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1 Cluster 2 HR Directors FY 2013 End of Year Procedures for Payroll Secretaries May 2013.

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1 1 Cluster 2 HR Directors FY 2013 End of Year Procedures for Payroll Secretaries May 2013

2 2 Course Overview: This course will provide an understanding of processes involved in closing-out and opening the school year with regard to Human Resources, Payroll, and staffing. Information contained herein is subject to change to reflect any new Mayoral, Chancellor, or DHR policy revisions.

3 3 Agenda : Closing end of year/Opening school year procedures Consultation with the Principal/APO/SBM Staff Reconciliation End of Year Highlights End of Year Time line On Line Leave Application On line leave application Leave Charts E-Learning Webinar Return from Leave Staffing Actions Galaxy Staffing Interactions New Hires Recruitment Open Market Sub Processing Annual Performance Review – EIS Ratings Performance Rating Process EIS Rating Entry Per Session Waivers UFT Benefits Best Practices (Materials for New Hires: Reminders

4 Closing - End of Year/Opening - School Year Procedures Consultation with the Principal/APO/SBM Staff Reconciliation End of Year Time line 4

5 5 Consultation with the Principal/APO/SBM Meet with Principal to evaluate current Table of Organization. Excessing – Employees excessed due to programmatic change and/or lack of funding will be reviewed and approved by the CFN and then Central. Excess letters to excessed staff must be distributed by June 15 th. *Remind Principals that staff who were excessed for , and did not secure a permanent position, will roll back into the Galaxy T of O. If there is no position in the school, then these staff members must be placed back into excess. *Excessed staff who were Provisionally hired at other schools but not offered permanent positions must be placed back into excess and will be assigned to another location. Seniority Reports – Must be used to ensure staff members are appropriately excessed in their respective license area.

6 Provisional Hires– Agreement for Provisional Hires expires 6/30/13. If the Employee is not offered a position (Indication in Galaxy by 5/17/13) then they must be placed in excess and given an excess letter. If the staff member is not placed in excess they will remain on the Schools T of O and become a part of the organization. Copies of the Agreement should be forwarded to your HR Director. Long Term Substitute Teachers - Notification to Long Term Subs confirming that their employment was temporary and will end at end of the school year should be forwarded to your HR Director so that they can be removed from payroll. Discontinuances, Denials, Extension Agreements - Forward copies of all termination notices and supporting documentation to the HR Director and Legal Counsel. Who is returning from Leave / Who is going on leave? - Check your 1Rls in EIS 2.4, Note all LOAs submitted for next year. 6 Staff Reconciliation

7 Resignations >The Regulation of the Chancellor C-605 states: ".....a pedagogical employee who desires to resign is required to submit written notice to the Principal or equivalent organizational unit at least 30 calendar days prior to the date on which the resignation is to take effect. > Resignation letters should state that the employee is resigning from both the school, and the NYC Department of Education. >The new termination code, DGW, will be for use in termination of a regularly appointed employee who resigns from a full-time position without providing timely notification. >Principals should submit in writing a request for the use of termination code DGW. >Enhanced termination code - DQC - The current code for resignation with charges pending, DQC, now has a broadened description which now also includes "Resignation to avoid probationary discontinuance /resignation to avoid denial of probation". Retirements >Receipt of application from Retirement System ( TRS, BERS) Other Terminations Forward the appropriate documentation to your HR Director. Notify CFN staff about employees who are absent without authorization Disseminate 20 day letter and have copy sent to Legal Counsel. Reminder….Stop Direct Deposit (EIS 9.6.5) 7 Staff Reconciliation

8 License Terminations / Certification Evaluations Remind your Principal of the fact that staff can be terminated for failure to maintain their licensure. Reports for this data are often forwarded to them throughout the school year so that they are aware of who may be terminated by 7/1 of that school year. Contact your HR Director for the most recent report to determine if any of your teachers have been targeted. The CFN provides certification evaluation services during the school year as well as the summer. The service is for educators whose license will terminate or new hires without licensure issued. The following must be in place if this option is selected: Advise candidates to bring a complete package of what was submitted to the State, including transcripts. Confirmation the State received the application package. Evidence of exams, Child Abuse/Violence Prevention Workshop Certification of Completion 8

