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THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE AT THE UWS A-Team Group Presentation B00231812, B00231773, B00231080, B00222433.

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1 THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE AT THE UWS A-Team Group Presentation B00231812, B00231773, B00231080, B00222433

2 The Student Experience 4 Topics  Backgrounds, Goals and Personal Influences - Fhiannon  The Classroom Experience - Michael  IT and the Student - Will  Student Goals and Ambitions - Sohail


4 MOTIVATION motivation as part of the student experience How I am motivated Sources of extrinsic motivation How others motivate us

5 Motivation What is motivation? Motivation is the driving force that helps us acheive our goals.  Intrinsic  Extrinsic

6 Motivation as part of the student experiance Motivation is a big part of the student experiance There is less sources of motivation than there have been earlier in life There is less extrinsic motivation, because there are less punishments that we are motivated to avoid.

7 How I am motivated I find extrinsic motivation hard to find, as I have no clear intentions for my future, and don't really know what I want to o with my life My intrinsic motivation comes from my need to learn more about the subjects that interest me. I don't want to be the best, I just want to be the best that I can be.

8 Sources of extrinsic motivation Things you want to achive after university (i.e. a job) The want to graduate The want to get good grades

9 How others motivate us Some times we are motivated by others When we are motivated to do as well as people we admire When others offer a reward for completeing a task

10 Questions?

11 THE CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE Classroom of the Future and a brief evaluation of the current classroom setup

12 Background  COF started implementation in 2008 and plans to continue rollout up to 2015  Plan to make the classroom a much more versatile environment  Completed in classroom H322/324 at Paisley campus  The ethos behind it is to stimulate students and make learning less passive

13 How COF works  turning existing classrooms into experimental multiple-use rooms  equipped with a range of technologies  can be partitioned to allow for one large room or two smaller rooms  Tables and chairs are on wheels and stackable  Touch screen group work presenters, tablet PC’s for each student and 64 audience response system handsets

14 Online Learning  Blackboard is currently the major online resource but will be replaced by Moodle next session  Ability to store many different online resources both for study and wider reference like Athens and MS outlook  Online Submission allows much easier distance learning and for IT is much preferable to hard copy hand in

15 Classroom Environment  Classroom size is regularly monitored  The exception was on week 1, overcrowded lectures was the norm  Generally engaging academic staff, especially my favourite teacher, Glenn Affleck.  Factors like heating and lighting are important and I have noticed that they are always considered when they may become a problem

16 Teaching  The Centre for Academic & Professional Development provides training and resources for all academic staff at UWS  Main goals of CAPD are consistent teaching standards across the university, to encourage student retention and ensure that “our learning is available in a flexible and student centred manner”

17 Assessments Purposes of assessments are  Consistant evaluation  Develop responsibilty for self learning  Provide feedback for both student and teacher  Demonstrate the requirements have been met for progression or award

18 Critical appraisal of Assessments  So far I have found assessments to be explicit and transparent  Accurate, unambiguous and timely information provided to students on the nature of the assessment task  All assessments have come with a reminder of the universities policy on plagiarism, cheating and late submission


20 IT and the Student  ITC  Services  Infrastructure  JA.NET  Support  The Student View

21 ITC

22 ITC Strategy  ICT Strategy 2010-2013  Aims to achieve “Excellence in the Student Experience”  ‘acceptable’ -> ‘good’ -> ‘excellent’  Heavy use of business language, and mentions of stakeholders needs against student needs

23 A look at ICT Services which affect the Student Experience ITC Services

24 Banner Student Information Service  Allows university to perform processes in:  student recruitment  Enrolment  Course management  Student retention  Examination  graduation  Information transfer – UCAS and HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency)  Oracle RDBMS - Unix

25 Banner Student Information Service  Banner Advisory Group  Oakleigh Consulting review  Quality of Data, interfaces with systems, reports from Banner  Online admissions and enrolment, new

26 Single Sign-on  Beginning of a phased approach to complete Single Sign-on for all systems  Currently patchy  Looking at Shibboleth – Open Source  Password reduction

