phone OFF during exams. You are NOT ALLOWED TO ANSWER A CELL PHONE DURING AN EXAM OR QUIZ. Please arrange in advance for another person to be an emergency contact for your children during your exam times. You also must have all cell phones put away (out of your sight and out of reach) during all quizzes and exams.

11 Disabilities If you have specific disabilities and require accommodations, please let me know in the first week of the semester so that your learning needs may be appropriately met. You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the DSPS Office. All discussions will remain confidential.

12 Getting a W or an F? If a student gets a D or F in a class, you can retake the class, but the bad grade will always remain on your transcript along with the new grade. Since the bad grade also appears on your record, you may want to consider dropping the class instead of getting the bad grade that future schools can still see. Getting a W is also not viewed favorably by your future school. The last day to drop a class without a W is on the day after our first lecture exam.

13 Getting a B or a C? If you get a B or C in a class, you cannot take it again at the same school DISTRICT. You can take it again elsewhere, but both of your grades will be seen by the allied health school if you submit both transcripts. The allied health schools look at a C the first time you take a class and an A the second time you take a class, and they often will calculate it as the average of both grades.

14 Tip If you plan on withdrawing with a W and retaking the class, it is better to stay here until the last day to drop with a W (about 6 weeks before the end of the semester). Once you drop, you cannot come back in to the classroom to audit…problems with liability.

15 How do nursing schools feel about W’s and F’s?
Cypress –One W in the prerequisites is OK. Cerritos –Only allows 1 W, D, or F for prerequisites.  Can repeat 1 prerequisite to improve the grade. Golden West –They have a formula for the number of W, D, or Fs on the transcripts. Long Beach City College –Only allows 1 W, D, or F for prerequisites.  Can repeat 1 prerequisite to improve the grade.  Santa Ana – Student can petition to have the W, D, or F removed.  GPA will calculate both grades until substandard grade removed.  The number of W, D, or Fs does not affect entry.  The first passing grade is the grade used to calculate points for entry into the program.

16 Other Allied Health Schools
National University –The number of W, D, or Fs does not affect entry.  The first passing grade is the grade used to calculate points for entry into the program. California Baptist University –They have a formula for the number of W, D, or Fs on the transcripts. Everest College –Only allows 1 W, D, or F for prerequisites.  Can repeat 1 prerequisite to improve the grade. Kaiser Allied Health Training –Only allows 1 W, D, or F for prerequisites.  Can repeat 1 prerequisite to improve the grade.  Concord Career College– One W in the prerequisites is OK.

17 New Rule! All Community Colleges must abide by a new State rule:
No one can take the same class more that three times in one school District (our District is just Mt. SAC). If you have taken this class twice in this school, this is the last semester you can take it again. If you drop or flunk again, you would need to go to another school district.

18 New State Rule: Three Strikes
A withdrawal is now counted the same as a D or F for this new State rule. They give you 3 strikes. If you get an F, that is one strike. If you get a W, that is one strike If you get a D, that is one strike. If you get three strikes in the same course (even with different instructors), you cannot take the class again in the same school district. If you had extenuating circumstances, you may petition to have a strike removed.

19 10 hours  C 15 hours  B 20 hours  A

20 Grades Posted by Random ID Number
It is against campus policy to post grades by student names or ID number. Therefore, you will be assigned a random number to use this semester so you can see your grades each month on my website, including your class rank.

21 Sickness Safety If you have a fever, please do not come to class until the fever has been gone for 24 hours.

22 Class Announcements by Email
Once you are enrolled, send me an from your preferred address so I can send you notices about when grades are posted, announcements, or when I make changes to the website. Then I will have your address that you wish for me to use. I will send the class s as a blind carbon copy so no one sees your address.

23 Letters of Recommendation
Look ahead at the letters of recommendation you will be needing! They ask me about how prompt you are, your written communication skills, and some ask for your class rank.


25 A little about myself…. Microbiology major, CSULB
Graduated from Samuel Merritt College of Medicine, 1986. Spent my 4th year at USC Medical Center Surgical Residency in several OC Hospitals Private practice in Orange County as physician and surgeon for 20 years. Came down with leukemia, had to close my doors. Recovered, decided to go into teaching.

26 A little about myself…. Updated my microbiology classes at CSULB.
Earned a Community College Teaching Certificate at CSUDH, completed my internship in Anatomy at Fullerton College. I then graduated from Loma Linda University with a PhD in Biology. I have mainly been teaching Anatomy, Microbiology, and Physiology for the past 7 years at 12 schools in all nearby Counties.

27 A little about myself…. I did two research projects at LLU:
1. Algal control by phosphate restriction in freshwater lakes. Involves using a modified Koi pond sand bed filtration system to filter lakes, with the use of ferric chloride to bind up the phosphate in the water. Without the phosphate, the algae cannot grow. 2. The prevalence of blue-green algae toxins that cause liver cancer. What coastal lagoons are harboring the algae that produce these toxins? Why are some lagoons affected and others are not? Which lagoons are harbors for endangered species?

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