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Making IT Accessibility Accessible (And Fun?) Greg Kraus (Temporarily Able Bodied) University IT Accessibility Coordinator North Carolina State University.

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1 Making IT Accessibility Accessible (And Fun?) Greg Kraus (Temporarily Able Bodied) University IT Accessibility Coordinator North Carolina State University @gdkraus

2 Greg Kraus The Problems with Accessibility Accessibility can be hard to understand People are afraid they are going to mess it up Non-technical people are often the ones needing to fix the problems Accessibility is not fun

3 Typical Accessibility Audit Report

4 Please Go Fix the Errors in Here

5 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Aristotle “If you want to become a major league baseball player, you cannot simply wake up one day and declare yourself a baseball player, capable of hitting a curve ball. You must become habituated in the ways of being a baseball player through a lifetime of practice.”

6 @gdkraus Greg Kraus How to Learn To Be a Major League Baseball Player 1.Start easy 2.Gradually build skill over time 3.Learn to see patterns and know how to react 4.Reactions become intuitive and natural 5.Practice

7 @gdkraus Greg Kraus What Accessibility Needs Achievable goals – broken down into manageable tasks A way for everyone to be able to take responsibility for accessibility

8 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Four Strategies Quick Training Videos Accessibility Handook IT Accessibility Quick Guides Accessibility Scan/Game

9 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Quick Training Videos Short (5-10 minute) videos Each video covers 1 specific topic (Usually) give you something actionable you can do / /

10 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Quick Training Video Example Microsoft Word Headings –

11 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Some Quick Training Video Topics Accessibility Evaluation Tool Tutorials Using Headings in Microsoft Word Using Headings in Google Docs Accessible Math on the Web Skip to Main Content Links Language Attributes for Screen Readers

12 @gdkraus Greg Kraus IT Accessibility Handbook Resource for Web developers Takes you through the steps for designing accessibly – Gives you a way to think about accessible design

13 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Section 508 Procurement and development requirement for Federal agencies – (You don’t have to follow Section 508, unless you have to follow Section 508) Released in 1998 16 criteria 381 words long Does not tell you how to technically do any of it

14 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2) Standard published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) within the W3C Released in 2008 14,000 words in the standard 300,000 words of support documentation

15 This is what they see

16 But this is what they want

17 Accessibility Handbook Step 1: Understand legal accessibility requirements Step 2: Choose the most appropriate technology and document format Step 3: Start with some of the basics Step 4: Plan your document structure Step 5: Plan your user interactions Step 6: Design alternate ways for users to access your content when the content is dependent on a single human sense

18 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Accessibility Handbook Demonstration

19 @gdkraus Greg Kraus IT Accessibility Quick Guides What about content creators?

20 @gdkraus Greg Kraus IT Accessibility Quick Guides – What They Do 1.Overview of NC State’s accessibility responsibilities 2.Profiles of commonly used technologies on campus 3.Overview of how to build it accessibly 4.How to check if it is accessible 5.Where to get more information

21 @gdkraus Greg Kraus IT Accessibility Quick Guide Demo

22 @gdkraus Greg Kraus IT Accessible Game Can accessibility be fun? Should it really be a game? Isn’t accessibility a human right?

23 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Gamification Gamification [n]: the use of game design elements in non-game contexts

24 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Competing in a Marketplace of Demands Prioritizations – “Keeping the lights on” Production services to run and maintain – Security and Compliance This impacts everyone, not just “those people”

25 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Gaming Principles A good game… – Lets everyone play, regardless of skill level – Lets you improve skills over time – Gives you instant feedback

26 We’re Not Talking About Wheelchairs with Lasers

27 Make a Game Everyone Can Play 10 11 3 3 2 2 1 1 4 4 6 6 9 9 5 5 7 7 8 8




31 Mario Didn’t Save the Princess in World 1-1

32 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Prioritization 4 = fatal error, user cannot interact at all with the element 3 = significant error, user can only partially recover or it causes a significant hardship 2 = significant error, but user can usually mostly, if not fully recover 1 = minor annoyance 0 = usually can ignore

33 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Level 4 Missing alternative text Unlabeled form element No keyboard event for an equivalent mouse event

34 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Level 3 A form control has more than one label Page auto refreshes No skip to main content link

35 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Level 2 Spacer image does not have an alt attribute Pages have unique titles and don’t say “Untitled Document”

36 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Level 1 Invalid code Heading levels are skipped No titles for frames

37 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Level 0 No alternative content for iframes Contrast ratio to pass WCAG 2 Level AAA

38 Weighted Errors Corrected

39 Weighted Errors Corrected With Contests

40 @gdkraus Greg Kraus Demonstrate System scan/ scan/

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