27 VLE – Blackboard Enterprise Suite  Used to deliver content to students both on and off campus  Moodle in use in other HEI – interface needed  MS SQL – Windows  Move to different Application, disruptive

28 ITC Infrastructure

29 Hardware  Change from a 4yr to 5yr refresh cycle  Longer cycle believed to contribute to ‘Green IT’ agenda  Move towards thin-client devices  No local data store  Highly portable

30 Hardware - AV  A standard set of AV equipment in all classrooms  Aims for a cost effective and familiar environ for both staff and students  Signage to be deployed  Conferencing still under deveopment

31 Wireless  Authenticated access  Excludes some dorms until policy change  Campus wide  Tricky configuration  Patchy mobile device support  Poor signal strength

32 Thin Clients and Virtualisation  Thin Clients to be deployed in the Open Access labs and in some teaching labs  TC will help with moving data to South Lanarkshire Council data centre, less data stored local to backup  Hoped that support of thin-clients in these areas will be less than thick-clients

33 The Education Network ITC - JA.NET

34 JA.NET  A private Network  NREN - National Research and Education Network  Government Funded  Aimed at Academic Research and Education  Just about every further- and higher-education organisations in the UK is connected to JANET

35 JISC  Joint Information Systems Committee  Role is to support post-16 and higher education and research  Provides leadership in the use of ICT in learning, teaching, research and administration  Funded by all the UK post-16 and higher education funding councils

36 JA.NET Gigabit European Advanced Network Technology 155Mbit/s – 10Gbit/s GÉANT 10 Gbit/s JA.NET RNO – Regional Network Operator 45 – 100 Mbit/s CLYDENET

37 Acceptable Use Policy  University Policy must include or reference JA.NET AUP Policy which doesn’t make the best sense:  You must never leave a computer while you are logged in. You must always log out before leaving the room.  You must not tamper, adjust, switch on/off or otherwise interfere with any computer equipment in the laboratories.  You must not create or transmit material which is designed or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience, needless anxiety or defamation.

38 ITC Support

39 IT Support  Student Hubs  1 st line in student support   Link to back end ICT services

40 Desktop Support  3 standard Images: student, staff, support  Reviewed each trimester  Monitoring of hardware for utilisation of resources to inform review

41 Application Support  One Function, One Application  2 version support, current and previous  Application License control and restraints

42 Dekstop and Application Support  Not very responsive to change in demand from staff or students  Due to current patchy role-out, different campuses still have different systems

43 What are the large impacts on the student The Student View

44 Problems a Student Sees  Course module differentiation between campuses  Lack of up-to date information on ITC and its progress  Lack of support for current generation devices  Lack of communication from ITC when problems arise

45 Questions?


47 Introduction  My presentation will be on the group which is myself, Michael, William and Fhianan. It will be on our inidividual ambitions and goals for the future.

48 Michael’s ambition  Getting a good degree  Getting a good job  Work which will lead to rewards  Working somewhere where it is enjoyable  Living in a nice house  Married and having a family

49 Michael’s Future Goals  Within 5 years getting a foot hold on the job field in which he has a degree in  Ideally when Michael gets a job he will like to progress and move up the career ladder  Setting himself new targets  And hopefully stopped smoking his roll ups

50 William’s ambition  Getting a good degree with a good pass mark, looking at 2.1 or better  Working within a work enviroment he enjoys  A job which will apply in science or general progress  Expanding his reading selection

51 William’s Future Goals  In 5 years time working in a computer networking job  Either in the UK or the USA  In 10 years time William will have settled somewhere in a long term and stable job.

52 Fhianan ambition  Fhianan wants to achieve the best that he can  A working enviroment where he can enjoy himself and a job which pays well  He will want to keep on improving himself

53 Fhianans Future Goals  Fhianan doesn’t think too far ahead

54 My ambition  My ambition is get a degree within computer networking  Own a business  Work for a large company  Working abroad

55 My Future Goals  Within 5 years I would like to have a degree and some work experience within the computing profession  Getting married and having a family  In 10 years get a stable long term job with good pay  Own a house and a nice car

56 Questions?


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