9 Staff Reconciliation H Bank Staff – SAPIS, Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists, Parent Coordinators. If your H Bank staff are on a 12 month work year, determine from your principal and employee if and where they will work during the Summer or if they are requesting a scheduled vacation. 12 month assignments – all H Bank employees must work throughout the year, including summer. Advise your HR Director there is a new hire or transfer working in your school. If the employee is new, remember the first paycheck must generate before they be can entered into Cybershift. Forward a Cybershift Enrollment Form to your HR Director or Cybershift to enroll your H Bank staff into Cybershift. Z Bank – hourly employee Schedule time established at time of hire >10 month employee does not work summer >12 month employee works summer Resignation / Termination H-Bank Fax letter of resignation/termination to HR Director CANCEL DIRECT DEPOSIT 9

10 End of Year/School Opening Highlights Excessing Excessed staff due to programmatic change or lack of funding should receive excessing letters by June 15th. All excesses staff should submit an application in the Open Market Transfer System. Seniority Reports are to be used to appropriately excess within title or license. Timekeeping Pedagogical Staff – Review the Online Rating Form / CAR Balances of Pedagogical Staff – Review the Online Rating Web Cast by Learning Times. H - Bank SAPIS, Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists, Parent Coordinators, Clerical Workers If H-Bank staff are on a 12 month work year, determine from your principal and employee if and where they will work during the Summer or if they are requesting a scheduled vacation. Transfers – Advise your HR Director if there is a new Hire or transfer into your building so the appropriate budgetary and staffing action can take place. New H-Bank employees must generate 2 paychecks before they can be added to Cybershift. After the second pay check forward the Cybershift Enrollment Form to Cybershift. 20-Day Notices Issue 20-day Notices to staff who do not report to work for the new school year. 10

11 May Discuss program plans & positions for the next school year with your principal. Review projected vacancies, based on your knowledge of expected retirements, leaves of absences, resignations, etc. Performance Review Forms (Rating Forms) completed on-line for all satisfactory probationary pedagogues Prepare Performance Review Forms for all other pedagogical staff including all per diem staff who have worked 20 days and all ATRs. June June Record anticipated excess staff and vacancies in Galaxy, based upon school organizational plan for FY June 14 th - Transmit to the appropriate office or CFN required forms for all planned (removals resignations, retirements, terminations, etc.). Excess letters should be given to staff. Excessing Letters will be generated from Galaxy. June 14th-22 nd - Rating Period for Pedagogues (other than supervisors) Enter ratings in the Online Rating System in EIS by June 8 th. Generate standard rating forms. All rating forms must be distributed within the last 10 days of school but not later than June 22nd June Copies of U Ratings are due by June 25 th to the Office of Appeals and Review (OAR). In cases of discontinuances or denials copies should be sent to the Superintendent for signature and forwarded to the CFNs Senior Counsel and OAR. For unsatisfactory ratings, the Superintendent will review, sign and forward to the CFN Senior Counsel. The CFN Senior Counsel will return the package to the principal with further instructions. Copies should be sent to the Office of Appeals & Review and your HR Director. 11 End of Year Timeline – School Year

12 Leave of Absence On line leave application Leave Charts E-Learning Webinar Return from Leave School Title Definitions Pedagogues Timekeeping 12

13 In anticipation of the new Online Self-Service Leave Application System, Galaxy has created a new Leave Secretary Role. On the Galaxy TO, Principals can designate any staff person to a Leave Secretary role. This role has already been defaulted to the staff person(s) that serve as the School Secretary (Assignment = Payroll). Principals can reassign the Leave Secretary role to another staff person(s) as needed. When the Online Self-Service Leaves Application System goes live, the staff person designated as the Leave Secretary will receive a notification when an employee applies for a leave. 13 Self Service Leave Application System

14 How does the self-service online leave application system help the employee and benefit the school? The ability to apply online anywhere at anytime Electronic signatures Timely and automated correspondence Real-time status of application The ability to upload documents = less paper = less misplaced documentation Reduction in processing time 14

15 Self Service Leave Application System Who can use the system? During the first phase, only non-supervisory pedagogical staff will have access. At a later date, all employees will be able to use the online system. What type of leaves can an employee apply for using the online system? During the first phase, only non-medical leaves for both extensions and new leave applications will be available. Eventually all leave types will be available on the online system. What does an employee need to know before logging into the system? Their DOE ! To log into the system the employee will need to know their DOE / Network ID and password. How will the principal be notified that a leave application has been submitted? The principal will receive an informing them that an employee has submitted a leave application. This will instruct the principal to log into Galaxy to view the request. The principal will be able to view and acknowledge/approve or deny the leave request through myGalaxy TO. 15

