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Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 1/26 The Public Interface for Finnish Libraries, Museums and Archives 13.6. 2011 Ari Rouvari National Library of Finland.

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1 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 1/26 The Public Interface for Finnish Libraries, Museums and Archives 13.6. 2011 Ari Rouvari National Library of Finland

2 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 2/26 Agenda National Digital Library of Finland What, Why and How Objectives Customers Opportunities and challenges

3 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 3/26 What: National Digital Library Project 2008-2011 Two different sections –Public Interface (to production 2011?) –Long Term Preservation System (2016) National Digital Library –project –2008 – 15 th March 2011 –Huge Project –35 organisations, 100 people

4 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 4/26 Why Customers are not satisfied –Customer questionairies –Library system (Voyager – libarian oriented way) –Nelli portal (ML/SFX/bX – technical oriented way) IT Strategy for Libararies 2007-2008 Finnish Digital Library Definition 2007

5 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 5/26 How: Public Interface Consortium Primo License for –4 library sectors 500 institutions –Three Museum sectors 165 (2000) –Archives 70 –Quite a lot of institutions …Why Unlimited number of views –up to 400 views Unlimited number records One Primo Installation

6 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 6/26 Funding Funding directly from Ministry of Education and Culture Strenght support from Ministry A part of Europeana A new organisation model for Library Network Services

7 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 7/26 Objectives Common Public Interface – A discovery and delivery tool UI for all resurces and services Co-operation of –libraries, museums and archives Replace current UIs Have to be better UI Usability, easy to use –A usability engineer has been recruited

8 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 8/26 Resources Library, museum and archive resources Metadata of Digital resources –Licensed materials (eJournals, eBooks) –Digitized materials –Born-digital materials (eThesis) Metadata of printed materials –Books, journals –Archive materials –Museum artefacts, objects A Real One-Stop-Shop

9 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 9/26 What for End Users Not organisation oriented Do not need to be aware of our collections Examples: Albert Edelfelt, Matti Kuusi It is for customers!

10 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 10/26 What for Libraries… Centaralised service –A clear distribution of work (hardware, software, services) –Focus on development and services An aggregator to Europeana

11 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 11/26 STAFF A pilot phase from August 2010 – February 2011 3 full time members of staff A production phase (2011) 14 full time members of staff -11 technical staff (one usability engineer) Plus: -Three working with consortium issues and customer needs -Still missing a lawyer

12 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 12/26 65% func and tec requirements 25% fee 10% services The agreement has been signed August 2010 A nation wide license: (libraries, museums and archives) unlimited number of records some 400 views(unlimited) unlimited number of concurrent users

13 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 13/26 Time Before Metasearch Systems Databases

14 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 14/26 Metasearch Portal Nelli Licsensed resources Nelli Databases

15 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 15/26 Public Interface (Primo) Harvesting Licensed resources Databased

16 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 16/26 Metadata Harvesting and Indexing Interface Back-End Systems Harvesting METADATA INDEX Normalising of Metadata

17 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 17/26 About the Project Why are we not satisfied yet? Our scope A new timetable Turku City Library situation

18 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 18/26 The Scope of the Project Common Public Interface – a national view, sector spefic views and inst. views UI for all resurces and services –libraries, museums and archives –Digital and printed resources –shared resources Co-operation of libraries, museums and archives To replace and diminish the number of current UIs A Real One-Stop-Shop Have to be better UI Usability, easy to use

19 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 19/26 Requirements Support incidents 43 Requiremen t issuesFull filled Do not fullfill Uncertain / Testing unfinished orangeNot tested Tech 84 331315120 Func883614830 all17269 (40%)27 (16%)2350

20 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 20/26 Challenges Consortium features (global level settings) Documentation Deduplication –Shared resources Autentication –Digital and printed materials

21 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 21/26 Postponed Ordinary Timetable Pilot 8/2010 -2/2010 To live summer 2010 New customers 8/2011 Our New Timetable Pilot phase continue Turku City Library installation Go to live with Turku 2o11 Primo version 4 New customers 8/2012

22 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 22/26 Pilot Phase August 2010 -> Turku City Library Helsinki City Library Jyväskylä University Library National Library National Board of Antiquities Lusto The Finnish Forest Museum Tuusula Art Museum The National Archives

23 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 23/26 Turku City Library Aurora Library system Axiell interfaces Harvesting interface Web service interfaces The Vaski list 36 Showstoppers 6 issues 31.5.2011 4 issues20.6.2011 5 issues 20.7.2011 3 issues 10.8.2011 2 issues fix by ourselves 16 issues not tested

24 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 24/26 Ex Libris co-operation A lot of effort by Ex Libris –A show case –Win,win,win Project managers weekly calls Regular management calls/meetings IT specialist meetings and calls Stefan Voss

25 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 25/26 Opportunities Museums, archives and libraries co-work Enterprise architecture One Stop Shop /User friendly Harvesting and indexing metadata Funding -> accessibility and equality FOR CUSTOMERS

26 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 26/26 Infrastructure Project National Library is responsible for infrastructure Libraries focus on services

27 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 27/26 Thank You!

28 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 28/26 Pilotoitavat aineistot1 Voyager - Jyväskylä University Library Dspace - Jyväskylä University Library Helmet – Helsinki City Library Vaski – Turku City Library Linda Union Catalogue Aleph Licensed resources MetaLib/SFX, NL Digitised monographs DigiTool, NL Historiallinen sanomalehtiarkisto, NL Raita, Teollisuushinnastot, NL Fennica, Viola (component parts), NL

29 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 29/26 Pilotoitavat aineistot 2 Muusa - Tuusula Art Museum Musketti - NBA Museot Online - NBA Kantapuu (E-kuva) – Lusto Forest Museum Vakka - NA Aarre - NA Digiarkisto - NLF

30 Kansallinen digitaalinen kirjasto 30/26 Front End - MUISTI - Tuusula - LUSTO - VASKI - VAski - MUISTI - KK - http://kui-fe- JYK yliopisto - KA -

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