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Our project for Salo Youth Conference February 2009 Realschule Puchheim Bavaria/Germany.

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1 Our project for Salo Youth Conference February 2009 Realschule Puchheim Bavaria/Germany

2 mini-productions 20092 our school

3 mini-productions 20093 project citizen what we did:  Identifying a public policy problem  Gathering and evaluating information about it  Examinating alternative solutions  Selecting and developing a proposal  Developing an action plan to bring the proposed solution to authorities with the power to implement it

4 mini-productions 20094 Boys and girls at work…. Class 10d:

5 mini-productions 20095 Talking about our problems… subjectattention No !!! Yes !!! remarks Jobs for pupils Low wages few offers Not specific for Puchheim A golf course for Puchheim Not interesting for all young people Can not be realized now Special price offers for young people Prices are very high (near Munich city) We can try! Decision made October 21st 2008 More public buses Few people involved Not specific for Puchheim New public recreation area Is part of the plan for 2009 No more changes possible New shopping center with McDonalds Not necessary 15 km away from Munich No investors

6 mini-productions 20096 Decision making…  Meeting with Mrs. Vetter (Assistant Manager for economic affairs) to present our ideas.  Consulting the Mayor of Puchheim who agreed.  Interview with the Mayor of Puchheim (see the movie)  Meeting with Miss Kargl (Member of the Puchheim Stores Community, member of Puchheim council) to realize our ideas.

7 mini-productions 20097 Next Steps:  Meeting of the WGP (Advertising association Puchheim)  Thirteen companies agreed to our project: „Reduced consumer prices for young people in Puchheim“

8 mini-productions 20098 Our partners are:  Cafenium (special offers)  Haargenau Ihr Friseur (Thursday´s Special)  Claudia´s Modepavillion (10% reduction)  Das Schokolädchen (daily specials)  Sparkasse Puchheim (free account)  Der Handarbeitsladen (10% reduction)  Daniel´s Fachsport (10% reduction)  Moni´s Blumenstudio (10% reduction)

9 mini-productions 20099 and:  Eis Italia Café  City-Lounge Kebab-house  Fuh-Wah (chinese restaurant)  Brillenhaus Högl (fine glasses)  Grüner´s kleiner Einkaufsmarkt 10% reduction by each company!

10 mini-productions 200910 The project managers Linda, Jan and Melanie

11 mini-productions 200911 Why joining our project?  For making profit  For doing something for young people  For supporting our community  For advertising subjects  For teaching young people community affairs  For visiting Finland

12 mini-productions 200912 Special thanks to:  Dr. Kränzlein (mayor of Puchheim)  Mrs. Vetter / Miss Kargl (Puchheim council)  Mr. Zinner/ Mr. Dango (Realschule Puchheim)  Linda, Jan, Melanie (project manangers)  Class 10d RS Puchheim (poster´s layout)  The project supporting companies  and the friendly people of Salo/ Finland……

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