16 Self Service Leave Application System Role Assignment 16

17 Pedagogues Q742 Payroll - Teachers, School Secretaries, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists, Lab Specialists, Attendance Teachers, Assistant Principals and Principals. Non Pedagogues Q744 Payroll - UFT Educational Paraprofessionals E745 Payroll - DC 37 Family Paraprofessionals, School Health Aides, Supervising School Aides and School Aides. Administrative & H740 Payroll - Parent Coordinators, Community Clerical Clerical Coordinator, School Business Manager, SAPIS, Occupational/Sr. Therapists, Physical/Sr. Therapists, Computer Techs/Aides, and all 12 month Z740 Payroll - Hourly administrative and clerical titles. 17 School Title Definitions

18 Pedagogues Timekeeping Maternity From date of birth to six weeks May borrow up to 20 CAR days if CAR days have been exhausted Entitled to one calendar month of Grace Period Teacher must return to work after the 6/8 weeks or apply for a leave of absence for child care without pay Restoration of Health/Maternity Related Illness Must use CAR days first May borrow up to 20 CAR days if CAR days have been exhausted Entitled to one calendar month of Grace Period Teacher must return to work or apply for a leave of absence for restoration of health leave without pay Line of Duty Inquiry (LODI) Determine the number of days claimant has in their CAR Add a reserve of 20 days to that number, allowing for the possibility that a claimant will exhaust his/her sick days and will request to borrow days To that total add up to one calendar month of absence (the grace period - as defined in Personnel Memorandum # 4, 2002/2003). Having calculated this outside number, the secretary should then monitor all cases that are pending a medical determination. 18

19 Types of Leaves 19

20 20

21 21

22 22

23 23

24 Return From Leave What is the Leave Tracking System? The Leave Tracking System (LTS) is an online system that enables all UFT pedagogues to notify the Department of Education of their intentions for the for the school year. Intentions should be entered into the system by mid May 2013 and individuals should contact their school directly to inform them of their status for the upcoming school year. Access to Leave Tracking System (LTS) Payroll secretaries will log into view the intention of their staff and indicate receipt of leave applications. The payroll secretaries also are able to generate reports from the system which they can share with their principals. The system is located at : You must use one of the following formats to login User Id: central\Outlook userid or Outlook user Password: Your Outlook password Teachers MUST send in the corresponding paperwork or else their intentions dont mean a thing! 24

25 Leave Reconciliation 25 Leave Codes – See handout for full code list Absent without authorization Send 20-day notice Stop Direct Deposit

26 Staffing Actions Galaxy / Staffing Interaction New hires/Recruitment Open Market Transfers Substitute Processing 26

27 I dont see a file number or I dont see him/her on my payroll?! - Galaxy / Staffing Interaction 27 Vacancy Declaration Approved Galaxy Job ID Recruitment Options/Tools Excess Staff, Open Market Transfers, New Hires, New Teacher Finder, Alternative Certification Programs Transfers after OMT System Closes Intra/Inter District Transfer Form Employment Verification New Hires/Transfers Galaxy Staffing No potential staff should begin working prior to successfully completing all pre-employment screening.

28 New Hires / Recruitment Staffing Tools > Open Market Transfer System Create a vacancy in Galaxy. Place the candidate's Name, EIS #, SS# in Galaxy and select the OMT selection code. _Excess Staff Selection System Search tool that will enable Principals to find eligible candidates for open vacancies. >New Teacher Finder Tool Search tool that will enable Principals to find eligible candidates for open vacancies. _ Teacher Support Network (TSN) New web based application for teachers and other school based staff. Updates NOTE: Contact HR Director for the processing of new hires and current hiring restrictions.

29 Open Market Hiring System Available through August 7 th. 29 The OMTS provides access to currently-appointed and full-time DOE Pedagogical titles (school-based employees) to view and apply to published vacancies as a means of a transfer. H-bank and B-bank staff are excluded. The System is designed to maximize the pool of available candidates who are interested in working in their school. Principals can view candidates: Contact info (including & phone) Prior ratings & service history All NYSED State Certifications Cover letter / resume (if submitted) Add comments to the posting in the OMT system Applicants can also apply to a school even if no vacancy exists Individuals are able to secure a city-wide transfer without consultation of current Principal. Can be a negative for the current Principal; because the school may not receive notification of a vacancy until the last moment. Seniority Travels with the Individual. After Open Market closes the intra/Inter District Transfer forms require approval from both the sending and Receiving principals.

