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Jim Day Department of Administrative Services 515-281-5858 or IT Procurement Overview.

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1 Jim Day Department of Administrative Services 515-281-5858 or IT Procurement Overview

2 Chapter 8A of the Iowa Code established the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and its information technology responsibilities.

3 Specific duties of DAS include: the development of Enterprise IT Standards, and prior approval of IT acquisitions requested by Participating Agencies (PAs).

4 Definition of Participating Agency? All State agencies are “participating agencies” except: 1.the Board or Regents and related institutions. 2.the Public Broadcasting Division of the Department of Education (IPTV); 3.the Department of Transportation mobile radio network ; continued ….

5 Definition of Participating Agency ….continued the Department of Public Safety law enforcement communications systems (Iowa System); 4.capitol complex security systems in use for the legislative branch. 6.the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission established in Section 8D.3, with respect to information technology that is unique to the Iowa Communications Network. continued ….

6 Definition of Participating Agency ….continued 7.the Iowa lottery authority. 8.a judicial district department of correctional services established pursuant to section 905.2. 9. state elected officials, the Judicial Branch, and the Legislative Branch are not PAs.

7 Iowa Code sections 8A.201 to 207 relate to the Procurement of Information Technology. Iowa Administrative Code 11-105.10(8A) (the IT Procurement Rules) implements 8A.210 to 207 and addresses 2 issues: 1.The pre-purchase approval process for PA IT procurement at or above the threshold, and 2.The post-audit review of PA IT procurements below the threshold.

8 Why approve IT acquisitions?

9 To ensure that:  Compatibility,  Connectivity, &  Interoperability issues are considered prior to acquisition. Promotes and permits initiatives such as digital-government, storage area networks, e- forms initiative, licensing/certifications, data sharing, disaster recovery, etc..

10 Without standards and oversight of procurement we have…..


12 Other benefits: Maximize efficiency. Economies of scale. Reduce redundancy. Best value. Cost savings. Compilation of inventory.

13 How do we get there from here?

14 Review & Approval of IT acquisition request for: Hardware Software Services (consulting, programming, etc.). RFPs (before they are issued/awarded). RFSs (before they are issued/awarded). RFIs (before they are issued). And IT Project Needs.

15 The approval process, what you need to do.

16 Send an E-mail with the following information for procurements expected to meet or exceed the threshold: 1.Agency/Department name and location. 2.Contact person and phone number. 3.Description of the items/services requested. 4.Explanation of how the item(s)/services will be used, what function/service will be performed. 5.Operational needs to be met. 6.Estimated cost. 7.When needed. 8.Source (if known). 9.Control/PO number (optional).

17 Then either e-mail the information to: IT (preferred) or FAX to ITProcurement at 515-281-5802, or via snail-mail to: ITProcurement Department of Administrative Services Hoover State Office Building, Level A Des Moines, IA 50319 IT

18 DAS will either: 1.Approve the request (may include recommendations/suggestions), OR, 2.Deny (not approve) the request, OR, 3.Other: recommend that the request be modified, combined with another request, request additional information, etc.

19 What if your request is not APPROVED? You can either: 1.Modify the requests and resubmit, or 2.Submit additional supporting information for DAS’s review and consideration.

20 Request for procurement waivers A waiver from IT operational standards should be routed to the Director of the Department of Administrative Services.

21 Direct comments and questions to Jim Day at ( or 515-281-5858) Thank you.

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