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Lost In Time  Dakotah  Chess  Erika Click here to begin your adventure.

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1 Lost In Time  Dakotah  Chess  Erika Click here to begin your adventure

2 You are at your lake house in the everglades with your friends, on the first day of summer vacation. Every one is looking for crawfish and gators. “HOLY MACKERL!” Justin screamed from across the lake. Justin is a screamer about anything but this scream sounded different than usual. You and your friends all run to see what was wrong with Justin. He found the oddest thing you’ve ever seen……It was a musket holed, used, over sized cooler shaped electronic device with a big red button in it that said, (CAUTION) Bumpy Ride. If you touch the red button click here If you decide to investigate the object click here

3 You decide to touch the red button. Nothing happens. All of a sudden you’re in a tunnel with music notes and bright colors, yellow, orange, green, pink. You start to feel dizzy. You yell “Justin, Lily, Dylan? Are you there?” You think you black out, but you didn’t. All of a sudden Justin appears. “What’s happening?!” he yells. “I don’t know!” you answer. “Where are Lily and Dylan?” “I don’t think they went into the tunnel.” “What tunnel?” you ask. “The tunnel that you and I went into. They said they were coming, but I think they left to tell someone. But the machine is on your back.” He says. Click here to continue

4 If you choose to ask who this man is and why you’re here, click here If you choose to act like you know what is going on, to click here You look behind you and, of course, there is the time machine, on your back. It is surprisingly light. Then you start to feel the weight of it, and you see light at the end of the tunnel, or what you think the end of the tunnel is. You look at Justin, but he is fast asleep. He’s always been a heavy sleeper. You wake him up. “What! What?” he says. You point at the end of the tunnel. “Light!” he exclaims. “But what’s that sound? And is that gunpowder I smell?” you fall out of the tunnel and what looks like a campout from the civil war. You are dressed in A Union soldier uniform, but it is all ripped up and you can’t even tell what it smells like. “Justin? Justin?” “Hey General, who’s that Justin you talking ‘bout?

5 You decide to investigate the object. It’s dirty so you clean it off with a rag and a little bit of water. After you and your friends clean it off, it looks pretty good. “It looks like it’s been through a war!” Justin says. “You’re silly, you rely think this back pack thing has been through war.” Says Lily. “You never know what it could have been through.” Dylan says. Hey guys don’t move why” we all turn around to see what was going on it was a full grown American gator, we all start running for our lives. As you and your friends are running you all trip and the time machine falls on the red button. If you choose to go and figure out how the machine works If you choose to go to the civil war click here

6 “Who are you? Where’s Justin? Where am I?” you blast him with questions. ‘Whoa, hold your horses, General. You must have forgotten some stuff since you got hit by the chargin’ horse. You got hit pretty hard, too. You are the greatest general in the whole civil war. But a Justin? I know Joe, our cook, but no Justin. I’m John Harold, one of the calvary men.” You are still very confused. You get up and start running. Not anywhere in particular, just running. “Come back! Come back, general!” you wake up. “Oh, it was just a dream. You look out your window and you see your friends, Justin, Lily and Dylan. Dylan fishing, Lily getting herself a tan and Justin with his metal detector. Suddenly Justin screams “HOLY MACKERAL!”

7 “What are you talking about? Get back to work. Now!” you yell without thinking. “Okay, Okay. Just trying to figure out who Justin is.” The man says. Somewhere in the distance, Someone yells “THEY’RE ATTACKING!” Men get on there horses and grab bayonets, swords and everything else you can think of. “Who’s attacking?” you ask. “The Confederates! What should we do general?” the soldier from before asks. “What are you talking about?” you ask again. You see a flash of grey or brown. It is a confederate soldier. You here a thud. He was shot in the head and was instantly killed. “General, what are you doing! Defend yourself!” so you grab a gun and just as you turn around, you get shot in the leg and the medics cannot get the bullet out. They amputate your leg but you die from all the bleeding. You were one of the greatest generals in the Civil War.

8 “I smell gun pouter.” Dylan says. “Yah me to.” Says Justin. So we set off to see were we are. POW! What was that! BOOM, BOOM! “Holey smokes, what is that.” I don’t know but I’m starting to get scared. Yah me to. We say. “So let’s go see what that is.” Lily says. “Are you nuts?” Says Justin.

9 You chose to figure out how the machine works, it’s now clean as a whistle and you can finally see it. You are looking at it and taking the last dust bud off it. Justin and lily are going back to looking for gators and shells as you walk over to them you go to set it down softly when Dylan comes over and bumps you buy accident and all you can here is BOM CRASH CLUTCLUT ………. Where are we guys, no answer Justin, lily, Dylan wake up, woo where are we lily says, in the middle of no where says Justin, come on guys lets go. As we get up, we see a big mud puddle the size of a swimming pool and it is shaking non stop. Click here to continue

10 Justin starts to walk over to it and he yells aaaaaaahhh so we all come running over and before we know it we see a big army of soldiers BERT BERT BERT. The soldiers start running out in a straight line, we duck our heads so they can’t see us, but before we know it they see us. We all run over to the time machine and you pick it up and slam it to the ground, but nothing happens and you slam it again, their coming, you pick it up again and slam it once more zzzzzorp, were here we all start jumping up and cheering were back yea.

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