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By: Alex Casajús Fernando Bernal Date: 2/8/06 Class: 3ºA.

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1 By: Alex Casajús Fernando Bernal Date: 2/8/06 Class: 3ºA



4 INFORMATION Population: 44 million inhabitants. Borders:To the North with France, To the West with Portugal. Capital: Madrid. Main Cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza. Main Rivers: Ebro, Tajo, Guadiana, Guadalquivir and Duero. Main Mountains: Aneto, Teide, Moncayo, Mulhacen. Famous Places: El Pilar, La Zarzuela, Sagrada Familia, El Valle de los Caidos, La Giralda and La Puerta del Sol. Famous People: Gaudí, Picasso, Goya, Dalí, Fernando Botero, Velazquez, El Greco and Miró

5 Spanish regions:


7 Flamenco Flamenco is part of our folk art, around 200 years old. It is from Southern Spain and is individualistic. Song, dance and guitar are blended into passionate rhythms which are often improvised and spontaneous.

8 Bull-Running It consists of people running in front of the bulls without being run over by them but getting as close as possible. The bulls run along the narrow street half a mile towards a bull ring.

9 Bullfighting First, the bull is led into the ring. After that, the bullfighter, carrying a sword and a “muleta”, waits for the bull. The “muleta” is a piece of thick crimson. It is used to deceive the bull. In the end, the bullfighter tries to kill the bull.

10 Spanish Character

11 Spanish stereotypes This is the English stereotyped view of the Spanish: Spaniards dance flamenco Spaniards eat a lot of garlic Spaniards play the guitar Spaniards are proud Spaniards sleep very little Spaniards eat very often.

12 People sometimes say that: Spanish people are not ambitious Spanish are envious Spanish are easily impressed and unpunctual. People think that we shrug our shoulders when problems arise or that we say that “if it isn’t enjoyable it should be ignored". This is not true, we like to enjoy but we are serious when we deal with serious matters. However, they are probably right when they say we are very individualistic.

13 Languages in Spain In Spain there are 4 important languages: 1.- Spanish: It is the most important language in Spain. 2.-Catalan: this language was born in the s.XII, this language is only spoken in Cataluña and in the Valencian Community 3.-Gallego: It developed during the Middle Ages. 4.-Euskera:It is spoken by 600.000 people in the north of Spain, it is the oficial language of the Basque provinces since 1982.

14 Form of government The political form of the Spanish State is the parliamentary Monarchy. The name of the Spanish King is: Juan Carlos I The name of the Royal Family is: Borbones, Descendants of Catholic Kings.

15 Football:-Raúl Gonzalez -Carles Puyol -Iker Casillas F1:-Fernando Alonso -Pedro Martinez Music:-Alejandro Sanz -Mónica Naranjo -David Bisbal

16 Typically Spanish Jamon Paella Toros Tortilla de patata Siesta

17 VOCABULARY Crimson- CarmesíCape- Capa Thick- GruesoWall- Muro Breath- AlientoBullfighter- Torero Gather- JuntarHold- Aguantar Blend- MezclaQualities- Cualidades Mood- HumorTopics-Temas Gather- JuntarStereotypes-Tópicos Daybreak- AlbaPiece-Trozo Narrow- EstrechoRocket-Misil Stick- PaloBottom- Fondo Niche- Nicho Sword- Espada Bull- Toro



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