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2 Student Actuaries at Michigan 2014 Fall Mass Meeting

3 SAM Board Members PositionOfficer PresidentGeorge You Vice PresidentHuan Wang Career ChairZachary Shaw Joyce Zhang SecretaryScott Kim TreasurerYuchen Lin WebmasterChris Plumhoff IM Sports ChairJillian Longton Social ChairYuki Xin Planning Committee ChairLouis Paparella

4 Faculty Actuarial Mathematics Faculty B. Roger NatarajanActuarial Program Director Joseph MarkerLecturer IV Kristen MooreAssociate Professor Virginia R. YoungCecil J. & Ethel M. Nesbitt Professor Bradley P. HinesmanLecturer I

5 Objective & Overview Career Events Help members with recruiting Social Events Build up networks Sports Events We are not nerds Exam subsidies Encourage exam pass

6 Career Events Resume Workshop 9/24, 4-5 PM Time: TBD Location: Math Commons (tentative) Mock Interviews Week of 9/29 - 10/3 (see SAM calendar) Information Sessions First information session - 9/18 Company: Cigna 6 pm,Pizza House Refer to SAM calendar for all future dates, times, etc. Company Visits Towers Watson - 9/19 Blue Cross Blue Shield & Deloitte - 9/26 Career Center Connector Check career center for resume submission deadlines Most of these will occur after the first information session

7 Social Events Coffee Chat BBQ Picnic Laser Tag Painting the Rock! Bar Crawl

8 News from Secretary: 2. Case Study 1. SAM Newsletter 3. Mass Meeting Survey

9 Intramural Sports Easy way to earn attendance points, make new friends and have tons of fun Sports selected based on your preference SAM pays all fees and takes care of administrative business Please fill out survey sent out after mass meeting to indicate sports you’d be interested in playing with SAM!

10 SAM Intramural Sand Volleyball Mondays at 6:30PM at Elbel Field (starting next Monday) How to join? Either come talk to me at end of meeting if you are interested in playing Or indicate interest on survey sent out after mass meeting

11 Webmaster Brand New Website Calendar of Events Web Based Attendance Schedule Maker

12 How to become our member? 1. Membership dues2. Fill out survey Amount: $30 by 9/22 $35 afterwards Basic info Name Uniqname UMID# T-shirt size Sign up at sam.math.lsa.umich.e du Will be sent out after mass meeting

13 Forget to bring membership dues? Yuchen (Treasurer) appointment Math Undergraduate Office (EH 2 nd floor) Wrapped in an envelope Basic info Name Uniqname UMID# T-shirt size Notify SAM Board via email

14 Attendance/Subsidy Policy Exam Subsidy Requirements: Membership dues paid Enough attendance points (Next Slide) Declared Actuarial or Financial Mathematics major Have not previously received support from the Department for a particular examination Have a completed resume on file with the Career Centre Event TypeAttendance Points Company Visit6 Recruiting Event3 Social Event2 Survey1

15 Exam Sittings ExamExam Date Registration Deadline Attendance Points PNovember 1-12October 2 nd 6 FMDecember 9-20October 29 th 15 MFENovember 13-19October 2 nd 6 MLCOctober 31September 24 th 3

16 ACTUARIAL SCIENCE MAJOR 16 MA 215 Calculus III OR 255/285/295 MA 217 Linear Algebra ECON 101 Micro- Economics (SOA VEE) ECON 102 Macro- Economics (SOA VEE) EECS 183 Elementary Programming Concepts MA 216 Differential Equations OR 256/286/316 MA 423 Mathematics of Finance MA 425 Introduction To Probability STATS 426 Introductory Theoretical Statistics MA 523 Risk Theory MA 521 Life Contingencies Part II (or MA 522) MA 520 Life Contingencies Part I MA 424 Compound Interest & Life Insurance ECON 406 (SOA VEE Applied Statistics ) FIN 302 (SOA VEE Corporate Finance) PREREQPREREQ BASIC (Min C Minus) CORE ( Min C Minus) Cognates (Valuable) ECON 406 = ECON 452 TALK TO AN ADVISOR BEFORE DECIDING CONGNATES

17 Actuarial Exams – SOA vs CAS DescriptionSOA ExamCAS Exam ProbabilityExam PExam 1 Interest TheoryExam FMExam 2 Financial Economics Exam MFEExam 3 F Life ContingenciesExam MLCExam LC Loss ModelsExam CExam 4 Statistics & Stochastic Modeling No EquivalentExam ST 17 If you take SOA Exams, then you get credit for CAS Exams. If you take CAS Exams, we are not sure whether SOA will give credit or not. So, it might be a good idea to take SOA Exams, initially.

18 POSSIBLE SOA EXAM STRATEGIES 18 MA 215MA 425Exam P MA 217 MA 424 Exam FM And Exam MFE MA 115 or 156 or 186 MA 215 MA 423 MA 215

19 POSSIBLE SOA EXAM STRATEGIES 19 STATS 426ECON 452 MA 520 Fall Only MA 521 Winter Only Exam MLC MA 425 MA 215 MA 523 MA 424 MA 215 Exam C MA 425MA 215

20 Questions

21 Thank you for coming!

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