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Global knowledge management at Danone Group 2 M9901203 張傑生 M9901110 吳建漳 M9901302 李思嫻 M9901303 顏慎一.

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1 Global knowledge management at Danone Group 2 M 張傑生 M 吳建漳 M 李思嫻 M 顏慎一

2 Managing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage

3 Challenge: Making product, customer, and operational information available Topic:  Local markets( 地方市場 )  Decentralization and Integration( 分權與整合 )  The Human Connection( 人與人之間的聯繫 )

4 Local Markets Danone’s strategy: decentralization  Close to customer  Get new product earlier  Nestle V.S Danone

5 The Human Connection Instead of using traditional knowledge management that uses technology, uploading files, building databases, which was not the best way, Danone decided to look at behavioral patterns and more at interactions between people.

6 The Networking Attitude

7 In 2002 The Networking Attitude was launched as a new way of communication to enable and encourage staffs in different work sites to share knowledge and good practices in the enterprise.

8 MAKE IT YOURS Marketplace Message-in-a-bottle T-shirts


10 Assessing the Networking Activities

11 Assessing Networking Activities Because of the Networking Attitude, far more people know who to ask for help now. Tangible results proved that people from different divisions could benefit from each other’s experiences.

12 Assessing Networking Activities You need the relation and exchange between people. At Danone we foster games between people during which they can exchange ideas. I see this as our competitive advantage.

13 Extending the Networking Attitude Mougin and Benenati believed NA has to be deeper, wider, or richer.  Deeper: more employees  Wider: outside the company  Richer: for innovation

14 Discussion

15 Discussion 1 1.What are the most important knowledge management challenges faced by Danone? 2.What does the company need to do well to success?

16 Discussion 2 2.What is your assessment about the Networking Attitude Initiative?

17 SWOT Analysis 優勢劣勢 機會威脅 SWOT

18 Factors Culture Policy Limit Boundary

19 Discussion 3 、 4 3.What should Frank Mougin and Benedike do next? Which of the three opinions(go wider, go deeper, go richer) do you recommend? Why? 4.How does CEO Frank Riboud’s approach to leading Danone affect your recommendation?

20 Deeper more employees Wider outside the company Richer for innovation Advantage1. To enrich the KM system 1.The bridge to partners, suppliers, customers, and consumers. 2. Lower cost 1.Sharing new idea to create new products. Disadvantage1. Higher cost of labors 1.Higher risks, because their competitors will benefit as well. 1.Spend much time 2.Need manager support the product development

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