30 Substitute Nomination and Processing New Procedure – Galaxy All Occasional Paras and E-bank hires and transfers will be initiated in Galaxy. Principals will be able to nominate subs and intend applicants for hire in Galaxy All applications and forms required for processing will be completed electronically. A Webcast will be available shortly to provide professional development to school staff. 30

31 Annual Performance Review Performance Rating Process EIS Rating Entries 31

32 Performance Rating Process Annual Professional Performance Review Rating Period for Pedagogues (other than supervisors): Issue standard rating forms. All rating forms must be distributed days prior to the last day of school. You are required to enter End of Year Ratings into the Online Rating System (EIS – Annualized Instructional employees & – Per Diem Substitutes). May 28Enter Rating in EIS June 11 Make sure timekeeping has been updated and finalize ratings in EIS June 14 All web enabled rating forms available for review and updating June 21Last to issue web rating form to teachers, secretaries 7 other school based team members June 25 last day to issue web rating forms to school based supervisors Closing date for the system will be forth coming ATRs must be rated by the Principal of the current work location. All Reassigned Staff must be rated by the Principal for the first year of reassignment with an indication of U. The second year of reassignment the rating indication is NA. Per Diem Substitutes with 20 or more days of service must receive a rating form. In addition, this information must be entered into the Online Rating System. Online Teacher Rating Form Will service annualized regularly appointed and substitute teachers. 32

33 33 Annual Performance Review EIS (Individual CAR balance) (School CAR balance) (Rating Screen) Regular Staff * Rate all ATRs (Absent Teacher Reserve) (Rating Screen) Per Diem Subs Per Diem Subs (Serve 20 days or more, including F-status) * See next slide for Rating Entries Rating Sheet End of Year Rating Sheets U Ratings – Copies and all documentation must be forwarded to: Community Superintendent Office of Appeals and Review, and Network Senior Counsel (Discontinuances and Denials)

34 34 Employee Information System Rating Entry District/ Borough/School Year S - Select Enter Rating

35 Per Session Waivers 35

36 Per Session What is a Per-Session Waiver and why are they needed Waivers are needed for employees to receive payment after exceeding their max cap requirement. >(270 hours for School Social workers and School Psychologists) >(500 hours for all other pedagogical employees) Waivers are requested by the hiring manager of the activity the employee is working when approaching the maximum capacity of hours The Hiring Manager must justify why this is the only applicant that can do the work, and not another employee who wouldnt need the waiver Your Job as secretaries is to review the waiver system and determine if the waiver is needed. The Current system in place keeps track of the complete per-session history of all employees that you can use to determine if the waiver is needed and how many hours need to be requested. 36

37 UFT Benefits 37

38 UFT Benefits All new members and members returning after eighteen (18) months or more off payroll must: complete a UFT Welfare Fund Enrollment Form. (This enrollment is separate from any UFT Membership and Department of Education Health Plan Applications.) This enrollment form is available from the Fund office, your chapter leader or can be completed online.completed online attach applicable documentation (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate or domestic partnership registration) to the enrollment form. 38

39 39 Reminders U Ratings–Copies and all documentation must be forwarded to: Superintendent Office of Appeals and Review Network Senior Counsel Cancel Direct Deposit For all separations of service and LOA, including H Bank employees. (Example: Parent Coordinator) Contact CFN Payroll Liaison September leaves! Application for Borrowed Days must be completed by employee (OP 198) Remember the difference between 46GRC & 46GRN Use FMLA when appropriate! Leaves of Absence Discussion Leave of Absence tracking system

40 Reminders contd Open Market closes August 7, 2013 Link for eligible employees closes August 7, 2013 Link for Principals lani/login.aspx September 2013 Reminders No Shows* 1-5 days get phone calls, s, voic s 10 th day- first warning letter sent via certified receipt and regular mail regarding potential job abandonment 20 th day- final letter sent via certified receipt and regular mail informing employee of their termination from the DOE. Cancel Direct Deposit (EIS 9.6 screen) 40

41 41 School Policy Handbook or Packet School Organization Sheet School Contact Phone Numbers Emergency Card Contact Health & Welfare Packet UFT/DC37 Contract Information School Brief Calendar Employee Arrest Policy (Chancellors Regulation C-105) C-105.pdfC-105.pdf LODI Policy/Information (Workers Comp.) Navigating the System Appropriate Chancellors Regulation AdministrativeRulesREgsrevisedjanuary30.pdf Payroll Portal DOE Home Page Payroll Calendars Administration/KeyDocuments/PayrollCalendars.htm United Federation of Teachers District Council CWA Council of Supervisors and Administrators / / Best Practices

42 42 Questions

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