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IMMIGRATION in FINLAND Comenius meeting 4.-8.5.2009 Warsaw.

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1 IMMIGRATION in FINLAND Comenius meeting Warsaw

2 Population of Finland 2008 Population Finnish citizens born in Finland born outside of Finland foreigners born in Finland born outside of Finland Kuntaliitto / Mäki-Lohiluoma

3 Foreigners in Finland 1990–2007 Väestörekisterikeskus

4 Kuntaliitto / Mäki-Lohiluoma 13 small municipalities in Ahvenanmaa over 5 % Lähde: Väestörekisterikeskus /RK Pohjakartta© Affecto Finland Oy, Karttakeskus, Lupa L7017/07 Proportion of foreigners of the whole population 7,3 % 6,4 % 5,9 % 5,4 % 5,3 % 5,0 % Oravainen Helsinki Korsnäs Salo Espoo Närpiö Vantaa % of population 5,0 - or more 3,0 -4,9 1,0 -2,9 - 0,9

5 Kuntaliitto / Mäki-Lohiluoma Lähde: Väestörekisterikeskus /RK Pohjakartta© Affecto Finland Oy, Karttakeskus, Lupa L7017/07 Municipalities having more than 1000 foreigners Helsinki Espoo Vantaa Turku Tampere Lahti Oulu Vaasa Jyväskylä Kotka Lappeenranta Salo Porvoo Kuopio Joensuu Hyvinkää Rovaniemi

6 Immigrants, the nationalities 2008 Russia5173 China1557 India1546 Ukraine953 Turkey707 USA658 Somalia563 Thailand525 Serbia381 Nigeria368 TOP-10 countries12431 All other countries7175 All immigrants Maahanmuuttovirasto/2008

7 Refugees, the nationalities 2008 Maahanmuuttovirasto/2008 Irak1255 Somalia1181 Afganistan254 Russia209 Iran144 Serbia94 Bulgaria82 Nigeria77 Belarus68 Kosovo67 TOP-10 countries3431 All other countries604 All refugees 4035

8 Students not speaking Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue, Lkm classes 1-6, altogetherclasses 7-9, altogether classes 1-9 (7-16 years), altogether

9 Reasons to come…. Maahanmuuttovirasto/2008 Residence permits grouped according to the grounds for the application 0,0 %5,0 %10,0 %15,0 %20,0 %25,0 %30,0 %35,0 % Other reasons Family reasons Studies Finnish origin Own company Work

10 Educational policy and immigration By immigrants we mean refugees, migrants, remigrants, other foreigners and asylum seekers. (The National Board of Education in Finland)

11 Educational policy and immigration rights based on the Equality Act preparatory instruction (one year) young immigrants (7-17+) have got a similar right to basic and further education as Finns instruction of Finnish/Swedish (S2), 3h/week instruction of pupil’s mother tongue, 1h/week assistants during lessons special education curricula of S2 and mother tongue, other subjects according to the general curriculum

12 Situation in bigger towns several preparatory classes Finnish and Swedish as second language teachers and –classes assistants more easily available interpreters used e.g. in cooperation between school and home coordinating teachers pupils with different backgrounds in the same class (+/- ?)

13 Situation in Hyökkälä school 20 immigrant pupils in Tuusula 6 immigrant pupils in Hyökkälä school no S2 instruction separately classes 1-6: teacher of special education and class teacher give one S2 lesson per week each classes 7-9: teacher of Finnish as a mother tongue tries to differentiate during the ordinary mother tongue and litterature lessons there is no mother tongue instruction for the immigrant pupils (8-10 pupils per language required for a separate group in Tuusula) pupils participate ordinary classes in different subjects (taught in Finnish) problems in Tuusula are similar to the ones in rural areas and smaller towns; it’s up to the municipality to decide how to organise instruction for immigrants

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