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The Science of Basketball

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1 The Science of Basketball
By: Donte Brown Class: 806

2 Introduction to Science of Basketball
I choose basketball has my sport because that’s my favorite sport and it’s a fun topic to write about.

3 Potential Energy Potential energy is when u have the potential to move but u don’t move. For example somebody slam dunk and the person is shocked at what happen so he stand still.

4 Kinetic Energy Kinetic energy is when is energy in motion. For example a basketball player moving up and down the court.

5 Digestive System Its digest the food u eat and make u more stronger. For example NBA players eat and work out so they get stronger at attacking the rim

6 Respiratory System The respiratory system use energy to clean air and remove carbon dioxide. It helps NBA players to breath without having them cough a lot

7 Circulatory System Circulatory system has energy to pump blood through the body. It help athletes by having strong hearts makes them work harder and harder.

8 Excretory System The Excretory system makes u hot then the sweat makes u cool down. It help people by while they running up and down the court, the sweat comes down and it cool’s them off.

9 Muscular System Muscular system use energy to make players move with strength. For example NBA players running to the hoop with strength and dunking the ball

10 Electric Energy Electric energy is when particles go around that makes electricity. Two ways it has effected basketball is if its no electronics you cant want basketball on TV. Also and at night when is no light u cant play basketball cause u cant see

11 Energy Transformation
Energy Transformation is when u change a chemical energy to a mechanical energy. For example people run and make people hotter.

12 Conserving Energy Conserving energy can help athletes because saving energy can help you play better and not having u getting too tired.

13 Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
Newton 1st law of motion is an object that stays still unless a force moves it affects basketball because a ball is not gonna move until u dribble the ball

14 Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion
Newton 2nd law of motion is when more force on the object, the more acceleration in the object’s motion. I think more force accelerate the object and people more

15 Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
Newton’s 3rd law of motion is when every action and equal and opposite of every other action It affects basketball because the more force u bounce the basketball The higher the ball goes

16 Machines Treadmill and weight lifting machine. A treadmill helps other athletes lose weight and it helps the speed and agility. Weight lifting helps get big with muscles and make u strong.

17 Conclusion Science is related to basketball do to people sweating also losing energy when u run.

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