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INTEGRATED LOGISTICS. Arriving first with more security and lower costs.

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2 Arriving first with more security and lower costs

3 CENTRONORTE Logística Integrada (Integrated Logistics) is part of a traditional group which deals with mining and exportation of ornamental stones and wants to expand It's field. This group bet on multi-modality, investing in terminals/general warehouses,which are structured to move heavy loads, steel material, Offshore, containers, logs, pipes and other charges. The company offers specialized services such as: Storage: 1. Blocks of granite; 2. Steel material; 3. Containers; 4. Equipment; 5. Bulk cargo Transbordo de cargas multi-modais; Transportation of multi-modal cargo; Road transport; Stuffing and unstuffing containers; Logistic follow-up for external and internal market; The terminals own operating and environmental permits in accordance withthe criteria stablished for each cargo transported. YOUR PRODUCTS DELIVERED BY THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND OF THIS BUSINESS Intermodal transportation prepared exclusively for your company

4 Location of our branches Cariacica Porto de Santana Colatina São Torquato Vila Velha Carmo da Mata

5 Carmo da Mata branch - MG Location: Carmo da Mata – ES - Rod BR 494 - km 92.8 - Carmo da Mata – MG Prepared area: 25,000 m2 Total Area: 60,000 m2 Rail detour: 500 meters Railroad: FCA Visualize it on Google Maps: BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=101185450913820330080.0004 7ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-20.629265,- 44.848418&spn=0.014599,0.019248&t=k&z=16&iwloc=00047f f2aa3c99f033c9c

6 Porto de Santana branch - Cariacica - ES Location: Porto de Santana - Cariacica – ES Prepared area: 30.000 m2 Rail extension: 180 meters Visualize it on Google maps: BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=101185450913820330080.00 047ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-20.312242,- 40.369102&spn=0.003657,0.004812&t=k&z=18&iwloc=000 47ff25cd3c74ba6652 BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=101185450913820330080.00 047ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-20.312242,- 40.369102&spn=0.003657,0.004812&t=k&z=18&iwloc=000 47ff25cd3c74ba6652

7 Cariacica Branch - ES Location: Porto de Santana - Cariacica – ES Terminal size: 12.000 m2 Rail extension: 150 metros Visualize it on Google Maps: BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=101185450913820330080.000 47ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-20.327545,- 40.350938&spn=0.014628,0.019248&t=k&z=16&iwloc=0004 8c527fdf52a7c4f58 BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=101185450913820330080.000 47ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-20.327545,- 40.350938&spn=0.014628,0.019248&t=k&z=16&iwloc=0004 8c527fdf52a7c4f58

8 São Torquato Branch – Vila Velha - REDEX Location: Vila Velha – ES Prepared area: 18.000 m2 Rail extension: 330 metros Railway: EFVM Possessesthe special regime REDEX Visualize it on Google Maps: BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=1011854509138203300 80.00047ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-20.326966,- 40.352413&spn=0.003657,0.004812&t=k&z=18&iwlo c=00047ff270a43e5a1a187 BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=1011854509138203300 80.00047ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-20.326966,- 40.352413&spn=0.003657,0.004812&t=k&z=18&iwlo c=00047ff270a43e5a1a187

9 Vila Velha Branch - ES Cariacica Vila Velha Terrain Darly Santos / Carlos Lindemberg. The area is strategically located at the midst of the great centers of Grande Vitoria which comprises the municipalities of Victoria (capital), Vila Velha, Cariacica and Serra. Description of area: The terrain has 108,000 m2 and can be divided into parts; The area has a compacted floor coated with slag, gravel and asphalt; Located close to enterprises linked to the external market; Near the railway; Private and Federal Ports; Highways designed for easy load flow; Hyper Markets; Collective transport. The location of this area is privileged to be only 3 km away from the port complex of Vila Velha, located at the intersection of the highways Carlos Lindemberg and Darly Santos, an entryway to the port complex with easy access to cargo handling. Accsses Port of TVV Accsses

10 Vila Velha Branch - ES Location: Vila Velha – ES, a 1,5 km from the port Prepared area: 108.000 m2 Highway acesses: Rod. Charles Lindemberg and Darly Santos highways Visualize it on Google Maps: BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=207193862486 252118475.00047ff2496f346fbbd19&t=k&ll=- 20.355803,- 40.33205&spn=0.002555,0.005262&z=18&vp src=6&iwloc=00048c5277bd84c8f69bc

11 Baunilha Branch – Colatina - ES The Colatina terminal was designed through a partnership between Centronorte, the State of Espírito Santo, the city hall of Colatina and VALE, aiming to:  Use the existing inter-modal terminal in order to consolidate loads to optimize the cargo logistics and reduce bottlenecks existant in the capixaba port complex;  Develop the CLIA system for the municipality of Colatina (exploration license granted);  Reduce the truck flow on the roads diminishing the accident rates  Minimize the deterioration of the highway network;  Move loads from the northern region of the state (Granite, Containers, Eucalyptus logs, Meat and Coffee);  Management of cargo destined to exportation, also coming from other cities and states;  This branch is located within the area of SUDENE.

12 Baunilha Branch – Colatina - ES Location: Colatina – ES BR 259, km 35 – Baunilha – Colatina Prepared area: 60.000 m2 Total Area: 220.000 m2 02 rail detours: 750 m Railways: EFVM Visualize it on Google Maps: BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=1011854509138203 30080.00047ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-19.534655,- 40.486143&spn=0.003675,0.004812&t=k&z=18&i wloc=00047ff27f0a8549c4108 BR&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=1011854509138203 30080.00047ff2496f346fbbd19&ll=-19.534655,- 40.486143&spn=0.003675,0.004812&t=k&z=18&i wloc=00047ff27f0a8549c4108

13 Baunilha Branch – Colatina – ES Architectural design

14 Baunilha Branch – Colatina – ES CLIA Project

15 This company is present in the localities of Carmo da Mata - MG, Colatina, Cariacica and Vila Velha - ES. Our branches are strategically located near the producing regions and close to railways and ports, offering its costumers and partners infrastructure support services so they can serve their own final costumers. Our company has qualified professionals, agility and security in multi-modal logistics. The Centronorte in partnership with VALE is a great option for enterprises that operate in the domestic and foreign market, providing competitive cost, safety and responsability in business and logistics operations.

16 (27) 3369-3601 / 9761-1194 Institutional video Colatina’s terminal video YOUR PRODUCTS DELIVERED BY THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND OF THIS BUSINESS Intermodal transportation prepared exclusively for your company

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